Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy ONE, Baby C!

turning one means you get to eat yogurt. 
with a spoon.
all by yourself.

Baby C! 

we love you more than carrots.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Letter To My 1 Year Old: Happy First Birthday, Carter

Dear Carter, 

Happy First Birthday, Carterito. Carterito. Do you know how you got that nickname? Your Daddy started referring to you as our Little Carterito just moments after you were born and handed over to us, wrapped up so tight you looked like a little burrito baby. 

How did we get here? How is it that we've already arrived at your first birthday? I can't believe it. For 365 days I've been by your side. In the beginning, it was a blur. You spared no expense breaking us in as new parents. We learned valuable lessons such as "never wake a sleeping baby," and "your father definitely can't survive on less than five hours of sleep at night." You taught us that sometimes the expensive bottles aren't always the best and to always carry not one but at least three changes of clothes. Who knew poop could make it's way so easily out of the neck hole of a onesie?

We never once questioned our ability as parents. In a way, you made it so simple for us. Fiercely independent from the beginning, you led us. We followed your cues and we quickly learned more about you and each other in those early weeks than we had learned in our three years of marriage. Where I am strong, sometimes your Daddy is weak. Where I am weak, he is strong. And with you, Carter? We've created a perfect balance. Sometimes I think that life can't get any better than this, but then it does. 

For every milestone you've reached, our hearts have exploded with pure joy and elation. To be able to witness your first words, your first steps and the look on your face as you discover something new has been immeasurably awesome. For every sickness, every bump and bruise, our hearts have broken. Being your Mama has taught me that the highs of parenting are incredibly high and also that the lows are heart-breakingly low. We can only wish for you, Carter, that these highs will outnumber the lows as you grow older. And as your parents, we'll continue to do everything in our power so that this is the case.

Even before you were born, Carter, your Daddy and I have wished the best for you. That you inherit the best of both of us and that the world gives you nothing but the best of everything that it has to offer. You've most certainly inherited your Daddy blue eyes. It's often the first thing that people notice about you. You've inherited my strong will although some may mistake this trait for stubbornness. Regardless, you know what you want and with intense determination and dedication, you go after it. You are fearless, inquisitive and compassionate. Your fearlessness has been both a blessing and a curse. I know that it will serve you well as you get older, but as for now? It's been difficult to teach you that you cannot fly, the stairs are not for playing and that running down slanted driveways will only result in scraped noses and bumped foreheads.

It has been difficult to learn that we can't always protect you. You're going to fall and scrape your knee, you're going to run too fast, eat too fast and you're going to learn that ultimately things are going to happen that are outside of our control. Hopefully these life lessons will strengthen your character, but always know that your Daddy and I will be right behind you ready to explain the Why's, the How's and the Why Not's. 

I never thought I would be that emotional Mom who cried on the eve of her baby's first birthday. But like I've always said, "you never know the kind of mom you're going to be until you're wearing your mom shoes, facing your first mom-stacle." These tears I'm crying are not sad, regretful tears by any means. They are tears born from the utmost happiness and thankfulness that I've been blessed with the chance, the opportunity and the calling to be a Mother. And not just anyone's Mother. Your Mother.

As husband and wife we thought we knew unconditional love but it wasn't until you were placed in our arms that we truly understood its limitless meaning. Carter, you have brought more love, more laughter and more emotion into our lives than we could have ever imagined. Thank you for making us a family and for making us more than husband and wife, but now Mommy and Daddy. And at this point? Seasoned Mommy and Daddy! 

Thank you for reminding us to take it slower, to love more, laugh more and learn more. We hope we can continue to teach you these important life lessons as you grow older. 

What a wild ride this year has been, sweet boy. You are such a blessing. We hope that not a day goes by that you are not reminded of this and of just how much your Daddy and I love you. 

Happy First Birthday, "Baby C!" We love you more than carrots. 
Love always and then some and then some more,

Mama and Daddy 

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wait, Mindy Weiss on ILYMTC? Even Better, it's Jennifer Green!

