Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Cure A Case of The Mondays.

1. Read fabulous blog comments and laugh out loud (check!)

2. Drink one, two.. perhaps three glasses of my favorite Chardonnay (check!)

3. Eat approximately one and one-half sleeves of Double Stuff Oreos (check!)

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And Wha-la!
Case of the Mondays is now a thing of the past...

Monday Schmunday.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I have a case of the Mondays.

Somebody peed in my Wheaties.

There's just something about waking up when it's still dark outside that really sets my teeth on edge.

I'm out of idioms. And still very cranky.

Is Monday over yet?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day at the Dog Park.

In an attempt to garner more dog friends for Sullivan, Hubs and I have done several things. Even before Sullivan could navigate stairs (yes, we had to teach him how to climb both up and down stairs and it took DAYS) we brought him home to meet the family dog, Hurley. As you know, Hurley is a 20lb Jack Russel/Pug mix who think he's king of the world. He's three years old and crotchety. Needless to say, those two never hit it off. If you even mention the word, "Sullivan" around Hurley, he starts whining and heads for the hills.

Next, we threw Sullivan in the car and drove two hours to family in Maryland to let Sullivan play with "the big dogs," Tucker and Rudy. Tucker and Rudy are labradors and they are ginormous. No, really. It's kind of like Tucker was fed some sort of growth factor at birth. His Mom and Dad refer to him as, "a Grande Lab." I'll dig around to see if I could find any pictures, although I don't think they will do him any justice. Anyway, the "boys" hit it off marvelously until Tucker wanted to do nothing more than hump our clueless 6 month old sheepdog. Moving on..

In the meantine, whenever we would meet fellow neighborhood dogs, all would go swimmingly for the first 30 seconds, the sniffing, the tail wagging, until suddenly, the other dog's demeanor would instantly change as they would lunge for Sullivan's jugular. Poor Sheepie, the guy who wouldn't hurt a fly!

At exactly 1 year old, we knew it was time for the "Great Snip" and we brought Sullivan in for his operation. We thought that perhaps he was somehow emitting some dominance tactic over every dog that he met and hoped that this might cure it. It's been one month since his surgery and although we haven't noticed a difference, we were hoping that other dogs would.

Cue our Saturday at the dog park. We. did. fabulously.

Sullivan LOVED the dog park. He met SO many new friends and spent the entire two hours running laps around the large field. He chased frisbees with a couple of labs, played tug with a pug, rolled around in the mud with a collie, and had a wonderful time herding the other dogs at the park. We couldn't be prouder dog parents.

All around us we heard, "Who brought the Olde English?" "Look how nicely he plays with that little dachsund puppy!" "What a beautiful dog!" Okay, okay. So we might have been beaming with pride.

Which is much better than what Hubs said to me when we first pulled up to the park, "This could either go really good? Or really badly."

Day one at the dog park? Huge success.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Acceptable Escalator Space.

Dear Blog Readers,
I would like to take a minute to rack your brains and appeal to your logical side. Just exactly what defines acceptable escalator space? You know that space I'm talking about- the number of steps between you and your fellow escalator-riding neighbor?

Personally? Two is alright, but I prefer three. It's just a nice bit of space between you and the rider in front of you. Nobody wants to be all up in your hoo-ha when riding up a flight or two of stairs, so in my book, three escalator steps, it is (especially if you're at the airport and luggage is involved!).

Now, riddle me this: Why in heaven's name would one particular escalator-rider step onto the escalator and choose to stand on the step directly behind ME, their fellow escalator-riding, business-minding neighbor? I don't want you all up in my hoo-ha while riding up two flights of stairs. Yes, I showered this morning. Yes, my scrubs are clean and smell faintly of Gain's Lavender Fresh scent dryer sheets. But, have you ever heard of something called personal space?

Maybe my fellow escalator rider missed that particular memo, "How to Ride the Escalator and Not Be All Up In Your Neighbor's Hoo-Ha." In any case, I'd like to thank them for giving me a major case of the willies at approximately 7:30 this morning. And for giving me a reason to write a blog post in which I was able to use the word "hoo-ha" multiple times.

Virgin Pictures.

No, I am not posting pictures of virgins. This is not that kind of blog, people!

I am, however, posting the first pictures taken with my brandy new camera, the Canon Rebel T1i. It's so fabulous that I've been searching for photography classes in the area to better help me understand just how fabulous this little dandy is!

