Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation Big Boy Bed

If you were a fly on the wall in our home the last few weeks, you would have been keen to a resounding chorus of, "Honey, Carter needs his Big Boy Bed set up!" "We only have two months to go before M2 arrives and Carter needs to begin the transition from crib to bed." "M, seriously. SET UP THE BED."

I know what you're thinking. Poor Impatient AP. Poor Husband.

Sunday was The Day. As The Husband casually walked into Carter's room that morning to scoop him from his crib, over the monitor I heard him say, "Guess what, big man? That was your last sleep in the crib! You're getting a big boy bed today!" 

And I would be lying if I said my heart didn't catch a little in my throat. It was really going to happen. What I pushed for all along for so many weeks leading up to this ordinary Sunday. Our baby would be transition from his crib to his brand new Big Boy Bed. 

To think I was so concerned about how C would tolerate The Transition, I hardly gave thought to how I would do! 

The Husband worked all morning, finishing the chair rail in the nursery, disassembling the crib in Carter's room and reassembling it in the New Nursery. As Carter and I played in the playroom and lounged on the couch eating Cheddar Bunnies and watching Puss in Boots, the Big Boy Bed made it's way up to Carter's room. 

Shortly before nap time was due to commence, the bed was finished and I didn't waste a minute dressing it with brand new Jersey sheets purchased just for the inaugural occasion. I fluffed Carter's brand new pillows and even went as far as stuffing his brand new duvet into his Curious George duvet cover. 

Of course he wouldn't be sleeping with the giant duvet but I needed for it to be perfect. The unveiling of The Big Boy Bed. 

The final touches included an extra pillow and guardrail and as I placed C's Curious George stuffie a top his freshly made bed, I could barely hop off before Carter came tearing into his room, immediately clamoring up onto his new bed. 

I prepared myself for bumps in the road. I prepared myself for More Playing and Less Sleeping. Although I had envisioned a seamless transition, I anticipated something much less... seamless. 

I laid down next to Carter as we readied ourselves for nap time. I tucked him in with his favorite lovie, two nunnies and began running my fingers through his curls. Within minutes he was out. 

Of course I couldn't leave his room without snapping a few commemorative pictures and as I did, my heart leapt, once again, into my throat, tears springing out of nowhere into my eyes as I dwelled upon how small he suddenly looked in that bed. 

My little boy who looked so big in his crib. So ready for The Next Step. Now appeared to be so tiny, so little in this brand new twin bed of his. 

Carter napped for two full hours. The longest nap he's taken in months. I couldn't help but think it was just a coincidence and choked on my hubris and the thought that This Might Not Be So Difficult after all. 

He awoke well rested and couldn't stop chattering on and on about his new bed. Pointing to his bed, to George and to his new pillows. 

We continued to play and lunch that afternoon and well into the evening and after having friends and family over for fun and good food, I knew it was time for our ritual bath and bed. I whispered a silent prayer as M carried Carter upstairs for his bath, that bedtime would go as smoothly has nap time had but it wasn't without anticipation of a long night and lot's of "get back to bed's." 

At 9:15pm, a bedtime much later than usual thanks to our dinner guests and evening full of fun, Carter and I settled in together. It has to be said that this beat rocking him in the rocking chair any day. 

As Baby Brother continues to grow more quickly now, the real estate of my lap was shrinking exponentially as each night wore on and it was becoming near impossible to rock the thirty-five pound toddler. 

There is something to be said for Big Boy Bed Snuggles. 

Tucked in tight with his lovies, I once again began to run my fingers through his blonde curls. Tracing imaginary lines down his cheeks, over his forehead and down along his perfect little nose, I silently prayed words full of thanks for such an incredible gift. As his eyes began to grow heavy, I was reminded how lucky I am. 

Carter slept peacefully for 10 hours that first night. I awoke to his ritual "Ma? Dad? Sheesh?" catcalls and upon hoisting myself over the baby gate that safely blocked the entrance (or exit) to his room, was greeted with the happiest of toddlers sitting up excitedly in the middle of his bed. 

It's true. I anticipated finding him asleep on the floor or worse, sitting atop one of the shelves in his closet. 

But there he was. Successfully having survived Night One in The Big Boy Bed. I knew he would be OK and furthermore? I would be too. 

