Wednesday, October 30, 2013

7 Pregnancy Must-Haves

As each pregnancy comes and goes, I've come to realize there are a few staple items, no matter whether it's my first, second or third pregnancy, that I simply cannot live without. I'm still trying to get the hang of saying "third pregnancy," some days I still can't believe it!

Because I love these posts so much and am always looking toward other moms for advice on what has worked/not worked for them, I wanted to take a minute and quickly compile my list of 7 Pregnancy Must-Haves.

1. Bump Nest Body Pillow: If there is one "necessary pregnancy extra" that I recommend to all of my expecting girlfriends, it's a body pillow. With my first, I didn't start using one until the third trimester and looking back, I could have smacked myself for waiting that long. I cannot say enough things about how amazing the Bump Nest body pillow is. With each of my pregnancies, intense hip and lower back pain often keeps me from getting comfortable enough to sleep throughout the night. Rather than sleep with four or five additional pillows in the bed, the Bump Nest gives me the support and comfort that I need with just one additional pillow. 

I didn't always own a Bump Nest pillow. During my first pregnancy I invested in another popular brand of maternity body pillow and let's just say it pales in comparison to the Bump Nest. The case was incredibly difficult to pull off and wash, the material wasn't the most comfortable to sleep on and after just one pregnancy, the pillow itself lost much of it's shape rendering it useless for a repeat pregnancy. The Bump Nest pillows come in a wide variety of beautiful patterns and they're made from the softest knit material. It literally feels like tiny little angel wings on my face. 

Not to mention, you can't beat an adorable print! I love this maternity body pillow so much that I wake up excited to only get back to sleep later that night just so that I can sleep with this pillow. Don't forget that post-baby, you can continue to use this pillow for additional support while sitting, rocking and feeding baby. Many, many thanks to the folks at Bump Nest for gifting me with this incredible pregnancy must-have! Currently, code "CARROTTEN" will get you $10 off your order plus free shipping! 

2. Infuser Water Bottle: I am a horrible water drinker. So horrible, in fact, that I can't drink just plain water. I often find myself dumping packet after packet of flavored drink mix into my water just to make it tolerable and we both know that's not exactly ideal during pregnancy. I very recently invested in one of these Infuser Water Bottles which allows me to add slices of fruit to my water to infuse it with flavor. I am obsessed and spend more time than I care to admit looking up different fruit-flavor combinations that I can add to my next bottle. My favorites so far? Lemon-mint, and strawberry-cucumber. 

3. Layering Tanks: Pregnant or not, these are an absolute must-have in any wardrobe but if you invest in them early on in pregnancy, they really help you get the most out of your non-maternity tops. I've tried tons of different tanks tops in the past and my two current favorites are from Old Navy and the PureBody layering tanks from the GAP. Each of these tanks are a great long length and really hold up well to multiple wears, washes (and pregnancies!) You can't beat that. 

4. Quality Maternity Jeans: If there's one staple maternity wardrobe piece that I recommend investing money in, it's maternity denim. Not every pair has to be pricey but believe me, nothing will make you feel better about your expanding nether regions than a great pair of maternity jeans. Over the last four years, I've managed to accumulate more pairs than I care to admit and some of my favorites have come from Mavi, Citizens of Humanity and good ol' Old Navy.

5. Gummy Prenatal Vitamins with DHA: During my first pregnancy, I was choking back these horse-pill-sized prenatal vitamins from my doctor's office. Not only were they enormous but they also had this vanilla-flavored coating which made my already sensitive gag reflex extra gag-y. And then there was an additional DHA supplement that I had to take. I mean, for something that a pregnant woman has to take every day that's vital to a healthy pregnancy, wouldn't pharmaceutical companies try their hardest to make them as small and as palatable as possible? It wasn't until I was pregnant with my second that I found these gummy prenatal vitamins with DHA. They're sweet like candy and chewy, making them incredibly easy to get down, even first thing in the morning. 

6. Ginger candies and/or mints: If there was one thing that I found helpful with my constant nausea, it was sucking on some type of ginger candy or mint throughout the day. Although I never threw up much with my pregnancies, weeks six through sixteen were often filled with constant lingering nausea that just wouldn't quit. Wint-o-green lifesavers and Altoid ginger mints were a saving grace for me during these weeks! I also found that sometimes chewing on fruity gummy candy (like sour patch kids or Starbursts) also helped!       