Stay tuned for pictures from our weekend (to be filled with pretty fall colors and lot's o' apple and pumpkin picking!)


Sully Monster

ok, so i went a little picture-crazy.
(my car)

OPI's Russian Navy polish

thinking about making my wish.

hoping it comes true!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have a Sheep Problem.

No, I did not mis-type the title of this post, although I do have a sleep problem (as in, I can't get my Sheepdog to stop waking me up at 4am every.single.morning). But rather, I do infact have a sheep problem.

I have a sheepdog. They are bred to herd sheep. If there are no sheep in the house, they herd their owners. No lie.

Since I own a sheepdog, he obviously needs some sheep. And by some, I mean a lot.

Every time I see a dog toy that even remotely resembles a sheep, I must buy it. Do you even know how many dog toys are out there resembling sheep? Tons. Take it from me, there is a veritable sheep/lamb dog toy market out there. And I'm sure they've made millions of dollars, mostly off of me and my gullability.

I once even bought Sullivan an almost lifesize stuffed sheep animal. It took him approximately three hours to dismantle the sheep, limb by limb.

But I haven't learned my lesson. Case in point? I brought him home another sheep today- and the tag claims indestructability.

Did I mention my gullability? I can't help it that he's a sheepdog and needs his sheep.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Little Ashley Paige.

i'm the little baldy in the multi-colored romper.

picking out my first puppy.

channeling Sally Jesse Raphael with those glasses.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday's Truths. Weekend Edition.

1. I may or may not have had six (seven?) glasses of Chardonnay
at the wedding this weekend and passed out in our hotel bed at 11:30pm.
Thank you, Hubs, for capturing that Kodak moment on film.

2. I may or may not have purchased my fabulous MaxandCleo dress that I wore to the wedding using our joint bank account. Obviously we were both going to benefit from this purchase, right?

3. Hubs may or may not (okay, fine, he definitely may have) bought me not one, but two cameras for my birthday. I am now the proud owner of a Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot and most importantly, this beauty, the Canon Rebel T1i. I truly have the best Hubs ever in the whole wide world and am one lucky birthday girl!

4. I may or may not have told Hubs that I would bring my delicious Tiramisu birthday cake leftovers (from a little family birthday party at home this weekend) into work today so that my fat hiney wouldn't scarf down a third of a cake by my lonesome- but secretly kept the cake in the fridge, all for my pretty little self. Delish!

5. And finally, I am SO excited for the brand new season of House which aired last night, that I momentarily contemplated watching it tonight and not waiting for Hubs to come home this weekend, like I had promised, so that we could watch it together. I said momentarily! I won't actually do it! Sheesh!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

If You Give a Dog a Sock...

Another Sullivan video.

And you all thought he was cute before?

Hubs and I are headed to Hometown, NJ this weekend for a New York wedding. Hubs' fraternity "little" is tying the knot with a wonderful West Coast lady, who is also in school to be a nurse! (Have I mentioned that I sometimes feel a strange kinship to anyone and everyone thinking of going to nursing school? Currently attending nursing school? New nurse? Old nurse? Etc.?)

"This isn't so much a wedding, as is it a reunion with open bar and a mandatory church service."

That was the email that circulated amongst all of the fraternity brothers who will be in attendance this weekend. This sure is shaping up to be quite the debacle! Unfortunately, I don't forsee much picture-taking occuring this weekend, as my camera sensor died rendering said camera useless. So sad!

Hopefully I'll be able to snag a photo or two, because afterall, I'm wearing the most fab MaxandCleo dress I've ever seen!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Fellow Drivers; A Nice Thursday Rant.

Dear Fellow Schuykill Interstate Drivers,

That misting precipitation you see falling from the sky? That's called rain. Now, unless you've been living in either the Sahara Desert or the Tundra for the last, oh I don't know, one hundred years, I know this isn't the first time you've experienced a drizzle. Contrary to popular belief, neither you nor your vehicle will melt once in contact with said drizzle. I know! Sounds crazy, but believe me. I only speak the truth.

And just because there's this little stretch of highway, less than a mile long, might I add, that is often referred to as "The Conshohocken Curve," it does not mean that you need to adjust your speed from the regulated 55 mph to a mere crawl, just so that you can navigate a slight bend in the road. This is how accidents happen, people!