You may be wondering, "How did you know C was ready for a bed?" And well, the answer is, I just knew. It's my Mom-Gut, if you will and it's pretty much what has led me from the moment they placed that 9lb. 10oz. squishy baby in my arms nearly 21 months ago. It's how I knew Carter was ready for solid food. It's how I knew Carter was ready to turn forward-facing in the car. It's how I knew he wanted to start sleeping with a pillow. 

It's how I know that he's not ready to give up his pacifier at nap and bedtime. Along the same lines it's also how I know that he's no where near ready to begin potty training, although some recent events have me second guessing that decision.

Truthfully though, I've always been one to just let him do his thing and watch for those subtle and other times not-so-subtle cues as to his needs. Thankfully, this Mom-Gut hasn't led me astray as of yet. 

Operation Big Boy Bed has been a raging success thus far. Now, don't even get me started on how the New Nursery looks with the crib set up in it.

There goes my heart leaping into my throat again... 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On: The Un-Diapered Naked Toddler Mile

Talk about a weekend of transitions. 

Most importantly of note, Carter is now sleeping blissfully in a Big Boy Bed. That transition occurred on Sunday and although I knew in my heart of Mom-hearts that C was ready, I didn't once take into account that I may not be. 

Oh my tugged and happy heartstrings!

However, I digress. I return later this week to write about that Transition. For now, I'm checking in to share a Situation that I only previously thought to be a myth in Toddlerdom. 

The Un-Diapered Naked Toddler Mile. 

Let's recall the first occurrence, shall we? Early last week, The Husband had just arrived home from work, The Toddler greeting him at the front door clad only in his usual post-dinner-diaper-change attire of a t-shirt and Pampers Cruiser Size 6. 

After the routine hug and kiss, Carter is off and running about the first floor as The Husband and I catch up while standing in the kitchen. Suddenly, my Mom-Radar perks as the house becomes eerily silent. Before I can leave my relaxed post at the counter, a completely naked Toddler comes careening down the foyer hallway, straight into the kitchen. 

Looking pleased as pie with his new, shall we say, freedom.

The Husband and I take one look at each other and the Naked Toddler before erupting in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. I quickly scoop up Mr. Uninhibited and carry  him into the living room to retrieve his bottoms. 

That's when I see it. 

The Impervious Wee-Wee Puddle right smack in the middle of my beautiful quatrefoil rug. Just inches away from the happily discarded Pampers Cruiser Size 6. 

"Umm, honey? Our child peed on the floor." 

Just when I thought I had this Mom-Of-Boys-Thing down, my child goes and pees on the floor. 

And Loyals? There's a reason I referenced The First Occurrence. You see, it has happened two more times since then. The Un-Diapering followed by the Naked Mile culminating in The Peeing On The Floor. 

Oh dear, me. I truly believe God knew what he was doing when he gave me a son and further more what he was doing when he blessed us with another Little Weenie to cultivate. I cannot french braid for the life of me and I'm terrible at painting nails, so it seems only fitting that I am a Mom Of Boys. 

But Peeing On Things? I'm so not ready for this. Could someone please pass the duct tape?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fifty Shades... Of A Good Read.

Being that I'm mostly through book number two of the Fifty Shades trilogy, this review of sorts may be a bit preemptive but I find it necessary to write about and necessary to write about it now. 

By now I'm sure you've heard the buzz regarding Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and the final book of the trilogy installment, Fifty Shades Freed. Chances are, if you have indeed heard of this  book, you've most likely heard it in close proximity to the word "porn." 

In fact, that was my introduction to it. I heard it being referred to as "mom porn." Which, if you ask me, would be a delicious man wearing an apron, vacuuming my floors while cooking dinner and simultaneously teaching my Toddler one of the romance languages. Doing all of this, mind you, as he ushered me out the door for some Me-Time. 

That, I can promise you, is not what occurs in these books so I cannot quite understand the Mom Porn reference. Especially considering that I would be just as turned on, if you will, by the lascivious scenes depicted in these novels had I not been a Mom. So, why the Mom-reference?

Are the books sexually charged? Yes. Descriptive beyond indiscretion? Oh yes. Do they make you feel like a voyeur? Absolutely. That is all in truth. But, I have to say, they are good books. 