Happy Thursday, Loyals! I've saved a little something special for this week's final guest poster. Today you'll hear from the beautiful Jennifer from Growing With the Greens! Thannks so much, J, for rounding out this week's little foray in guest posts! 

First, a huge thanks to AP for letting me guest post on her blog. I'm a fairly recent reader but I've fallen in love with her blog and her witty posts. I thought in keeping true to the birthday theme I'd talk about a special first birthday that took place a few months ago and the craziness that led up to it... 

I'm not a event planner by profession, actually my degree is in elementary education. Therefore, I'm not sure what force prompted this Mindy Weiss persona. Certainly I'm no Mindy Weiss but perhaps I thought I was, just a little. I was seriously in full fledged party planning mode for months leading up to the big day. Every Target trip became just a little more thrilling as I would scour the aisles looking for the perfect color coordinating party accessories.  I tediously searched the interwebs for ideas and the best prices on bulk candy. And we want even talk about my frequent visits to Hobby Lobby. 

The crazy part? It didn't seem crazy at all. I mean doesn't everyone stay up until 3:00 o'clock in the morning making cupcake toppers? Don't we all fill our yards with enormous lollipops? Or spend hours mastering the tissue paper pom?  I remember right  before the party started I looked around and it hit me, I thought perhaps I had gone overboard for this birthday party. Had I? 

The next few hours were a blur of messy cake smashing, children playing and present opening. We were celebrating. And when I think back on the planning and all the craziness that went into that party, I don't regret it at all. Not even a little bit. Instead I'm glad we had such a big party, I'm glad I stressed about making it perfect and I'm glad we celebrated our girl in such a big way. 

Why? Because what a huge thing we had to celebrate wrapped up in such a petite little package we like to call Braylen. Along with her, we were also celebrating everything that first year brought us. From a scary hospital stay to watching in amazement as she rolled over. From messy first bites to first words that melted our hearts. It was a first year full of life changing moments. It was a first year full of joy and we wouldn't have celebrated any other way. 

Oh, and you better believe I'm already brainstorming ideas for party numero dos. Just call me Mindy. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's Guest Post: Remember, It's All Worth Celebrating

This guest-posting hosting shtick is pretty sweet! I love having a mash-up of some of my favorite bloggers showcased here on ILYMTC. I'll admit, the wheels are a'turning and I may start featuring a favorite or two every so often. Today's post comes to you today all thanks to the wonderful and fabulous S from Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life. 

Hi, I'm SEL from Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life. If you're interested in a humorous look at teaching, Mommyhood and domesticity, hop over to my blog!

When I was younger, I got inspired to start (and keep for several years) a gratitude journal. Oprah gave me the idea and, let's be honest, Oprah has some pretty fabulous ideas.

So, I started my list every evening, writing at least five things I was grateful for.  For example, dated August 23, 1999, I have written down the following in my journal:

Today I am grateful for:
 1.) it being my birthday
 2.) that people were kind enough to call me to say happy birthday
 3.) that my parents were thoughtful enough to take me out on my birthday
 4.) that I'm able to see another birthday

So, apparently it ALL revolved around me right before I started my twenties. And, I'm okay with that. I was still grateful and that's what matters.

However, the "things" that I'm grateful for in life have changed in the past 12 years. From being grateful that I have "friends" to now being grateful that my husband is my best friend, things change.

And alas, as things that I am grateful for change, so too do the things I celebrate.

For example, I used to celebrate the fact that I was given permission by the parentals to stay out past my oh-so-risky curfew of 11 pm. Now? I would love to be in bed by 11. Or even 10. But gosh 9 pm sounds even better.

But I digress.

I've compiled my top ten list of things I celebrate. Perhaps you have some similar ones, or could even start celebrating these things too.

