Friday, December 30, 2011

What A Year.. ILYMTC Wraps Up 2011!

I hate New Years Eve. There, I said it. Okay, wait. That sounds a bit harsh. I don't hate it, per say, but I am rather impartial to it's coming and going. I'm excited at the prospect of a new year and all of the exciting things it will bring for our family. The second year in our new home, the birth of our second baby, the celebration of Carter's second year of life and our 5th wedding anniversary. Oh and did I mention The Husband will turn the big Three-Oh?

I have no doubt that 2012 will be an incredible year, but before getting all excited for the new-ness of things, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at how I Love You More Than Carrots and The M Family grew over the last year. Here we go! 

In January, Carter turned six months old and I decided to write about my new full-time job, becoming a stay at home mom. Which, after wearing that hat for a year, can we talk about the word "stay?" Because there is nothing "staying" about being a stay-at-home-mom. Just saying.

I also wrote about my Mission for Mom-Friends and am so incredibly thankful for the handful of awesome Mommies that make me feel like I'm really doing a great job at keeping my child out of the ER before his second birthday and also out of therapy later on in life. 

I also joined Twitter. Oh, Twitter

February rolled in and brought with it the first nice day day of the year. What did we do? Along with every other Mommy on the northern eastern seaboard, C and I ventured out for his very first trip to the zoo

Not only did I become "officially" a as I bought my own domain but I also became an "official mommy" whose expensive handbag became overrun with baby crap. I lovingly referred to my brand new Kooba as my mom bag

Lastly, I wrote all about how people's manners seem to fly right out the window once you have a baby. My biggest pet peeve? Not holding the door for a stroller. 

In March, I wrote about how I don't deserve nice things. The reason being, I lose them. A lot. You, sweet Loyals, got a kick out of the post I wrote about how I could never hack it as a 1950's housewife

I also discovered this month, what it feels like to be a Yardwork Widow. It's a tough job to have. But not nearly as time-consuming as making your own baby food. As much as I loved playing "Baby Chef," in retrospect, I think about how much time it actually took to steam, puree and freeze those countless batches of baby food. I must be crazy because I plan on doing it again for baby #2! 

Do you remember when The Husband made me go to traffic court for getting a speeding ticket? I almost forgot about that one, but quickly remember how my bench-mate tried to woo me for a meal! Speeding Ticket? More like Speed Dating!

In April, I was feeling particularly sage-like when I decided to share my thoughts on Debt, Travel and Wishful Thinking. I wrote all about our life as DINKs and how it drastically changed when we had Carter. Everyone tells you "life will change," but until you're there? You have no idea. So listen up, all you DINKs out there!

I also shared The Husband's strange obsession with cutting up our kitchen sponge into itty bitty pieces. Because god forbid, we use an entire sponge to clean our dishes. Once again, I believe this was one of your favorite posts, Loyals! I know the girls on Twitter rarely ever let me live this one down. 

C also turned 9 months old this month and started crawling and saying, "Mama!" What a month!

In May, I gave into the Planning Crazies and began diving head first into planning C's Circus-themed First Birthday. I started by making the infamous Balloon Wreath. I'm pretty sure I still lack feeling in a few fingertips due to all of the pin pricks!

I celebrated my very first Mother's Day (with an "outside baby") and a trip to the Inner Harbor. I also shared a few of my favorite tips and tricks for first-time Moms. 

June was a major milestone month, as C took his very first steps! I'll never forget watching him toddle down the foyer hallway like it was no big deal. 

C also ventured back to The Beach House this month for his second trip to Ocean City, Maryland. We had a blast spending the week splashing in the waves and eating all the sand his little belly could hold. C's favorite part? The splash pad at the local country club. I, however, was still amazed at the lack of decency had by many beach-goers.

C finally became the Newest Little Catholic  this month as he was baptized at our family church and I dusted off my rusty nursing skills as I ran to the aid of a major car accident.

In July, we celebrated Carter's First Birthday in a major way. I started the day off by sharing the letter I had written to him, my little One-Year-Old.

I also got my very first tattoo and shared the story behind I Love You More Than Carrots. This was also quite the month for Rebel AP as I also eagerly jumped on the feather hair extension bandwagon.

Let's see, June was a pretty busy month after all. Not only did I introduce you to Floor Corn but I also launched my very own business, little joys. photography, "Because Everyone Wants To Be A Photographer."

In August, I stumbled upon my high school e-boyfriend's engagement pictures. Sometimes there are no words, especially when Burberry polos and gay-boy flip-flops are involved.  Speaking of poorly dressed boys, I wrote a whole post about where I find C's super cute threads. Whoever said dressing a boy is no fun was clearly mistaken and hasn't gone shopping with me! 