If you're looking for a pristinely-written piece of American literature, Fifty Shades is not for you. This book will never be in the running for a Pulitzer Prize, let alone a stake in Oprah's Book Club. I do not say this to discredit the quality of the books, I say this merely to address one of the recurring "complaints" that I've heard in regards to this book. That it is "so poorly written." 

British literature and Little Women it is not. 

Granted, this was my very first introduction to an "erotic" type novel and ultimately my desire to read books based on such heavily developed sexual relationships will likely wane once I have finished the trilogy. 

However, it must be said that these books are so well written that when read, James does an excellent job of eliciting strong bouts of  sympathy for her naive, love-struck protagonist. Many times I felt compelled to keep reading merely because I was lost in the story line, so concerned for the character's well-being that I felt pulled to turn page after page after page. 

You see, I am a sucker for character development. Write me a character with whom I can connect on some level and you have my undivided attention. I believe James did a stellar job articulating Ana and Christian, both as individuals as well as a couple. The naive girlfriend hoping against hope to be "that someone" for a man. The misunderstood, dark and brooding antagonist. 

And for those of you shouting from the rooftops, "but this was merely based on Twilight FanFic," so be it. I, personally, prefer my fiction without a side of vampire. It is what it is. 

I believe these characters to be so well-developed, so much so, in fact, that I was drawn to them, feeling most times like I knew them. Or at the very least, like I wanted to get to know them more. I wanted to be a part of their life. 

Were there parts of the books that I found annoying repetitive? Sure. Take the word "heady" for instance. If I have to read that word one more time, I may gauge my eyes out with a riding crop. 

For the love of all things synonymous, grab a Thesaurus. 

Ana's constant turmoil regarding her inner goddess and subconscious also made me gag on multiple occasions, but did serve to only elaborate on her character further, allowing you a glimpse into her thoughts. 

One should be prepared- there is sex and there is a lot of sex. Some scenes are clumsily played out and others? Well, let's just say they've made my husband a much happier man. Throughout the first book, I constantly found myself blushing although hungrily intrigued by the lifestyle in question. 

By the time I started the second book, although still feeling quite voyeur-ish, the sex was such an integral part of the character's relationship that it barely went noticed and hardly pinked my cheeks. I expected it.

What I'm trying to say is there is more to these books than sex. The kind of sex that has people clamoring about, censoring themselves and judging others. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I do believe Mr. Grey is calling my name... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tiny Baby Hands In My Hoo-Ha

No, your eyes do not deceive you dear Loyals. I did, in fact, use the word "hoo-ha" in the title of this post. 

Sadly, I went to bad last night mourning the loss of whatever pelvic floor muscles I had prior to my pregnancy with Carter and woke up with a full blown eulogy written for them in my dreams. 

Nobody warns you about the feeling of tiny little baby hands consistently punching you in the hoo-ha. In fact, it seems to be rather Forbidden Talk. Well. I'm here to change all that. Because if you are ever considering having children, this is strictly a Need To Know

Tiny baby hands. 



Sidenote: How many times can I say "hoo-ha" in this post? Do you feel like you should be taking a shot of something strong each time you read it? You know, kind of like that drinking game where you take a shot every time Sting sings "Roxaaaaaaane?" 

I say, "go for it." 

Now, don't get all high and mighty on me and remind me I should be thankful for the tiny baby hands punching me in the hoo-ha because I'll be the first to say that I am. I am thankful for them and I cannot wait to nibble them and kiss on them come June. However, that doesn't mean that I cannot be frustrated and absolutely one hoo-ha punch shy of shaving my head a la Britney Spears Breakdown because they can't stop, won't stop as I'm laying in bed willing myself to fall asleep at night. 

It's a strange thing- being kicked and punched from the inside and having zero control over the movement. And at times? It could very well drive me insane. 

Somebody hide the hair clippers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Better Late Than Never Bumpdate :: Thirty Weeks :: Omgah!

Strapless Maternity Maxi via A Pea in the Pod 2010

Also of note: I "turned" 30 weeks on Friday, April 13th, so this post is a bit overdue.

Total Weight Gained?: Nearing the 30lb mark, if I haven't already hurdled beyond it. At my last visit, my doctor asked, "do you eat a lot of carbs?" And I had to do everything in my power not to lash out and smack him upside the head. Yes, fool, I do love some carbs. However, my family eats rather healthy and I do chase a toddler around all day. I gained 49lbs. during my pregnancy with Carter and no one batted an eyelash. It may have taken a year, but I lost it all shortly before peeing on yet another pregnancy stick. I gain 30lbs. with M2 and suddenly we need to have the "weight talk?" Pish posh.  