7. Humorous Yet Relate-able Reading Material: The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy was one of my favorite books to read during my first pregnancy. Filled with just the right amount of humor and advice, it was the perfect balance for this first-time Mom. It's no secret that some of the reading material out there than be a little literal (and frightening!) and there's no need for that. There's enough to worry about during pregnancy- your reading material shouldn't amplify those worries! 

 To a Happy and Healthy Forty Weeks! 

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I'm A Dirty Little.. Vacuum-Lover.

As if two little boys under the age of four and a 110-pound Olde English Sheepdog weren't enough of an excuse to vacuum on the daily, I suddenly now have this beautiful, albeit amazing upright vacuum cleaner at my disposal and I can't get enough of it. 

This is going to sound ridiculous, but vacuuming has always been my most favorite "chore" to do around the house and ever since I've started using my Miele, I can't. stop. vacuuming. I even vacuumed the stairs three times this month and I'm pretty sure they didn't need it again, let alone a third time, after the first go-round.

But my Miele makes it so easy and it's so pretty to look at. The bright, bold yellow and undercarriage LED lights rock my socks off. Even my husband said it reminds him of a Lamborghini sports car!

Not only is my Miele easy to operate but with it's myriad of handy attachments, it easily allows me to clean just about every surface in my house with just this one machine. From the hardwood floors to the many area rugs throughout our home to the nooks and crannies, baseboard molding and even our upholstered furniture and curtains, this vacuum does it all. 

Want to know why my vacuum is better than yours and I'm a certified Dirty Little Vacuum Lover? Head on over to the ILYMTC Review Blog to find out! {Clickable link}

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... Halloween?

Normally I get really excited about all things Fall. After all, I couldn't wait to pull out my Fall mantel decorations and barely waited a minute beyond September the first to start unleashing Fall all over our house. 

Well, it seems as if now the novelty has faded and I'm ready for Christmas. I've indulged in all things pumpkin more times than I can count on every little hand and foot in this house and well, I'm over it. 

I know what you're thinking. "Respect the Turkey" and all that nonsense and typically I'm right behind ya, all "take it one holiday at a time!" But for some reason this year, I'm already over Thanksgiving and ready to move onto Christmas. 

And we haven't even Trick-Or-Treated yet.

In an effort to slow my roll, we decided at the very last minute to invite a few of our friends over for a quick and dirty pumpkin carving party. This is something we try to host every year and since The Plague hit us good and hard this year, we were just about to throw in the white flag and call it an October. 

But then we realized what kind of hosts would we be if we didn't continue the tradition? Plus, I needed an excuse to make Pumpkin Fluff dip. 

We called in the Big Guns, had the house disinfected and every nook and cranny cleaned to perfection. With nary a runny nose in sight, we were ready to carve some pumpkins, but not without a little treat table first! 



So, what happens when you get a room full of overachievers together? You get quite possibly the most creative and painstakingly-talented pumpkin carvers in all of Maryland. Just check out the concentration happening! Not quite sure who was watching the kids at this moment.

And the finished product! I take full credit for that sad, sorry "M" over there in the corner. Next time I'll remember to bring my "A" game to the Carving Party!

All in all, it was another successful October and it reminded me just how much I love playing hostess, even if at the very last minute. So, who's ready for Christmas-themed cocktail party? Maybe a Cookie Exchange? No, too early? 

I know, I know. Respect the Turkey. Sigh.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby M3 :: Fourteen Weeks!

Top, ASOS (On sale for $12!) / Jeans, Mavi Maternity (On sale for $80!)

How Far Along: 14 weeks as of today, Monday, October 28th. Due April 28th but with a delivery date of April 21st, with a scheduled repeat C-section.

Total Weight Gain: Well, thanks to the adorable stomach flu that took our household by storm during week 13, I'm holding steady at a 4ls. weight gain since the beginning. I head back to the doctor tomorrow for any updates.   

Symptoms: Nausea is starting to wain although the exhaustion is always present. I can't necessarily blame that all on being pregnant though, as I can blame it more so on having to chase after the Trouble Brothers all day.   

Maternity Clothes: In 'em for the long haul. Chances are I'll be wearing them clear through the month of May at this point. Continuing to shop at the GAP, Old Navy and ASOS and trying to stock up on staple pieces like solid long sleeve T's and sweaters that I can pair with some of the things I already own. That said, my leather leggings and tribal print leggings from ASOS continue to be my favorite "splurge-worthy" pieces.   