In closing, all I ask is that you please, stop driving like complete and total morons.

Many thanks,

Ashley Paige

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sullivan and I Speak...

You know how you sometimes have those preconceived notions surrounding what a certain blogger might sound like, if you met her in real life? Maybe that's just me- but I get such a kick out of hearing bloggers actual voices after reading their words for so long! I truly sometimes think, "Oh, I bet i know exactly what they sound like!" and then upon hearing them, I get totally tossed for a loop!

Well, it's your turn. Here's a silly video of Sullivan and I thatI took last night only minutes after walking in the door. We're getting ready to go for a walk and I thought maybe he'd want to show off some his tricks.

Yep, that's my DogBaby voice. Stop laughing!

Enjoy my first (of many, no doubt) Vlogs!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bored? How About a Fun Little MeMe?

Sonja, one of my absolute favorite blogreads
tagged me FOREVER AGO
for this fun little get-to-know-me survey!

Here are the rules:
1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog,
Replace one question that you dislike with a question
of your own invention, and add one more question of your own.
2. Tag other un-tagged people.

The Questions:

What is your current obsession?
Ruffles (on basically any piece of clothing), faux feather headbands, and my iphone.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My co-workers, for throwing me such a fun little birthday party at work!

What’s you favorite dinner?
Spicy tuna sundaes from our favorite little Sushi Bar

What was the last thing you bought?
JCREW Fleur patterned peep-toe heels and yes, Burberry wellies! After writing not only one, but two posts about how Hubs thinks they are not a dire necessity in my life, he promised to "look the other way" as I spent a ridiculous amount of money on what he calls, "plaid rain boots." Silly, Hubs!

What are you listening to right now?
The clinking of Sullivan's dog tags
as he's probably getting into something he shouldn't be.

What is your favorite weather?
Fall weather!

What is your least favorite season?
Ugh. Winter. I do not ski. I do not appreciate the snow. I loathe being cold. I don't even want to talk about it.

What’s in your purse?
My iPhone, my Kindle, a paperback copy of the book, The Middle Place, my wallet (thankfully I remembered it today, unlike yesterday), three tubes of MAC lipglass (yes, I said three), my car keys, my stethescope (obviously needs to be left at work and not carried around in my Coach bag) and a tin of Starbuck's overpriced breath mints.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Sonja, you have a fabulous blog and I think we really need to get in touch with Lauren Conrad and tell her to stop writing such awful books.

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?
c h o c o l a t e anything.

What did you want to become as a child?
There was a short stint where I wanted to be a veterinarian (I think I said that in my fifth grade yearbook). But ever since then, it's been Nurse, all the way.

What do you miss?
The time when things were simpler. Life sans bills and major grown-up responsibilities.

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?
Joe's. Or Citizen's. Or Seven's. Okay, it's hard to tell. It depends on the occasion. It's tough to find a great pair of jeans when you have a 34" inseam! My skinny Citizens are fab. My original Sevens are perfect for scooting around in. My Joe's look great with heels and my JCREW Matchstick jeans are PERFECT for tucking into boots!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Just for an hour? Now, that doesn't seem like fun at all. But definitely Santorini, Greece. I'm trying to convince Hubs that this needs to be our last getaway before embarking on the baby train.

What are your most challenging goals right now?
Figuring out our future plans. Our "timeline" for all of those grown-up decisions. When to buy a house. Where to buy a house (minor details). Where to travel to next. When to make babies. When to buy another Sheepie. (Please, Hubs!? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?!)

What’s your 5 year plan?
We have no idea. We barely have a 1 year plan!

What is your favorite sport to watch?

Describe your perfect day:
Waking up after 8am (Hubs has already let the dog out, twice), coming downstairs to homemade pancakes (made with vanilla and NOT whole wheat mix, sorry Hubs), enjoying breakfast with the windows open and the crisp Fall air making the curtains dance and basically spending the rest of the day with Hubs, in our PJ's, lounging around the house with Sullivan. No laundry to do. No bills to pay. No house to clean. I'm fairly easy to please, believe it or not.

What TV show would you want to be a cast member on (reality included)?
Um, potentially The Hills. Is that bad?

What is your most prized possesion?
The custom handpainted Seven Knolls Lighthouse painting that sits above our bed. It was a wedding gift (one of my absolute favorites) and it's of the exact spot where Hubs proposed on July 1st, 2006. This was a tough question. Everything that I love (jewelry, wedding pictures) those can all be replaced. But not this painting!