Sleep: Other than having to get up a couple of times per night to tinkle and a couple of times to switch positions because of the stiffness in my hips, it's not too bad. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Please, the next time my husband begs for Baby Number 3, remind me of the horrendous hip pain and atrocious heartburn. I somehow overlooked both of these things as I eagerly hopped aboard the Baby Number 2 train. 

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing M2's sweet little face during my growth scan and learning that he's in the 50-something growth percentile and right on track to be an "average-sized" baby. Keep in mind the doctors said the same thing about C-face and he was born 9lbs. 10oz. Also, we picked a name AND a birthday! It was quite a week around these parts! M2's initials will be MAM and his birthday (if all goes as planned, of course) will be 6/18/12!

Movement? All the time. It's actually quite Alien-esque to watch feet and knees roll across my belly.   

Food Craving? Really, really ice cold drinks in my Tervis Tumbler. Iced coffee. Smoothies.

What I miss? Once again, in the spirit of full disclosure, I miss non-pregnant clothes. Being skinny. And drinking and ice cold beer (or three). I also miss being able to walk up and down stairs without huffing and puffing. 

What I'm looking forward to: The nursery has been painted and the chair rail has gone up! Next up? The rail will be puttied and primed and painted and Carter's crib will come down and be moved to the new nursery! This means it's ALMOST Big Boy Bed time! Hopefully sometime this week we'll begin the transition! Eeeeek! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Can't Help But Wonder Who Will He Look Like?

Last week, I went for an extra growth scan to check on M2. I mentioned around the 20 week mark that I had something known as "cord mis-insertion" which refers to an umbilical cord that enters the placenta at its edge, rather than the middle where it supposedly belongs. The risk associated with a cord mis-inertion are low and typically result in smaller babies and some times decreased umbilical cord blood flow, both of which are closely monitored if they are suspected.

Thankfully, M2 is perfectly healthy and growing right on target so we have no need to worry about either of the above mentioned risks. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous heading into this ultrasound at thirty weeks- despite an "everything looks great" report at our anatomy scan just a few months earlier, a mama's heart is never without worry and I couldn't help but let my mind wander to the "what if's."

M2 is already such a beautiful and much loved little boy. I nearly broke down in tears as I watched him wiggle around in my belly, downright showing off for the incredible ultrasound technician who went above and beyond to linger on his beautiful face. 

I walked out of that ultrasound room with an arm's length of photos of my precious baby boy's picture. That nose. Those lips. Curly hair already evident in his first pictures. My SIL tagged along for this ultrasound and I'm so glad she was able to sneak a peak at her nephew. 

As quickly as I posted the above ultrasound photo to Facebook, the comments came rolling in. 

"He looks exactly like Carter!" 

And The Husband and I laughed. We saw it, too. But we weren't sure if that was just us, his parents, seeing the resemblance. Obviously we weren't the only ones. 

That nose. The curly hair.

They're practically identical. 

As if we could hardly wait to meet this sweet boy, the anticipation is only heightened after seeing his little face again! And we continue to ask ourselves "I wonder who he'll look like!?" 

June 18th can't come fast enough... Oh, that's right. He has a birthday. 

... And a name ;) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Days.

Some days.. we never make it out of our pajamas until it's time to take a bath and put on new ones. 

Some days.. the only vegetable consumed is the one Mama sneaks into her morning smoothie which she graciously shares with the toddler when prodded. 

Some days.. it seems Curious George episodes are on repeat from lunch time until dinner time. 

Some days.. it feels as if Daddy can't leave work fast enough. 

Some days.. ice pops and Oreos are used to soothe bumped foreheads and bruised knees. 

Some days.. voices are raised tempers are lost and hands are swatted. 

Some days.. toddlers will be toddlers and Mamas will be cranky. 

Some days.. the dishes remain dirty and the laundry piled high and unwashed. 

Some days.. dinner is left to your own devices. 

Some days.. happen. They're not the norm but I'd be lying if I said they didn't. 

But those days? 

I wouldn't trade them for the world. Because they make the good days, the great days, that much sweeter. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bubble Fiend.