Gender: We're still not 100% certain! Hoping to get a sneak peek at my appointment tomorrow although very unlikely. Right now, we're looking at knowing for certain on November 6th!   

Movement: Just the occasional flutter and roll. Nothing consistent yet!

Sleep: Last weekI started using my new maternity support body pillow from the Bump Nest {clickable link} and it's ah-mazing. If you're ever on the fence about buying one, let me be the one to tell you they are worth every single little shiny penny. I don't know why I always wait so long to use them each time because the comfort and extra sleep is worth it's weight in gold. The Bump Nest is made from one of the softest knit materials I have ever felt! The minute I get into position at night, it's lights out AP.  Well, until Maclane wakes up screaming. 

Cravings: Give me all the pizzas.  

Thinking Names: Well, we're making progress. Over the weekend my husband thought of a boy name that he liked. It's too bad it's one of the more popular children's names of the century. "Babe, I really like Jack. You know, but short for something. Like Jackson." That's so cute, Husband! Too bad there are already two Jack's in our family and three in Carter's class! But I appreciate the effort. I've added Tate to my list, as I've begin scanning all credits on every single TV show and movie we watch and that was the latest name to catch my eye. Like I've mentioned before, my list also includes Crosby, Whitaker, Miles, Avery and Grady. If M3 is a girl, her name will be Eliza Jane. 

Funny Moments: Walking into the grocery store for two things, milk and eggs, and walking out of the grocery store with Maclane's weight in Halloween candy. I'm going to need an intervention.

Not So Funny Moments: People asking me if I'm certain that I'm not further along than I am and nearly burning down our kitchen after I let the tabletop griddle catch fire. That was great.

Nesting:  I've already purchased a few things that I knew I wanted to have for this baby that I never had for the first two. Things like a video monitor. Also on that list is a Mamaroo and a new double stroller. I know, I'm kind of crazy for investing in these things for the last baby but I can't help it. You learn a lot from two pregnancies and two babies! I'm currently researching OrbitBaby and Britax strollers, for those of you who've emailed and asked. 

Best Moments this week: Saying goodbye to the first trimester! My girlfriend and I were trying to figure out how many "Sober Saturdays" we had ahead of us before we get to meet our babies and it's somewhere in the twenties. Like twenty-five-ish. When you put it that way? Yeah, that doesn't seem like much time at all. 

Looking Forward To: Christmas. I know we're supposed to respect the turkey and everything and usually I extra love being pregnant around all of the major feasting holidays but this year, I couldn't care less about Thanksgiving. I'm ready for Christmas. I'm ready to decorate and start doing all the fun Christmas-y things with Carter and Maclane. My husband also told me this morning that, after rearranging our furniture in the family room this weekend, that we now have room for a second tree! A SECOND TREE! I've wanted a second tree ever since we moved into this house and I could not be more selfishly excited about this.  

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Six Years. Two Point Five Babies. So Much Love.

It was six years ago this weekend that I pledged my life to that blonde-haired, blue-eyed fraternity brother I'd met at a party four years earlier. Six years ago this weekend that I slipped into a beautiful hand-beaded white gown with the help of my closest girlfriends and while they stood by me, promised to love and to honor that man all the days of my life. 

Surrounded by family and friends inside the beautiful marble and stained glass walls of the Villanova cathedral, I had no idea the life we would begin to build together.  We were so young but so madly in love and we were confident that, no matter what the future would hold, we would tackle it together. That was all that mattered. 

What a six years it has been. Perhaps even the best six years of my life. 

Some days it feels like just yesterday I was walking down that aisle towards him. Most days it feels like a lifetime ago. Whomever said the first year of marriage is the most difficult surely wasn't about to have three kids in under four years but I wouldn't trade experiencing those late nights and early mornings, the sheer exhaustion, the frustration of those newborn days (and let's face it, parenting the wild two's and super, awesomely trying three's) with anyone else. 

Our marriage and our life is far from perfect but it's perfect for us and it's beautiful and it becomes even more perfect and beautiful as the days pass on. I wouldn't trade these every days for the world. 

Our life has been so full these last six years and although we've had our fair share of sacrifice, of compromise, of hurdles and obstacles, I still wake up each morning grateful to be walking through life with him at my side. And the great moments? Are so great. So full of love and laughter and they outnumber the less than great moments by the hundreds of thousands. 