1.) sleeping in. I have a 10 mo old. I don't sleep in enough. 'Nuff said.
2.) being bilingual. My husband is Bolivian, thus, he speaks Spanish. Now I can nag him to get things done in English AND Spanish. This to me, friends, is winning.
3.) all green lights en route to your destination. Albeit this has only happened to me once in my entire life and naturally, I was already running early.  BUT, it did happen, and I sort of felt like I won the lottery. A small lottery, but a lottery nonetheless.
4.) manners. I was raised to be polite and courteous. Cheers for not insulting your host and making them want to kick you out. Double cheers if you were ever invited back a second, third, and so on, time!
5.) success. Whether it's from completing a project on time, staying on track at the gym, or seeing your frenemy from HS that is at least 50 lbs heavier than you now, go celebrate your success. Skinny Girl Margaritas, anyone?
6.) happiness. In this day and age, any person can find any thing to complain about. Those that aren't complaining a lot are, in my opinion, the ones that have found happiness. Maybe it's in their job, marriage, parenting role, etc. But they've found "it".  That definitely needs to be celebrated!
7.) blogger, twitter, facebook, pinterest. I celebrate these websites because without them, my sleep would be longer, heart less full, stalking less capable, and bank account bigger.
8.) cute and squishy babies. They spit up on you. Throw up on you. Pee, poo and spit up some more on you. They don't want you to sleep and Lord knows as soon as you lay your head down, their internal "Wake up, Wake up, Mommy's trying to rest!!" alarm goes off and they promptly wake up to let you know that you will not, in fact, rest when you want to. So why celebrate them? Cause they're cute. And cuddly. And they make your heart melt when they look into your eyeballs. Plus, being squishy never hurts.
9.) you. You're an individual. You've reached goals in life. You've made people smile. You've reached this point in your life. Why NOT celebrate yourself?
10.) opportunities. To dream, achieve, reach, be, for the chance to be something.

So, what small moments or are you celebrating? 
Remember, it's all worth celebrating. XO!

SEL, girlfriend, thanks so much for offering to help a sistah out. I cannot thank you enough for guesting on such short notice! As always, you rock

Happy Wednesday, Loyals! 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drinking On the Skinnies: Brought To You By Mrs. Monologues

I'm pretty sure I have some of the best Loyals out there. Thanks so much for all the lovin' that you showed Mama PattyAnn on yesterday's guest post. I knew I could count on you all!

Next up? Mrs. Monologues. If you're not drinking from the same Kool-Aid as the Mrs., you are seriously missing out. She used to be one of those fluffy bloggers. You know the kind I'm talking about. But then she went through a bit of a midlife blog crisis and let's just say, thank god for that. She's back and better than ever in a wine-induced haze. I love me some Mrs. Monologues and you should, too. If for no other reason than she is totally awesome and is sharing the most delish drink recipe. Why is it to awesome? Because it includes the word Skinny. And, well, it's full of alcohol. You're welcome, Loyals.

Hey y'all, Mrs. Monologues here taking over AP's blog for the day. Apparently she took a sip of the crazy juice because she is letting me take over her blog for the day. If you didn't know, Ashley is my virtual drinking partner in crime and is also my favorite mommy blogger out there (fact, she is awesome like woah - but obvi, you know this since you follow her blog). Because we both love a good drink and it is party week at Casa de Carrots, a drink recipe seemed like the right fit.

While I love a good cocktail, most of my drinking calories each week are dedicated to wine (duh), so anything outside of that needs to be on the skinnies. This is where Mr. (my better half, a.k.a. accountant king, a.k.a mr. drink masta') has come to the rescue to create the perfect skinny lemondrop. 

The Skinny Lemondrop

Ingredients: 2 1/2 oz. - Citrus Vodka (we use Skyy)
2 1/2 oz - Lemon juice
1 heaping teaspoon - Sweet and Low

Put in shaker, add ice, shake and serve. Repeat.

So there you have it, a delicious drink that won't go at battle with your thighs later on. 
Ashley -- I'm drinking tons of these in your and baby C's honor this week!

Do you have a skinny cocktail recipe?

Mrs. Monologues

Mayjah thanks to The Mrs. for a little on-the-spot guest posting for me. Like I said earlier, if you're not drinking from the same Kool-Aid, er Skinny Lemondrops, as Mrs. Monologues, you are sincerely missing out! 

Happy Tuesday, Loyals! 