Occasionally, I'll stumble across a baby product or toy and wonder how on God's green earth did I ever survive life before without it? 

Always one to share the wealth, I'm popping in on this glorious Saturday to share with you the best $10 I've ever spent. Which is weird because this machine retails online for $14 and I swear it was $9.99 when I scooped it up. 

But that is neither here nor there. 

Moms of Toddlers Obsessed With Bubbles {MOTOWB} you need this machine.

Just take a look at this kid's face. Not only is he having an absolute blast, but my sanity and my lungs are practically singing this machine's praises. 

Three AAA batteries and some bubble solution later and it's hours of fun for everyone. Okay, Okay. Maybe not hours- but I guarantee at least a solid 15 minutes of Bubble Stupor and in Toddler World? That might as well be an hour and a half. 

It is glorious. 

See? Total Bubble Stupor. 

Happy Weekend, Loyals!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Decor DIY :: Loose Moss Wreath and Decorative Letter Hang

It's been a while since I've swapped out any of the wreaths that hang in our house. Yes, I said wreath(s),  as in plural. As in there are three. You may recognize this burlap wreath from a tutorial I posted shortly before Valentine's day. The other two burlap wreaths that hang in our house are more of the neutral tone "bubble" variety and hang both in our foyer and dining room. And they've been hanging there since the middle of winter. 

With the blooming cherry blossoms and pink and yellow tulips that have taken over our front yard, I knew it was time to change things up and do a little Spring Cleaning of the stark, colorless winter decor that hung on our walls. 

As I scoured the Internets and Pinterest for some colorful ideas, nothing really struck my fancy. Of course, I could have busted out a pastel colored rag ribbon wreath, much like the Fall one I posted here but deep down, I was jonesing for something I wouldn't grow tired of quickly. Something a bit more neutral. 

And I'm suddenly realizing I have a serious wreath problem. 

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I once again found myself in the floral department, lingering in the aisle where all of the styrofoam floral wreaths hang. Immediately next to the wreaths were giant bags of Premium Grade Spanish Moss. And that's when it hit me. 

A little hot glue, a foam floral wreath form, some ribbon and voila! A Springy little wreath to replace the stark white burlap wreath that hangs in the open frame in our foyer. But what about our blank canvas of a front door? 

And then I suddenly recalled my love of monograms and letters. I posted here about a berry covered letter hang and knew that I'd like to try and recreate the same effect- but this time with the Spanish moss. I mean, how difficult could it be, right? 

Difficult it was not. Messy? Indeed. Oh, the mess. Just be prepared. 

Here's What You'll Need For The DIY Loose Moss Wreath:

1 Styrofoam Floral Wreath Form (I used the smallest size available: 6 inches)
1 large bag of loose Premium Grade Spanish Moss 
1 Hot Glue Gun
10-15 Hot Glue Sticks
Ribbon of your choice used when hanging wreath

Here's What You'll Do:

1. Start with wreath form laying flat on a hard, flat surface. Begin grabbing handfuls of moss and breaking them into large handfuls by either tearing the moss or cutting with scissors. (I tore the moss which was the more difficult of the two options, but patience was never my strong suit). 

2. Roll the handfuls of moss between your hands to "elongate" the moss into a mold-able strip that you'll be able to apply to the inner circle of the wreath. 

3. With no rhyme or reason, apply hot glue to the inner circle of your wreath. Press your elongated moss handfuls onto the hot glue, holding for a few seconds to make sure the glue has set. It will probably take you three to four handfuls of moss to cover the inner circle. 

4. Follow suit along the top of your wreath, the side facing up towards you when laying on a flat surface. I hot glued my glue lines all willy-nilly before pressing my moss down. Don't forget, you'll be able to go back at the end of the project and fill in any gaps or holes you may notice. 

5. Once the top of your wreath is covered, begin applying hot glue, followed by moss to the outer ring of the wreath- This is done so as to hide the sides of the wreath that you'll be able to see once it is hung on the wall. 

6. Once complete, stand back and admire your handiwork, filling in any small gaps you may notice with hot glue and moss. Now you're ready to hang! Simply cut your ribbon to the desired length, loop through the inner circle of your wreath tie a knot and voila! You'll notice my wreath hangs in an open frame in the entryway foyer of our home. Add an additional bow embellishment if desired! 