We really do make a great team and we've both worked so hard to create this beautiful life, and this beautiful family that we're living together. Six years later and I'm even more proud to be his wife and I look forward to reaping the benefits of our hard work in the years to come. 

Here we are, expecting our third baby and about to begin yet another new adventure, one that we both feel will complete our family and I can't help but become overwhelmed with excitement when I think about how I get to spend the rest of my life living, loving and raising these beautiful babies alongside him. 

It can't get much better than that. 

Thank you for being so patient with me and loving me wholly, completely and selflessly. I can only hope you feel just as loved and appreciated each day that I do. Happy Six Years, Husby. You're simply the best. 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ghosts, Ghouls and.. Matching Brotherly Halloween Jams?

You know what's awesome? Little kids' clothes. You know what's even more awesome? Little kids' pajamas. It's no secret that I have a sick obsession with pajamas for the M brothers. If you follow me on Instagram, check out the hashtag #MacAttackInTheMorning and you'll see just what I'm talking about.

Even though we've had plenty of "hammiedown" jams from one M brother to the next, I couldn't pass up a holiday plain ol' Wednesday opportunity to splurge on additional matching pajamas for the boys. 

When two of my favorite blogging mamas, Darci and Meredith, mentioned hosting a Halloween Pajama Party link-up, of course I knew I'd be all over that faster than naked Miley on a wrecking ball.

It was especially convenient considering we had just spent the last six days lounging around in our comfies while we lovingly passed the stomach flu from one member of our family to the next. 

Thankfully we're mostly on the mend and more than sufficiently cabin-fevered which meant that I had two semi-willing participants who didn't mind jumping around on our bed for a quick photo op. 

Pajamas courtesy of Target. Good looks (and short attention spans) courtesy of Mom and Dad. I kind of love how much of a mini we each have in these two. It makes us even more excited to see who M3 looks like! 

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That Perfect Three And A Half Minute Morning Moment.

Mornings around here are often a blur. As much as I would love to linger in bed just a little bit longer after the first sounds of stirring, within minutes those quiet, sleepy stirs quickly turn into rambunctious screams and shouts and before I know it my feet have hit the cold floor running.

If I'm really lucky, the smell of freshly brewing coffee is enough to keep me moving in the morning, despite feeling more than half asleep and desperately wanting to crawl back beneath the warm covers. That sweet aromatic nectar of the gods is just the motivation I need to get me through the notorious battles of What To Wear and What's For Breakfast that I know are waiting to greet me once I leave the safe confines of the bedroom. 

I didn't love coffee until I became a mom and that's saying a lot considering I was a nurse in my former life, one who worked all hours of the day, morning, evening and night. Despite my late love for coffee, I don't just drink any old blend of bean that comes my way. I prefer a strong bold blend, one that's made from 100% Arabica beans, like the coffee beans of Georgia Coffee {clickable link}. What's even better is that Georgia Coffee {clickable link} is available in three distinct roasts, Light, Dark and Decaf, making there a blend for everyone to fall in love with.

Before I can even think about reaching for my favorite mug in the cabinet, I've already put out two small familial fires and managed to narrowly escape an unexpected mid-morning ER visit by the skin of my teeth. For what it's worth, all socks should have those little non-slip grippies on them. Always. 

Want to hear more about my Perfect Three And A Half Minute Morning Moment and the recipe for my favorite Overnite Oats recipe? Click the picture below!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Pre-School Plague.

Everyone always talks about how wonderful pre-school is. How engaging it is. How early education and socialization is so important to the growing three and four year old. I've read countless articles that promote pre-school enrollment specifically for the promotion of self-awareness in an environment that teaches your child how to problem solve, how to be a student, how to separate from mom and continue that onward development of self awareness. I get all that and after struggling with the decision as to whether or not to enroll Carter in a program earlier this year, I'm so glad we took the leap.

Except I'm not. 

What no one and no article warns you about is the Pre-School plague that often accompanies first-time enrollment into a school-type program. 

Carter loves school {clickable link} and when I say "loves school" I mean he wants to go on his days off, talks about his friends all the time and even though it's only been a six weeks since his enrollment, I can already see a difference in his behavior, unfortunately behavior that now includes fighting like a ninja, but that's a story for another day. 

I really want to love pre-school {clickable link}. I want to love it as much as Carter does but I'm finding it really hard to love when each week brings with it a new illness. It's barely flu season and already we've encountered strep throat, bronchitis, croup, a GI bug and as of late, a cough that just won't quit. 