I'll never forget the time I locked myself and C out of the house this month. Why? Because it resulted in my going door-to-door, hoping against hope that someone would be home and let me use their phone to call The Husband.

In September, I shared my secrets to 3-Day Dirty (but Fabulous!) Hair. I also wrote about the time I wanted kidney punch a stranger

C shared his killer dance moves and I shared how I might be just a little socially awkward when wining and dining with friends sans baby.

I also shared my very first Vlog. And? You still read. So that's good news. 

In October, The Husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and I shared a few pictures of us walking down memory lane. 

This was also the month we found out we were expecting Baby #2, shortly before I wrote this post about how Parenting and Hangovers Do Not Mix!

In November, I wrote about the days when I'm Not The Best Mother. How do I make up for those days? By taking C-Face on Mommy-Carter breakfast dates. The best ones are the ones where I forget to bring my wallet and have to call The Husband to come bail us out. 

I also got a little fired up this month when I wrote about SAHM's and Cleaning Ladies.

None of those posts are as funny, however, as the time I spent our grocery money on Christmas Carol Mickey

Although I will say, I'm fairly certain your favorite post this month was the one where I accidentally hit publish on our big secret... 

And finally, in December, I went on a long overdue date with The Husband and shared the Big News with you.  I threw a fabulous dinner party at 13 weeks pregnant and shared my Dad's hilarious two-cents on C in a longall

C celebrated his second Christmas and shared with us his many uses of his toy barbecue. I finally got my act together enough to share with you the beginning of "Bumpdates Part Deux."

Whew. What a year it has been Loyals. Thanks so much for following along with me and the rest of the M Family and my many {mis}adventures in parenting! I cannot wait to kick off 2012 with you!


  1. And this is why you not only knock the socks off parenting but blogging as well!!! I freaking love it! And you know I'll "cut a bitch" any time for you- lol! Thanks for always making me laugh mama!! Happy new year! Xoxo

  2. I'm so glad I discovered your blog this year. Loved this post. Happy 2012!

  3. What an amazing year it's been for you! I went back and read your tattoo post and your formula feeding post and I am just in love with them both! You are so inspiring :) 2012 has some awesome things in store for you! Congrats!

  4. I'm a new follower and didn't know the meaning behind your blog name until reading the link to your tattoo post. I love the meaning behind both the blog and tattoo!

  5. OMG...what the first comment Lindsey said...My thoughts exactly :-)

    what a fun year and i'm so happy to have stumbled upon your it!!!!

  6. I LOVE your blog and I'm so glad I found it! You make me laugh and I'm so excited to go on this second baby journey with y'all!

  7. It's been a big year for you, indeed! I hope 2012 is just as exciting.

    P.S. Nope ... nothing STAY about it. More like "move all day at home mom"

  8. Cannot BELIEVE how little C was at the beginning of this year!

  9. It's been a GOOD year, to say the least.

  10. It's been a GOOD year, to say the least.

  11. It's been a great year. :)

  12. Sounds and looks like you've had a really good year!! That's awesome, and by golly, it's amazing how much quicker you start showing with the second baby! You look GREAT!!! Keep up the good work, whatever it is that you are doing.

  13. I'm a new blog follower and now I feel like I'm all caught up...ready to learn more about you in 2012! Also, I now know (and am comforted by the fact)that I'm not the only SAHM that has a very hard time keeping up with the chores...mainly because I have two ADORABLE distractions. I also discovered many parallels in our lives which is why, I'm sure, I was drawn in to your blog in the first place!
    Happy New Year!

  14. you've had a great year lady! happy new year!!

  15. Sounds like you had a fantastic year! I'm your newest follower, I'm loving your sense of humor, your writing style, and all that jazz haha.

    Happy New Year! Congrats on baby #2!

  16. Can I just say I am so happy I found your blog? Yeah for me.

    I spent so long going through all the posts, and the husband kept asking me what on earth I was laughing so hard about - to which I responded "Oh, just my girl, AP". Yeah, I might have had a glass (or 2) of wine because that makes everything better, right?!

    There are just too many awesome things to comment about. Loved hearing the LYMTC story, 1950's housewife - yeah, me either! Could.not.agree.more. on the debt, travel & wishful thinking. Oh those dinks. if they only knew!!! So much more, such a great year! Then you topped it off so wonderfully with the new baby!!! So excited for you, the husband, and of course C!! By the way, just an absolute doll face (in a manly sort of way). He is crazy and I love it!
    Ok ill stop so I dont come off as a crazy stalker lady (I promise I'm not!)
    Great post!


  17. Cute and fun to see the 2011 recap!


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