Here's What You'll Need For The DIY Moss Covered Letter Hang

1 Wood Letter (I found mine, unfinished, at Joann Fabrics. It's the same wood letter used in the DIY Berry Letter Monogram tutorial noted in the beginning of my post). 
1 Bag of Premium Grade Spanish Moss (you'll have more than enough to go around if you decide to do both of these projects)
1 Hot Glue Gun
10 Hot Glue Sticks
Ribbon to Hang

Here's What You'll Do

1. Start by tearing your moss into chunks and rolling it between your hands to "elongate" it. Occasionally, if it's a bit "wild" you can use a single strand or two to wind around your handful to "tame" it a bit. 

2. Begin willy-nilly applying hot glue to your letter in three to four inch sections. Press your moss down onto the glue and hold firmly to let it set. 

3. Continue the hot glue-then-press-down-moss pattern until you've covered your entire letter. Be sure to check for gaps along the top and sides of your letter and fill in as needed. 

4. Cut your ribbon to the desired length and hot glue the ends to the back of your letter for hanging. Ta-daaaaa! Be sure to add a bow for extra embellishment!

Happy Wreathing, Loyals! 

Be sure to stop back and let me know 
if you decide to add a touch of mossy, Springy prettiness 
to your decor this season! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Pregnant, Stop Hitting On Me You Weirdo!

There was an instance, while I was pregnant with Carter, that The Husband and I will occasionally bring up. It's usually brought on by a compliment bestowed upon me by The Husband that goes a little something like this, "You look hot today. {Pause}. Yep, that's right. I knocked you up." 

Crass, yes, but he does only speak the truth. About the knocking up part, at least. How The Husband finds my routine visage of mom-hair and yoga pants attractive, I'll never know but I will continue to thank god that he does. 

I'll coyly smile, swat his hands away from my grotesquely huge boobs and swollen midsection and ask him if he remembers "that time when that guy from my best friend's wedding wouldn't leave me alone?" To which he will reply, "Oh man. What a weirdo. He had such a thing for pregnant women." 

And I hadn't thought much about it until last week when I was standing in line at Toys R Us, waiting to purchase the bubble machine that would later grace Carter's Easter basket. It was in this line that I was drawn into conversation with the man standing behind me in line- a man who appeared to be a forty-something Dad of two young boys who were, at that moment, running amok. 

"You have quite the glow about you. If I had to guess, this would be your first?" 

Casually glancing around to check for other pregnant women in the aisle of which I quickly noted none, I realized the man was talking to me. 

"Oh, thanks! Actually, no. This is my second." 

"Wow. You look great. I don't remember my wife looking that good with number two!" 

I quickly scanned for a wedding band as I noticed he did not say "ex-wife." Wedding band in tact, I thanked him for his compliment and began loading the contents of C's Easter basket onto the belt, hoping to god that the woman in question didn't suddenly come running from a nearby aisle brandishing a wiffle ball bat, screaming obscenities at him.

The questions continued. 

"Yes, a boy!" 

"He'll be our second. His big brother is 20 months old." 

"I bet your husband is a proud man!" 

I could practically smell this man's testosterone raging.

"Yes, he is. We're both very excited. I can't wait for a house full of boys!"

"Well your husband and your son(s) are very, very lucky indeed." 

Talk about the most awkward seven minutes of my life

I couldn't help but wonder what that man found so attractive about me. As it was, I stood there in line before him, thirty pounds heavier than I was just 7 and a half months ago, swollen fingers, pre-pubescent teenage skin raging, wearing clothes fit for a sack of potatoes. 

And then it hit me and simultaneously made me want to throw up. He was attracted to my fertility. 

Vomit. Vomit. Vomit. 

Much like that groomsmen in my best friend's wedding just two short years ago during my pregnancy with Carter. When I tell you that this guy wouldn't leave me alone- I mean he was always standing within three feet of my person. 

In fact, he practically mowed down the bride and groom to grab a seat next to me on the trolley after the ceremony. Every where I turned, there he was. Asking about my pregnancy. Showering me with compliments, even as I stood beside my husband at the reception later that evening. 

We both thought "what balls he must have" and after two years, it finally clicked. Dude's got a thing for pregnant women and he's not alone apparently. 

My friend Katie recently shared this article with me on my Facebook wall and it's what prompted me to write this post. 