Name one favorite childhood memory?
Ha! Gosh, there's SO many! When I was about 5 or 6 years old, the upper portion of our neighborhood was in the process of being built. There was always piles of lumber laying around and just these mammoth mounds of wood chips. I'm not even sure if this was legal, but my dad and I would always walk up there with our garbage cans and fill them with woodchips for the garden and for around the swingset. Well, this one particular time, my dad was busy filling one of the garbage cans so I climbed up to the top of the mound (we're talking one or two stories high!) with the lid to one of the empty garbage cans. Sat down in the lid and slid all the way down right INTO the empty garbage can. I can just remember my dad's face and how hard he was laughing.

Now, I tag just a few of my NEWEST favorite blogreads:
Katie [at] Loves of Life

Happy MeMe-ing!

Because I Know You Can't Get Enough...

of everyone's favorite sheepdog!

my first [older] celebrity boy crush.
two of the greatest movies of all time.

to this day, i want to make pottery
with my husband, just like that.
so. hot.

dirty dancing.
i used to wish i was Baby.
afterall, i can carry a pretty mean watermelon.

my heart breaks.

patrick swayze 1952-2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

i wish i could come home to this every day.

My annual Birthday Basket
Love, Mom Dad and Woobs

My IV-tini
So perfect for a nurse, like me!

Just a few of my favorite things,
chocolate, cookies and
chocolate covered pretzels!

and Beautiful birthday flowers

from my favorite Aunt and Uncle

so, what did Hubs
give me for my
26th Birthday?

aside from being sneaky Hubs
and hiding my birthday card
in my Kindle, your guess
is as good as mine!
it will hopefully be making
an appearance within
the next few weeks!

A big, giant heartfelt thank you
for all of the wonderful and fabulous
birthday wishes, texts and comments.
You all truly made the beginning
of my 26th year that much

Stay tuned for a picture of the darling Cupcake
necklace giveaway that I won AND a fun little Me-Me!

Twenty Six Years, Blessed.

Today is my 26th birthday.
But if you ask my Mom,
it doesn't really count until 8:42pm
when I was actually born.
No, seriously. We used to have this
giant birthday candle that was lit each year
and would burn down to your appropriate age.
I wasn't allowed to open presents until 8:42pm.
Thanks, Mom.

That's the champagne Hubs bought for my birthday dinner. We took it to a delicious Italian BYOB in town. That's Hubs in the background. That champagne, coupled with a few glasses of our favorite Rosenblum Syrah is most likely the culprit of my 26th Birthday Hangover. Awe-some. (Why is it that hangovers only get worse with age?)

As I sit here and ponder my previous 25 years, does this mean that I am no longer in my mid-twenties? Is that a title reserved only for your 25th year? It seems strange, in just one single day, to have crossed that imaginary chasm suddenly thrusting myself into my late-twenties?

But in either case, I'm happy, I'm blessed and it's bound to be a great 26th year.

Especially because there's really only one day a year when you can run around calling yourself The Birthday Princess and not be considered a total whackjob.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sheepie Talk.

Sheepie, what?

Sheepie talk. In the M household, Hubs and I have sheepie-fied certain words or phrases based on the behaviors of our knucklehead of a pup. Furthermore, we use them in adult coversations with each other. This is why we don't have children yet...

The following are just a few of our favorite Sheepie-isms:

Sleepy Sheepie: Pink-eyed and absolutely exhausted. [When Sullivan is overtired, whiny and cranky, the normally light pink skin around his eyes turns hot pink. When this happens you just know that it's time for somebody's bedtime]. Ex: Are you being a Sleepy Sheepie?

Sheepie-saster: A hot mess. (As in "You're a disaster.") [When Sullivan came home from the groomer with the world's worst haircut]. [When Sullivan ate too much rawhide and projectile vomited all over the family room carpet]. Ex: Get your act together and stop being a Sheepie-saster.

Crap Your Sheepie Pants: This just makes me laugh out loud everytime my husband says it. We use it solely when talking to the Sheepdog when he really, really needs to go outside. Ex: When Sully needs to go outside and there's no time to waste, he starts barking incessantly. At the top of his lungs. Right in your face. My husband always says to him, "Or what? Are you going to crap your sheepie pants?" I'm totally laughing out loud while I'm typing this.