I get it. He's strengthening his immune system and blah blah blah, but it still sucks more than what Martha Stewart said about us bloggers. These days, I'd much rather prefer our old way of things, the way that didn't involve sending him off to Germ School. 

I pride myself on a clean home. I mop my floors, I wipe down all surfaces regularly and hand washing has always been important to this nurse-turned-mom but lately even that hasn't been enough. I even took the plunge to bathing the boys with a soap comprised of essential oils that promises cleanse and defend the skin's surface. Hell, if the label said to feed it to them while hopping on one leg and singing MoTown, I would probably do that too. 

Despite these precautions, nothing we do seems to protect the two tiny immune systems in our home from these atrocious bugs. Prior to this, I used to envision how Carter spent his two and a half hours away from me. The games he played, the songs he sang, the crafts he painted. Now, I imagine all of that but with a side of licking not only the floors but also his fellow classmates.

I can think of very few things more heartbreaking than watching your children suffer with sickness and it's gotten so bad recently that my husband, a proponent of pre-school from the very beginning, has asked about whether or not I believe we should pull him out. 

I'm beginning to think that pre-school is nothing more than a giant cesspool of ecoli, rotavirus and other infectious diseases. We haven't even begun to receive the letters home alerting us to the recent outbreak of lice, pink-eye and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, among other wonderful bugs shared between children. 

Something tells me that when that time comes, it just might send me over the edge. In the mean time, I think it's time we invest in a frequent flier card to the pediatrician's office. 

Five visits and we get a free bottle of Amoxicillin? Anyone? 
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Baby M3" :: 12 Weeks

One of the best things I ever did with each of my pregnancies is blog my way through them from start to finish. Even though I'm hardly a month into my thirties, my mind is a sieve and it's so great to be able to hop online, run a quick archive search and, for the most part, be able to relive the adventure. 

I say "for the most part" because what they say about second babies is true. I documented so much more of pregnancy with Carter than I did with Maclane and I'm determined not to fall even further behind when it comes to "M3." So, here we are again. Documenting what will likely be my third and final pregnancy. The first of many bump updates or "bumpdates." I know, kind of cringe-worthy. I apologize! 

Tunic from Old Navy, no longer on site / Ponte Leggings

How Far Along: 12 weeks as of Monday, October 13th. Due April 28th but with a delivery date of April 21st. 

Total Weight Gain: Up 4lbs. since finding out on August 12th. I gained 50lbs, with Carter and 40lbs. with Maclane. How awesome would be to only gain 30lbs. this time around? Ha. Wishful thinking.  

Symptoms: Still nauseous all day, every day. Knowing that this tends to ease up around week 15/16 makes it more tolerable. Chasing after two kids all day also leaves little to no room to feel anything. Other than exhausted. I am absolutely exhausted. During the early weeks there were a few days when I had to call my husband at work around 5pm and ask that he leave and come home NOW because I couldn't possibly keep my eyes open for another minute, let alone two more hours.  

Maternity Clothes: I actually made it a bit further this pregnancy in regular pants than I did with my previous pregnancy but by 9/10 weeks, come 5pm it was time to lose the regular pants. Literally. There was many an evening when my husband walked through the door and I wasn't wearing any pants. Favorite places to find maternity clothes? The GAP, Old Navy and Asos (which, I just started buying from a couple of weeks ago and I am OBSESSED). So obsessed, in fact, that I bought leather maternity leggings and they're awesome.  

Gender: Around 10 weeks, I headed back to the doctor for an extra ultrasound to confirm my due date. The reason being at my 8 week ultrasound, the baby was measuring a whole week behind. At 10 weeks, however, and after a major growth spurt, the baby was measuring 5 days ahead. It was during this ultrasound that we got a fantastic peek at M3's gender. It was absolutely unexpected and I love that my doctor was patient enough to spend some extra time with us peeking around in there. The husband was with me and it was at this ultrasound (as is usually the case) that I think things finally "clicked" for him. As soon as we walked out to the car, his first words were, "Oh man. Three kids. You're going to need a bigger car." I went for my NT scan earlier this week and I was hoping the tech or doctor would let me sneak another peek but no such luck. Lame.   

Movement: Pretty certain I've started feeling rolls and pokes. I've noticed them mostly when lying in bed at night. This is around the time that I started feeling Maclane, too. Funny how you notice movement much earlier when you know what to expect!