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week O' Guest Posts Kick-Off: The Mommy Secret

If you happened to catch my last post, birthdays are a big deal around here. Especially First Birthdays. Carter's Carnival Birthday was a smashing success, literally! Everything came together even better than I could have ever imagined. I cannot wait to share the pictures with you. As promised, however, I'll be taking this week off from blogging. I'm getting 100 kinds of emotional about C turning one (in a great way, of course!) and want to soak up every single minute with the birthday boy before his actual Day Of Birth, Saturday July 30th. Of course there will be a mushy, gushy letter to him posted here on Friday. In the meantime I've lined up a handful of fabulous ladies to guest post for me! 

First up is PattyAnn from The Pittman Show. Mommy to a beautiful baby girl and all around fabulous lady. She's hilarious, has a tattoo and often curses in her blog posts. I mean, match made in Blogger heaven, no? She's most definitely a part of the #CMTC and I hope you enjoy reading a pretty awesome post about The Mommy Secret. 

I want to start off by wishing C a Happy Birthweek! After reading about all the fabulous party planning that AP has been up to, I just couldn't help getting the first birthday crazies. I mean, we're only three months away over here!

One year is kind of a big deal. The first year of life, the first year you were a family, the first year when things don't always happen the way you expect them to happen and you take a step back as every cliche saying about parenthood -the ones every single person within a three mile radius is so eager to tell you when you're pregnant- flashes through your mind and you and say "Oh. I get it."

Prior to October 26, 2010 I was convinced that if anybody was fit for the job of motherhood, it was me. I've worked with kids for most of adult life and absolutely loved it. I studied early childhood development in college. I dealt with kids with special needs, and those with behavioral problems so bad that I am now a firm believer in spanking. Parents loved me and so did the children. I felt like the kid whisperer. Fast forward to me getting pregnant and I knew I could not be more ready to be a parent. When my baby girl was born via c-section, I was relieved that she was healthy and here. The first days were as expected; happy, exhausting, and that newness feeling lingered, which was probably evident through every move as we tried to navigate through the week.

At the time my Lily was born, there seemed to have been a boom of babies among many people that I knew. I'd click through blogs and read countless "new baby" posts, scroll through my Facebook feed with glowing mama's posing with their fresh from the womb offspring, everybody saying how blessed they felt, how lucky they were.

I didn't get it.

Not only did I not get it, but I wasn't exactly rushing to my computer to tell the world about it. Who are these people who say these things and look like they have actually gotten sleep?!? Was I missing something? It was as if everyone except for me was in on some secret- the secret to the deliriously-fresh-glowy-happy feeling that they had immediately after giving birth. It wasn't that I was not happy. I was. And, in my heart, I knew I was incredibly blessed and lucky. But...I had to remind myself of that. Every day.

The months following Lily's birth were difficult. I wasn't good at it, like I thought I would be. I cried. A lot. I thought that once the first couple of weeks had passed, things would get easier, I would get better and they just didn't. It was an awful feeling knowing that I didn't feel like those other mom's...happy and blissful. I felt like a bad mommy. I remember her waking up, five thousand times during the night and thinking WHAT DOES SHE WANT?!? I know I wasn't depressed. I know people who have suffered through postpartum depression, and my emotions didn't compare. But it probably would have been a good idea to see a doctor.

I finally told a friend everything I had been feeling ("and I suck and I'm stupid and she cries and I don't know why! and then I cry and this sucks and I hate my boobs and I don't even make enough milk and I'm tired and I'm so ugly and this sucks!) that she let me in on the secret. Patty, she says to me, EVERYBODY FEELS THAT WAY... it's just that nobody wants to say it because it sounds really bad. That made much more sense to me. And it was so simple. I don't know why I didn't think about that. I realized I'd been emotionally screwing myself for months, driving myself crazy, literally. I had an expectation of feeling overwhelmingly happy that all those little things that "they" warn you about would not even matter. New parents hear time and again how fast the first few months fly by. "Treasure it" they say, "because it'll flash by before you know it." I'm a thousand percent convinced that those people have mentally blocked that particular period from their memory. Because it is a s#!t show.