As skeeved out as I am, it all makes sense to me now and it's nice to know that I'm not alone. 

Although, I don't think I can say that I exude confidence while wearing My Pregnant Suit, I can understand just a bit more about a man's infatuation, albeit downright obsession in some cases, with the pregnant female form. 

I mean, after all, we grow humans. That's pretty damn hot in my book. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

6 Reasons Why Easter Weekend Rocked Our Socks Off...

6. Post Easter Mass, someone got to indulge in Chocolate For Breakfast which immediately resulted in Major Sugar Shock and hair a la Gary Busey.

5. It gave Mama an excuse to buy an undisclosed dollar amount of new jams from Hanna Andersson in size 110. For those of you not in the know, that's basically equivalent to the size a third grader would wear. Basically. 

4. See also: C was released from prison to enjoy Easter Weekend with his family. Damn his mother and her love of stripes. Enough is enough.

3. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Thankfully The Bunny received the tip-off that C is downright obsessed with bubbles and if Mama had to blow "bubb-bubbs" ONE.MORE.TIME it was certain she would gouge her eyes out with a marshmallow Peep.

2. It gave The M Family an excuse to get all dressed up for what would most likely be the first of 2 Annual Family Pictures taken this year. The next will likely be at M2's birth (but we won't all look nearly as dashing) and the official second picture won't be until Christmas. Don't we clean up nice? 29 Weeks pregnant, 20 Months Old and Turns Thirty Later This Year.

1. And lastly, it gave Mama an excuse to eat chocolate Easter candy off of her belly, in copious, copious amounts. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bridier Baubles Love :: A Fun Fashion Find And Promo Code!

Loyals, meet my newest obsession: Bridier Baubles. 
It's been described as "gorgeous and affordable accessories 
a la modern-day Bushies and Kennedys having lunch on Nantucket."

Bright bold colors mixed with clean lines, simple designs and the occasional sparkle. 

I mean, what more could you possible want?

It's no secret that any single one of these pieces 
would be the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe. 

Kerry is the beautiful mastermind behind the selling of these baubles and it's obvious that she hand selects only the best and hottest pieces to accompany any Spring or Summer soiree.  A fellow Villanova Wildcat and girl after my own heart, I truly believe Kerry's impeccable, classic yet chic style helps her to select pieces that any girl would love to add to her collection. 

One of my absolute favorites pieces in her current collection is The Gramercy Bangle. This bauble compliments just about every ensemble and adds just that small bit of "somethin' somethin'" to pull the entire look together. 

Looking to expand your Spring-time accessories?

... Here's what you need to know about Bridier Baubles ...

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I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I've received 
every time I've worn one of my Bridier Baubles out on the town! 

And what's sweeter? Shipping is ALWAYS free! 

In celebration of Easter Weekend, Kerry has graciously offered a 10% discount code to all readers and Loyals of ILYMTC! Thank you, Kerry! Just enter "AP" at checkout to receive your discount!

Be sure to come back and let me know what bauble you'll be adding to your collection! 

Happy Shopping, Loyals!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking For Cute And Affordable Kiddie Gifts? Look No Further!

Hey there, Loyals! Today I wanted to showcase two darling ILYMTC sponsors whose shops would be the perfect go-to's for upcoming kiddie parties- birthdays, showers, Easter... you name it, each of these ladies wares would be the perfect gift or addition to any gift you could give! 

Mom to four, yes FOUR, beautiful kids, Brittany finds herself creating some incredibly beautiful handmade wreaths, hair accessories and more! in her free time. And with a shop name referencing one of the greatest movies of all times, Forrest Gump, how could you not love her? 

Want a sneak peek into her shop? You bet! 

And how about the beautiful Suri {Cruise} headband she recently debuted? 

Be sure to connect with Brittany herehere and here!

Jennifer of jdavis squared is the brilliant and crafty lady behind some of the most adorable custom and personalized hand painted piggy banks, snack bowls, picture frames and canvases around. I cannot wait until The Husband and I agree on M2's name because he will most certainly be in need of a custom piggy bank! 

What's even sweeter? Her husband, Jon, is always eager to lend a helping hand. Be sure to follow Jennifer and her sweet shop and Facebook as well as Twitter andEtsy! You won't want to miss reading her personal blog either!

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