Sleep: Not so fantastic. Not only are we still sharing a bed with Maclane for the latter half of the night but I'm getting up 1-2 times to pee and it's driving me absolutely insane. I do not miss this part of pregnancy whatsoever. I am also dreading Operation: Get The 16 Month Old Out Of Our Bed. 

Cravings: This pregnancy is so much like my last. Even though I'm not craving gummy, fruit candy or ice pops (yet), I've had some pretty intense cravings for spicy, spicy foods. The hotter the better! Pastas, burritos, sushi, you name it. In the weeks before I found out I was pregnant, every single day I would ferociously crave a giant spoonful of peanut butter. Weirdest ever. Other weird cravings this time? Matzoh ball soup. 

Thinking Names: Oh Lord. If you've been following me through either pregnancy, you know how much of an ordeal it can be when it comes to naming our babies. I love my husband more than life itself but naming our kids makes me want to punch him in the face. For real. Throw in some hormones and I swear it's like I don't even know who I'm talking to. If M3 is a girl, her name will be Eliza Jane. Easy peasy. If M3 is a boy, we're absolutely screwed, especially considering that we'e used up all four of our boy names on Carter Michael and Maclane Allen. Neither of us are married to any particular name (which says a lot on my behalf). My husband's list? Empty, as usual. My list includes Crosby, Whitaker, Miles, Avery and Grady. Of course my husband detests each of those names but he also wasn't a fan of Maclane for roughly 32 weeks and we see how that turned out. I'm waiting for him to realize how awesome I am at naming our kids and to just give up already. 

Funny Moments: How I shared the news with my husband that we were expecting (post to come soon, with a video!) and being struck by intense cravings that I MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY or I'll cry. Crazy, I know. 

Not So Funny Moments: People asking me if I'm certain that I'm not further along than I am. Or if there's only one baby in there. Hey, morons. It's my third pregnancy. My body remembers more clearly what it's like to be pregnant as opposed to not growing a human. I've also had weak abs my entire life. I know my dates and there's only one in there. I promise. But thank you for being so concerned. 

Nesting: We're putting the finishing touches on the built-in's in the playroom, a project that we started on Labor Day and has lovingly taken way too long to complete. I've already purchased a few things that I knew I wanted to have for this baby that I never had for the first two. Things like a video monitor. Also on that list is a Mamaroo and a new double stroller. I know, I'm kind of crazy for investing in these things for the last baby but I can't help it. You learn a lot from two pregnancies and two babies! 

Best Moments this week: One week closer to finishing up the first trimester, completing my NT scan, brainstorming names (even though my husband hates them) and already thinking nursery plans. Having already decorated one preppy nursery and one loud, colorful nursery, I'm planning on keeping things serene and neutral for this one. The big brothers will also likely be moved into a shared room and I cannot wait to plan their new space! Apologies in advance to my husband who already has a very long list of "Honey Do's."

Looking Forward To: Confirming whether or not there's another teenie peenie in there or if we'll be buying pink for the first time in three years! I went ahead and scheduled a gender scan for November 6th. Impatient, say what? Also, we have family pictures this month, for the first time in, well, ever! Let's all pray to the gods of Good Behavior that the boys cooperate for at least five decent shots, okay? 
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Monday, October 14, 2013

A Family That Plays Together, Stays Fit Together.

With two little boys under the age of 4, "stationary" isn't a word in my vocabulary and truth be told, I don't want it to be a word in my vocabulary either.
Keeping active and fit has always been important to me but since having children, it's become even more important and more significant in my life. Why? Because I want to be around to watch my children grow well into their adulthood and much like I feel now, I don't want to witness this from the sidelines.