After this, my perception changed. Or rather, I changed it. It is hard. At times, things did suck. Rather than crying in frustration with every single middle of the night cryfest, I thanked God that she was crying. I thanked God that she was waking me up eleven hundred times during the night. Because there are people who would give anything to hear the sound of a crying baby in their house.
From then on I, as I always tend to do, found the humor in it all. When people asked how things were going, I was honest. "Stressful! She keeps me up all night, this party animal! I guess I'll just sleep when I'm dead, huh?" And the more honest I was, the more I found that people actually agreed with me. It was, as it turns out, the big secret that everybody happened to be in on. I do believe so many people have great experiences with their new baby. I even believe that parenting comes quite easily to some, too. I don't think that every single parent goes through what I went through. But, for the sake of someone's sanity I will continue to be brutally honest about my first few months of parenthood. And I always do it with a lot of laughs.

Be sure to head on over to The Pittman Show and show her some Monday lovin'! 
Happy Monday, Loyals!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's That Time...

Baby C's Party Day is tomorrow. 

As you may have seen me say on Twitter, it's usually during this hour of party prepping that I stop and think to myself, "What the f&%$ were you thinking?!" But then I read an email sent to me by one of my favorite Loyals. 

I know Carter isn't going to remember this day and I know that the only evidence we'll have of this party on Sunday will be the pictures taken by family and friends. It's so easy to get caught up in the "bigger is better" mantra, especially when it comes to party planning. I laugh, but it's true when I say that I blame Pinterest and Blogland for putting all of these crazy ideas in my head. And I would be a huge liar if I said that with each and every step along the way, I didn't think to myself, "I hope this photographs well.. for the blog!" 

I'm going to be a bit absent around here over the next week. I'll be unplugging from the Crazy Internets to really soak up the days between Carter's Party Day and his real Birthday, July 30th. 

I want to savor these days with Husband and C as it's getting harder and harder for us to recall our first few days with him when we brought him home as a fresh, squishy baby. 

I never thought I would be that Mom who became all emotional over her baby turning one. And as many of you know, I never thought I'd be the kind of Mom that I am today- but you all know why that is. 

Of course there will be a letter to C posted here on Friday, the day before his birthday. And there will be birthday recaps and probably enough pictures to choke an elephant. But those will have to wait. Forgive me?

In the meantime, I promise I won't leave you empty handed. There will be plenty to read around here next week, as I have some pretty darn fabulous bloggers lined up to guest post for me. 

Seriously? These girls rock. I gave them, ahem, no notice. And they jumped at the chance to help a sista out. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading them as much as I do! 

Happy Friday, Loyals.. And Happy Almost-Party-Day, Baby C!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Floor Corn.

It's very unlike me to post in the middle of the day. Much of the time I'm writing ahead of schedule, due in part to my Type-A tendencies hidden down deep inside. Since becoming a Mom, those Type-A tendencies have changed a bit, shifting focus from a once perfectly clean house and organized life to more along the lines of "you're-holding-my-child-wrong-now-put-him-down-let-me-do-it and don't-you-dare-kiss-him-on-the-mouth." That's my mouth.

Wow, can you say tangent?

Often times I feel like inspiration for a blog post will come to me in the middle of the day and before I can drop whatever it is that I'm currently doing, the inspiration is gone. Poof, just like that. So now? I'm trying to write more as I go. 

Today's topic? Floor corn. Yes, you read that correctly. Do you have any idea what floor corn is? No? Don't fret. You'll wonder no more. 

Floor corn is that tiny little nibblet of corn that escaped the jaws of the Post Lunch Clean-Up Effort. If you look closely for it, you'll note that it's usually hiding in a corner somewhere covered in a thin layer of dust and Sheepie hair. It may even be a bit shriveled by the time it's uncovered. 

Do you know who likes to eat Floor Corn? If you guess Sheepie you are wrong. 

Why is it that this Floor Corn is so damn appealing? And believe me, Carter is not hard up for food. The child spends approximately 95% of his waking hours eating. But there's just something so delectable about this Floor Corn that it's almost irresistible once found.

So, Loyals. Have you ever had any experience with Floor Corn? You may be more familiar with it's distant cousin, Floor Rice or perhaps its distant Uncle, Floor Strawberries. 

