Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally, A Bumpdate! {15 Weeks}

Forgive me, Loyals and Second Child, but for those first few weeks? Haphazard recaps and iPhone photos is all I got. I promise to get better at this. I promise to have my proverbial shit together by the time you arrive. Maybe next week? I'll even get a bit fancy and compare #2's belly bump with #1's! Okay, don't get your hopes up. 

{15 Weeks, Hoorah!}

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I have no idea. My next appointment is January 3rd and I'll step back on the scale then. The day I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 2lbs. more than I did on the day I found out I was pregnant with C. I cannot gain another 48lbs this pregnancy. I cannot. I cannot. I cannot.

Maternity Clothes: I've been in maternity jeans since 9 weeks. I skipped the bella band this time around and went right for the whole enchilada. In the beginning the full coverage bands were a bit loose but by 10 weeks? They fit like a glove. I've been living in my Mavi Skinny Leg maternity jeans. Best investment ever. 

Sleep? I can no longer tell the difference between pregnant-tired and chasing-around-after-a-toddler-all-the-live-long-day-tired. I figure I'll never have a decent night's sleep until this baby is what, 18? 30? 

Best Moment of the Week? Scheduling our gender ultrasound because I'm the most impatient person in the world.

Movement? I swore I started feeling #2 around 12 weeks. Which is pure crazy considering I didn't feel C until much closer to the 18-20 week mark.  But I definitely feel the little one in there- mostly when I'm sitting at the computer!

Food Craving? In the very beginning it was sour candy like it was going out of style. Sour Patch Watermelons and Haribo Gummy Bears, to be exact! Then it quickly became mashed potatoes and Chipotle/Qdoba burritos. Which I could eat every single day. 

Food aversions: None this time around! With C I couldn't fathom the idea of eating chicken or red meat, but with this pregnancy? I'm game for anything and everything.

Morning sickness? I prefer to call it Functional Nausea. Okay, so I gag a little from time to time, but no real pukage. Just nausea. All day. Since the beginning. 

Gender? We find out on January 4th! 

Labor Signs? No thank you.

Belly Button? Pregnancy has ruined my outtie. That sucker will never, ever be the same. It's already borderling turkey thermometer status.

What I miss? Chardonnay. Margaritas. Beer.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if #2 is a boy or a girl! I have some pretty interesting feelings this go around- which says a lot since I had zero feelings with Carter. I'll be SO interested to see if I'm right! 


  1. Love that bump and honestly I like you a little more because you're not one of those that starts showing at week 27.

    And as much as I'd love you to stay a boy mom, that bump looks high to me so I'm going to have to vote girl!

  2. You are totally having a boy!!!
    I'm just saying that because your cravings, morning sickness, etc updates sound exactly like mine the second time around!

    I can't tell you how many times (and totally embarrassed to admit) I went to Chipotle for lunch during the second pregnancy...and I totally ate sour patch kids & sweet tarts and gummy worms w/ my first!

    With both boys...65lbs each...that's crazy and I think I'm ok with 2 little boys!!!

    Can't wait to see more updates!!!

  3. You are carrying this one SO HIGH! did you carry giant baby C?

  4. You are SO PRECIOUS! That little bump is the cutest thing I've ever seen. That baby is sure going to be loved... So excited for you, AP! Can't wait to follow along this journey with you and fam. Oh, and btw--as soon as baby #2 is born, we're all gonna have a margarita Twitter date :)

  5. It makes me happy that you gained 48 pounds, ha ha! I gained about 50 the first time around and so far it's looking like it's going to be about this same this time. I'm up about 20 at 20 weeks, sick!

  6. You look absolutely amazing mama!! You are the cutest preggo ever and I can't wait to hear if this one is a boy or a girl- you know my guess haha! Xoxox

  7. You are so damn cute!!!! I miss my beer, too!

  8. Yay! Is it weird if I say I like your weekly updates because we have the same body type and I like to think i'll look like you when I'm pregnant? I hope it's a girl. She'd be very well dressed, just like C.

  9. I've been swearing I've been feeling movement too! mainly at night. You are such a cute momma! Can't wait till 1/4!!

  10. You look so cute! Can't wait to hear if C will have a little brother or sister!

  11. You look great mama!
    I ate Chipotle like they were going out of business when I was pregnant with K, but I couldnt have any meat, made me gag.

    Cant wait to find out if this babe is a boy/girl!

  12. Wheeee! Cutie, cute, cute!

    Just sayin' I majorly craved mexican and candy with Mia, so my vote is a girl :)

  13. Yay for baby bump #2! Glad to hear you're only dealing with functional nausea and not full blown all-day-allnight sickness!

    Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend :)

  14. Your bump is seriously adorable!
    I (along with you and everyone else) can't wait till you find out the sex!! How exciting!

  15. You look great! And wow, Jan. 4 is right around the corner. Can't wait to hear what you're having!

  16. Jan 4th is a great day. :) Good luck!!! eeee!

  17. You look wonderful! Also love that you're honest about what you miss. So many of these updates say "Nothing...I'm just so happy!" and I don't believe it!

  18. 1. I don't think I've ever seen your ring and I saw it. Love. It.

    2. I'm glad you're not dealing with the morning sickness too much. That is my worst fear of all regarding the whole pregancy/birthing a person out my hoo-ha. Seriously, I have no issues about child birth pains. Puking on the other hand makes my eyes water just thinking about it.

    3. I'll have a glass of champagne for you tomorrow night and no I'm not mocking you. I'm being genuine.

    4. I vote for girl this go-round.

  19. it's going to be a girl! I know it. I'm pretty good in guess right ;)

  20. Your belly bump is way to cute! Seriously though I have a feeling it's girl!

  21. Love your little bump! Oh and I've heard that women tend to feel their second child moving much earlier so I bet you are feeling that little peanut moving around!

  22. Adorable bump! I died laughing at the "turkey thermometer" description of your belly button. Best. Ever. That's how my belly button looked for BOTH my pregnancies...and still looks right now. It USED to be an innie...once upon a time. Hopefully it will go back to normal by the time Archer is 1 haha.

  23. Only two more days!!!

    Talk to me about your birth plans. VBAC or C-section? I'm not (repeat NOT) pregnant but am already thinking a scheduled c-section sounds hella better than a 4th degree tear and placenta that had to be removed manually. With no drugs.


  24. I love your bump pictures! You look great :) Can't wait to find out what sex the baby is!


  25. CANNOT WAIT to find out what you are having ... The hubsy and I are arguing over if we will find out or not ... I know he can't keep a secret so we either do or don't ...


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