Sure, it's easy to maintain a certain level of energy in my twenties and thirties but I want to be able to maintain this energy for years to come. That's just one more reason why it's a good idea to get into the habit of living a healthy and active lifestyle now as opposed to trying to create and maintain new habits later in life. 
With two little boys under the age of four, it's no secret that I don't get much time to myself during the day either. This means it's not as easy for me to set aside forty-five minutes here or there to get in a complete work out. It's also important for me to set a good example and be a role model for my boys- one that not only encourages healthy activity but takes part in it as well. 
My solution to little or no me-time? Easy. I get creative and brainstorm activities that get all three of us moving. Whether it's a game of follow the leader or hide and seek in the backyard or a long nature walk through the trails in our neighborhood, it's a great and fun way to get us moving and shaking together. 
On the days when we're stuck inside, of course it's much more difficult to think of fun activities that double as excellent exercise. That's when it's time to turn on the radio, turn up the music and throw a huge dance party right there in our living room. Nothing gets our blood flowing faster and I love seeing the look on my boys' faces as they watch their mom become a dancing fool. 
Not only is it important to me to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle but it's equally as important to eat a healthy diet and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! All of these things together work towards keeping me fit and healthy so that I'm able to function at my best for all of those around me who depend on me. In other words, I don't have time to be slowed down in order to complete the general day to day demands of keeping house, meeting deadlines, raising children and keeping a happy husband!
It's that kind of stress, an inadequate diet and general day-to-day demands that contribute to icky things like digestive imbalance.  As a busy mom and wife, I have too many people depending on me to be slowed down by gas, bloating or occasional constipation.  One of the best things I can do to support my digestive health is to proactively take a probiotic supplement every day. 
  • Probiotic Pearls active cultures are a unique probiotic supplement that survive stomach acid to deliver good bacteria to your intestines allowing you to get on with your day unencumbered by things like gas and bloating. Unlike the probiotics in yogurt, Probiotic Pearls can be conveniently taken on the go because their patented triple layer coating protects the live probiotics inside from heat and moisture- no refrigeration necessary.
With Probiotic Pearls, you don't need to struggle to find "me-time" to take care of your digestive health. Easy to swallow and easy to take on the go, Pearls offer you one less thing to have to worry about, allowing you more time to focus on being the best version of yourself for those around you. 
In my case, they allow me to focus more on keeping active and throwing those daily dance parties with my boys. 
Enter for a chance to win $100 SpaFinder gift card!
Leave a comment answering this: What are some ways in which you create healthy digestive habits with your busy schedule?
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Not Your Typical Four Eyes And A Day In Our Life.

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I'm not going to lie. Being a stay at home mom can get a little monotonous after a while. Imagine doing the same exact thing day in and day out every single day for days on end. I'm not just talking about doing the same things but also eating, singing playing the same things over and over and over again, day in and day out. Sounds like some kind of awful, doesn't it? But it's true. If your stay-at-home days look anything like mine then please, raise your fifth-time reheated mug of already cold coffee high in solidarity. 

Not quite sure what I'm talking about? Here, take a glance at just a snippet of our days here in the M household: 

It's 7am and I'm startled awake by two toddler dictators demanding breakfast. Since one of them is still well within the confines of his crib, I can only hear the incessant, "Mama? Mama? DOWN? MAMA?" as opposed to his brother's requests which are accompanied by frequent pokes to my eyes, nose and ears. Half awake, I wrangle their bodies into underwear, diapers and day clothes. Somehow I manage to choose the wrong striped shirt, a wild affront to my three year old. Small fire extinguished, we head downstairs to start our day. 

By 8am, waffles are toasted, bananas sliced and I'm granted five whole minutes to sit down and enjoy my coffee which I completely forgot to brew. I start the coffeemaker and just as the warm aroma of Life begins to fill my kitchen, breakfast has literally done to the dog and I'm being summoned to release the heathens from their confines at the table. 

Many thanks to the 9am morning cartoon lineup and an entire box of baby wipes which has been lovingly thrown throughout the family room, the toddler dictators are pacified long enough for me to sit down and sip my coffee. Mmm, the taste of sanity. 

By 10am, we're on our way out the door for the first of two play dates we have scheduled today. Unfortunately I haven't had time to shower which means I'm extra thankful for my brand new Lookmatic eyeglasses which not only draw attention away from the bags underneath my eyes, but also add an air of "Look, I'm really trying" to today's play date ensemble. Even though these particular frames are a bit outside of my comfort zone, I love that they're a bit hipster-trendy and make for a great accessory to any outfit from yoga pants and sweatshirts to leggings, cardigans and scarves. 

I'm always secretly intrigued by how other moms spend their days. Want to know how we typically spend ours? Maybe you want to know more about my awesome new eyeglasses and how you can score a 20% off coupon on your next Lookmatic order. Or maybe you just want to enter an awesome giveaway for the chance to win over $700 in eyewear and an iPad mini. 

If you wan to do any of those things I listed above, head on over to my review blog {clickable link} to check it out! 

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