Happy Thursday Loyals! 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Almost One-Year-Old.

It goes without saying that these photos, taken all too recently, have rendered me speechless. I'm sure it has more to do with the sole fact that my baby, 'Baby C,' is just a mere ten days away from his First Birthday and less to do with those piercing blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, although neither of those beautiful things help to bring words to my mouth any quicker. 

A whole year old. In just ten short days. 

Forget birthday planning.

I'm off to try and wrestle my beautiful baby boy into snuggling with his sentimental Mama for just a few extra minutes on the couch. 

Happy Wednesday, Loyals! 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank God First Birthday Parties Only Happen Once.

There's a reason for this. Why, you ask? Well because there are Crazy Mommies out there, much like myself, who insist on spending hours making eight "Pain In The Ass Tissue Poms" and returning 3 orders of gumballs because each gumball wasn't the correct size to fit inside the wooden circus carts that will flank the dessert table. 

Hours of one's life spent folding, poofing and tissue-ing. Hours of one's life that they may never get back. Returning order after order of gumballs that no one is going to eat mind you, but are merely for decoration. 

And I don't even want to talk about having to hand cut the damn cupcake topper circles by hand because buying the correct paper punch was an entire fiasco in itself. 

Damn you Marth Stewart and your crafty ways. Damn you Etsy and your easy access to only a million and two carnival and circus themed thingamabobs.

And damn you Pinterest, for constantly filling my head with new ideas by the minute. 

Banners and buntings and toppers, Oh My! Has anyone seen my sanity?

Happy Tuesday, Loyals. Thanks SO much for all of the photog and business love on my previous post. I can't even begin to tell you how much you've inflated my tiny little photog head. I could kiss each and every one of you on the mouth.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Because Everyone Wants To Be A Photographer.

Promise not to laugh? Good. After a beautiful newborn session with my bestie's sweeter-than-sweet baby girl over the weekend, I've finally found the cajones to share my love for photography and squishy newborns with well, everyone in Maryland/Virginia area

Meet my newest baby little joys. photography.

You know, since I'm up to my eye balls in First Birthday Planning, I haven't quite gotten around to the logo-making and blog-setting-up. And by logo-making, I mean.. finding someone willing to deal with my Crazy and make me a logo. And a blog header. And all that jazz. 

You see, I love photography. I love capturing those fleeting moments that you may never experience again, or yet, those moments you can't wait to experience again. And having had a teensy-tiny baby of my own {who is just about to turn ONE!!!!} and watching first-hand how quickly they grow, I love having a behind-the-lens front-row-seat to the show, if you will. 

Capturing newborns, babies and children in their element, their sweet, innocent, wonderland.. just makes my heart swell. 

Sure, my little "hobby" is still in its infancy. Do I have plans to become Baltimore's leading Natural Light Children's photographer? Heck no. But do I want to be able to offer my services to family, friends and friends of friends and their friends? HECK YES. 

So? Indulge me, if you will. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. And? While you're at it? Click that picture and sneak a speak at the rest of Hailey Madison's Newbie Sesh! 

Happy Monday, Loyals!  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 11 Months, C-Baby.. With Basically 11 3/4 Month Pictures.

Carterito, these last few weeks have been whirlwind of both excitement and nerves. One thing remains constant however and that is your bright and shiny little personality. Hands down you are a spunky little firecracker and just the absolute biggest joy of our lives!

So many things have happened over these last few weeks. Just days before your 11 month birthday, you came down with your first bought of real Sickies. With a fever of 101.1, nose like a faucet and cheeks chapped so raw, the pedi diagnosed you with a double ear infection, double eye infection and a sore throat. For barely having been sick a day in your short life, C-man, you really did it up this time! You were sick for 8 very long days but you didn't let it get you down! Of course you were up for some extra Mama-snugs here and there, but you still managed to tear through the house at lightening speed. Mama learned you are not, I repeat, you are not a fan of eye drops. 

Because Mama dropped the ball this month, she's writing your updates just sixteen days shy of your 12 month birthday. And? The Sickies are back. This time with an ear infection and strep throat. You proved to be no match for Super Antibiotic Omnicef but once we switched you over to Azithromycin, you are showing much improvement. As per usual though, you haven't missed a beat. 