Just a little chuckle for your Saturday morning. Happy Weekend!

We're not turning into those crazy dog people, are we?
You know exactly the ones I'm talking about...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes, I Hate People.

Picture the following scenario, if you will:

It's 5:30am. It's torrentially downpouring and yours truly is outside, wearing mismatched pajamas and Dansko clogs (because Hubs claims $195.00 Burberry Wellies are not a dire neccessity), carrying an oversized umbrella and coaxing an overtired Sheepie to "hurry up and do poops."

We're walking up and down the street, down and up the street and god forbid, someone or something were to even threaten to break Sullivan's focus, I would truly end the life of whomever or whatever was the culprit, with my bare hands. Grumble Grumble Snarl. (As you can see, I'm quite the happy camper at 5:30am in the torrential downpour).

Now, let me say for the record that I always pick up after the dog. I learned very quickly that Sullivan is often times a "two-bagger" on morning walks and sometimes a "three-bagger" on our later walks in the evening. I carry a stash of those ridiculously overpriced poop bags with me wherever I go. Pockets of my JCREW trench? You'll find one in there. Glove compartment of my car? Yep, that's good for two or three of those bags. I even found one of those bags tumbling around the dryer with the last load of laundry I did.

I. always. pickup. after. MY. dog.

So, back to the story at hand. While I'm standing out in the torrential downpour trying to balance an umbrella with a now-pooping Sheepie, I hear this voice.. reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz.. yell something akin to, "something, something, something, DOG!"

Keep in mind, I'm half asleep and looking around for another person, the owner of the voice. There is no one on the street with me. Again, the voice yells, "Yeah! I'm talking to you! You'd better pick up after your dog!"

Ok. Remember to breathe. Count backwards from ten. 10. 9. 8. (As I'm bending over, umbrella flying sideways, rain pouring down the back of my trench, Sheepie yanking on his leash, practically tearing my left limb from it's socket, attempting to pick up the dog poop) 7. 6...

And then, oozing maturity, I scream at the top of my lungs, "F*&K YOU, LADY! F*&K YOU!"

I'll admit. It wasn't one of my finer moments. But honestly? Mysterious Voice Screamer, who do you think you are? Yelling at me from the comforts of your dry home, knowing full well that I walk my dog up and down the street daily, always picking up after him.

Ugh. Sometimes, I hate people.

Happy Rainy Friday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Huh? What Futon, Ma?

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mom.
I don't see a futon anywhere."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What A Real Bagel Looks Like...

This is what a real bagel looks like.

Take note, it does not fit in your standard size toaster. All of those bagels you've had before? Sorry, but they're not the real deal. You must've been gnoshing on what I like to call the "imitation bagel." Or the "wanna-be bagel."

I come from North Jersey where we take both our bagels and our pizza very seriously.
I'll admit it. I. am. a. bagel. snob.
Few bagels actually live up to my bagel standards. Bagel Factory? Nice try. Bagel Bin? Nope, not even close. Don't even get me started on chains such as Einstein's and Manhattan Bagels. It's a nice attempt, but doesn't come close to the bagels driven in daily, fresh from New York City at Sam's Bagels in Hometown, New Jersey.

How seriously do I take my love of bagels?
I take my love of bagels so seriously, I will often refuse to eat said bagel unless I am home in New Jersey. Those little hockey pucks that Pennsylvania likes to call bagels? Do nothing but tarnish my beloved bagel's name.

The next time you go to toast your bagel, notice how it falls limp into your toaster. Notice how it does not overflow that little toaster slot with doughy goodness. Notice how you do not need to cram your bagel slice into the toaster just to achieve the perfect "toast."

See what I'm talking about here?
Hubs and I came home with two dozen bagels this weekend.
And I couldn't be more excited.
Bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Definitely.

(500) Days of Summer.

