Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Step Away From Your Readers!

Hmm.. Well, that was interesting. And tomorrow, Loyals, I'll be writing a post all about having a twitchy trigger finger who hits "publish" rather than "save!" And how you can sneakily trick your computer into thinking you were just kidding about that post even though you went and deleted it and it still showed up  in people's Readers! 

Seriously, do ya'll sit around with your Readers open all day? Damn, you guys are quick!

Thank god for Google. I have a feeling I'll be getting quite a few emails tonight. Happy Wednesday, Loyals! ;o)


  1. good job with the quick post change! You're not the first to click publish instead of save. Blogger really should move those buttons far, far away from each other!

  2. HA! This makes me laugh. And the answer is yes. I work. Why wouldn't reader be open all day. ;)

  3. Gah that's no fair and what a tease... LOL I don't have my reader open all day (I may or may not bei lying) but it just popped up when I logged on and of course the best part was sitting right there for me to read! TEASE TEASE TEASE! =)

  4. :( I missed it! You know what we all think it is!

  5. EEKKK!!

    I saw it.


    Yes I had my reader opened for the majority of the day lol

  6. Great! Now I missed something fun and juicy!

  7. Crap, what did I miss?
    Well don't I feel like the oddball out now :)

  8. Dang! Did I miss something good?

  9. I must have missed something, but I'm guessing the url for this blog post gives it away?


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