Except at 4am. This seems to be a new wake up time for you since The Sickies reared their ugly head. At least 3-4x per week you're up at this ungodly hour and you pretty much just want to hang out for an hour or two before falling back asleep in Mama and Dada's bed. Mama will thank you later for the wrinkles, grey hair and bags under her eyes. 

You were baptized this month in a beautiful ceremony and celebrated like the little Catholic rock star that you are with a fabulous party back at the house. Some of your New Jersey Greats drove all the way from up north to share in this special occasion with you. You are such a blessed little boy, Carterito. 

Onto the really good stuff! You took your second trip to the Beach Shack and loved everything about it. You loved crawling along the sand, rubbing your hands through it and yes, even eating it. You even loved standing in the tide. As the waves would crash around your ankles, you would shriek and squeal in delight. You are an even bigger fan of the kiddie splash pad at the Pool Club. We even caught you drinking from the fountain sprinklers like a little puppy dog. 

You are absolutely fearless, my child. This is both a blessing and a curse. 

You eat anything and everything. You are eating 100% table foods and some of your favorites this month include: Greek yogurt, limes, chicken cheese steaks, pasta, meatballs, cannoli filling and strawberries. 

When asked, you can point to "milkies (bottles)," "sheeshee," "light," "fan," "mama," "dada" and "belly." You can wave Bye-Bye and 50% of the time will say "Bahbahabah" while doing so.

You say the following words on a fairly consistent basis: "Mama," "Dada," "Ish (Sheepie)," "Bye-Bye," "Hi," and "Nigh-Nigh."

Around 10.5 months, you started taking 2-3 unassisted steps throughout the house. Your Daddy and I immediately labeled you "The Drunk." Two days before your 11 month birthday, you started walking. And you've been full speed ahead every since. You took your first steps down the hallway in the kitchen. Mama cried big, fat, happy tears. 

You LOVE to sing and clap to music. You love shaking your little body, bending your knees and doing this ridiculously cute shake with your arms. You kind of look like you're conducting an orchestra. Hopefully you refine some of these moves by the time junior high school hits. Junior High School Girls are not kind to boys who don't know how to dance. 

You're wearing 18 month one-pieces, a mix of 18 month and 2T tops, 12 month bottoms and size 5 shoe. Speaking of shoes, Gammie bought you your very first pair of KEENS this month! Perfect for walking and stylish, too! You love having your shoes put on and you know that whenever Mama breaks them out it usually means you're going to play outside. Your eyes light up as big as saucers and as soon as they're on those big feet of yours, you book it for the sliding glass door to the deck. Like I said, you don't miss a beat

Stubborn and impatient like your Mama, you've started throwing mini-tantrums this month. The minute we redirect you or tell you a simple "No!" the feet start stomping and you drop to the ground on your butt and holler like we just told you Santa wasn't real. I mean, seriously Carter. You just can't nosedive off of the kitchen stoop and you can't play in the dog's water bowl! I promise, it's for your own good. 

Happy 11 Months, our little Carterito. It's been quite the month for you and quite the month for us as parents. Our hearts broke when we couldn't console you during The Sickies, but our hearts nearly burst to see how proud you were of yourself when you took those first steps. It just goes to show how much of a ride this whole parenting thing is. You are our number one, C-man. We love you more than you will ever know and as we careen towards your First Birthday... Could you just slow down a bit? 

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A First Birthday Sneak...

If you don't hear much from this Mama for a while it's because I'm up to my eyeballs in birthday planning... And Chardonnay. And Dunk Tank rentals. You can bet The Husband was behind that one.

Enjoy the sneak... Don't forget you can double-click!

Happy Thursday, Loyals!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Excuse To Post Cute Edited Pictures Of My Child.

Because let's face it. That's really what Wee One Wednesday is all about, right?

Here's C modeling his SheSheMade Jon-Jon for the Fourth Of July.

Maybe he's telling us something?
Like, don't forget to stop and smell the... flowers?