After spending a long anticipated weekend in Hometown, New Jersey, hanging out with my parents and celebrating my brother's 18th birthday, I can say without a doubt that I am officially ready to say goodbye to Summer. It was a weekend spent walking the pup around the pond behind our house that I spent many summers canoeing in with my Dad and my friends. I "Kindle-d" from the deck as my brother and husband splashed around in the pool that was built in my backyard the July before I started 6th grade. My husband and I fell asleep in my childhood bedroom, the pink room that I painted light blue before finally settling on seafoam green. It's the room with vines and flowers stenciled only halfway around the double closet doors because in true Ashley Paige fashion, I became very bored, very quickly with the tedious paint-and-stencil job. We fell asleep with the windows open, the wind blowing through the curtains and the chorus of peepers (the name we gave to the hundreds of tiny frogs living around the pond) singing us to sleep. It was a perfect little Labor Day Weekend, making new but also remembering the old, Summer memories.
To top it off, Hubs, myself, my brother and his girlfriend all went to go see (500) Days of Summer. As an unofficial reviewer of movies, it was cute. Quirky and charming. Not exactly the traditional romantic comedy, as in there weren't too many laugh out loud moments, but definitely an indie version of an unoriginal date movie. I heart Zooey Deschanel but cannot get over Joseph Gordon-Levitt as that weird kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun. My favorite part of the movie, aside from Zooey's adorable wardrobe, may have been the soundtrack. Mixing classic songs from bands like Simon and Garfunkel and Hall & Oates with new-age music from Regina Spektor and The Temper Trap, it definitely adds to the movie's quirk and charm. (If that makes any sense at all...)

Did I mention that Hubs always reaches for my hand at the cutest parts of the movie? After having dated for 5 years and been married for almost 2, it still gives me butterflies.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Faves and Heading Over to the Dark Side.

i know, i know. one more post about Fall
and you're going to gouge your eyes
out with a coffee stirrer.

just hear me out on this one...

With the Fall comes many things...
- the changing of the leaves
- pumpkin spice lattes
- activities like pumpkin hunts and apple picking
- cashmere cardi's and denim duds

but most importantly...

- dark hair and dark nailpolish!
As summer draws to a close, I can't help but get into the Fall spirit early by making a few lifestyle changes. Enhacements, if you will. And I'm not talking about changing out my closets or packing away the beach towels for another ten months. Because I've already done that. I'm talking about the yearly switch from my Spring and Summer 'do to something a little more cool-weather appropro.

Ashley Paige before:

Ashley Paige after:

i'm trying to get deeper in touch with my Sicilian roots by
switching over to a dark mahogany. i think i'm in love!

and my [other] new favorite Fall accent?

OPI's Black Cherry Chutney

I love it SO much that it's even taken the place of my usual fave, Linkin Park After Dark!

What are some of your Fall faves?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Woobie!

my little brother is 18 today.
did you hear me? i said, "little!"
sometimes i wish he would stay that way...

happy birthday, woobs. may it be one of the best, ever!

Rehearsal Dinner, October 2007

Family wedding, September 2007
my two blue-eyed boys

typical sibling love.

December 2007
A New York City Christmas

Bahamas 2009
Obviously behaving ourselves..

October 2007
Our wedding, 007 style.

I'll admit, I may have wanted a sister back when i found out Mom was pregnant with you, 18 years and 10 months ago, but after all these years? I wouldn't trade you for the world.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday's Truths.. Condensed.

1. I may or may not have eaten lasagna for breakfast yesterday morning. Say, what? Lazy? You betchya. Having recently run out of cereal, eggs and enough granola to outlast a nuclear disaster, I was without appropriate breakfast food and therefore had to settle for delicious lasagna leftovers. At 8 o' clock in the morning.

2. I completely overspent my stipend this past week. And most likely the week before that and next week, too. I can't help it that we're on the brink of my most favorite season of the entire year and I needed a haircut, color and blowout, new boots, a few necessities from JCREW, some iPhone apps, a mani and a pedi, these really great flats from Nordie's that would go great with last year's skinny jeans.. this list could go on and on...

3. While at the beach this month, I made my yearly pre-birthday-present-to-myself purchase from the Coach outlet. A beautiful burnt sienna oversized tote with matching wallet, of course. Hubs said I couldn't use it until my birthday. Somebody once told me, "patience is a virtue." I must've missed out on that one. Because the bag already made it's debut. I did think about wrapping it back up and waiting another 14 days, but it's just too darn cute.

4. Hubs, I used your toothbrush this weekend. Mine must've run away.

5. The clothes that are currently sitting in the dryer have been run through that dryer three times now. Why? Because I keep forgetting to go downstairs, retrieve them and fold them when they are ready. Instead, I forget about them and they just sit in there getting really really wrinkled and the only way to unwrinkle them is to re-fluff them. Over and over and over again.

happy tuesday!

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