Happy Wednesday, Loyals!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Link Up Your Ink at ILYMTC

If you were to pass by me on the street, you would think without a shadow of a doubt, "I bet she's not a 'tattoo-kind-of-girl.'" And it's true. I guess you could say that my outward appearance doesn't necessarily scream "Ink Me!" However, I guess what I need to ask then is, "What do "tattoo-kind-of-people" look like?" Because I'm pretty sure I look like one now

Can I let you in on a little secret? After watching these two girls perform on American Idol over the last few years, I've always dreamt of rocking a half-sleeve of my own. Seriously.

You can read here all about my brand new and very first tattoo. It's has a ridiculously special, tear-inducing meaning behind it and I have a sinking feeling it certainly won't be my last. Here's what I didn't write about...

The night before my appointment, I drove to the studio with my Dad and baby. Yes, you read that correctly. The studio asked that I drop off a small deposit as well as the art I was planning on getting. Easy enough. As soon as I opened the door to the dimly lit storefront, I definitely thought to myself, "oh hell, what am I doing?"

"Rawr, Rawr, kill your mother, Screaming, Screaming, Wipe her blood all over the floor" music, or so my Dad likes to call it, was blaring through the speakers hanging haphazardly from the ceiling. Surrounded by ultraviolet lights, black walls and people wearing only black and some variation of black, I'm fairly certain I stood out like a sore thumb in my JCrew paisley print top and pink shorts. 

And you know, toting my Dad and child in tow didn't scream, "Tattoo Virgin" either.

Five minutes later we were back in the car and on our way home. My appointment was confirmed for 12pm the following day and you damn well know I went to bed feeling like a little kid on Christmas Eve. 

Waking up that morning it was all I could think about. I literally counted down the hours until it was time to leave at 11:30. The Husband quickly volunteered to stay behind with C and so off I went with my Dad and brother for moral support. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't this-close-to-vomiting nauseous. But I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't ridiculously excited. Before leaving the house, my mother insisted I bring with me and towel and an ice pack. You know, just in case. Thanks, Mom.

I never stopped talking. From the moment I sat down with Dan, the artist, I nervous-talked my way through the entire process. The shaving of my wrist, the sanitizing, the stenciling. Even the application of "numbing cream." I use quotes there because let's just say there was nothing numbing about the cream. 

Dan reassured me it was as if he was "just writing with a pencil," and that he would "start with the first line" so that I could get an idea of how it would feel. He promised the whole thing would be over in less than 15 minutes. He also reminded me not to hold my breath, keep breathing and request a break if necessary.

Okay, I was in for a five-letter tattoo. I'm not that much of a sissy. There would be no break-taking.

I can still hear the warm buzz of the needle. If I think hard enough I can still feel it as it wrote along my wrist. It kind of felt like 1,000 tiny little bee stings. It was more annoying than anything else. A feeling you wish you could just stop. 

Yes, it was painful. The most painful parts occurred when Dan would tattoo over the tendons in my wrist. I could feel a little "crunch" and a tingle would stretch it's way from my elbow back down to my wrist. 

My Dad cracked jokes and my brother stood by with the camera. At nineteen years old, he already has a drawing mocked up for his first tattoo. When all was said and done, he asked for a quote. I'll admit, it's a pretty sweet tattoo...

As promised, I was all done in less than fifteen minutes. From the moment I saw it, I was hooked. It was as perfect as I had imagined. I snapped a few more pictures before Dan smeared it with antibiotic ointment and covered it with a bad-ass black bandage. 

He rattled off a list of Care Instructions but I was barely listening. I couldn't wait to get home and show everyone. On the way back we stopped for Dial Soap and Aquaphor. The Dial Soap reminded me of when I had my belly button pierced back in college and the Aquaphor, well, reminded me of C's tushie. 

I've ruined two pairs of JCrew chino shorts with that damn Aquaphor. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about- I've had to smear that greasy, thick ointment on my ink for the last week. Thankfully, I've now graduated to smearing on simple body lotion. Much less detrimental to clothes. 

Well, Loyals. There you have it! Now, share your ink and the story behind it! We'd love to see pictures! Happy Monday!  

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