Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People Never Cease to Amaze {Disappoint?} Me.

So there I am. Pushing a jogging stroller up over a sand dune in 90* weather. Inside that jogging stroller fusses an adorably handsome 25lb. baby. Beneath the stroller, in the ever-so-inconvenient storage netting, sits two rolled up beach towels, two bottles of water and haphazardly stuffed plastic beach toys. Slung over my shoulder is an oversized kid tent. 

Before I continue, let me interject that no, I do not recommend anyone try this at home. Unless you would like to spontaneously combust secondary to severe heat stroke. 

Back to the story at hand. Did I mention that it's a Monday? Do you know what that means for the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland? No lifeguards on duty.

So there I am. Sweating bullets, muttering strings of inappropriate four-letter words under my breath. Stopping every two feet to readjust a wheel, push the stroller, pull the stroller and say a kind word or two  to the fussing 25lb. baby inside. Who, by the way, is getting an absolute kick out of watching his Mother sweat like John Candy or Chris Farley after an LSD binge on a Saturday Night Live skit.

Finally, I've arrived at a prime beach spot. The sand is soft, but not too soft. There aren't any rocks, sticks, shells or hypodermic needles within reach (Oh, wait. That's just the Jersey Shore) and we're close enough to the water to catch that amazing salty sea breeze that comes and goes with each break of the tide. 

I set up camp, juggling my child as he tries to eat handfuls of sand, while also attempting to rig up the kid-tent that is most certainly a "daddy-job." After 15 minutes of more sweating and more inappropriate muttering, I have successfully and singlehandedly set up shop. 

Did you catch that? I said singlehandedly. As in, no one helped. As in, no one offered to help. As in, that group there? Of 8 older women and 3 older men? Sipping on wine and Bud Lights? Didn't offer to help. Yes, that group. The one that was sitting no less than 20 feet away.

But they did stare. And one woman went so far as to yell out to me, "you should really have that baby in a hat." Which, by the way, was inside the tent. The tent that I singlehandedly huffed and puffed my way through setting up. 

I would have liked to say that if offered the help, I would have politely declined. But in this case? I would have gladly offered up a beach towel or two or even the kid tent just so that I could lighten the load. 

And they stared two hours later, watching me as I huffed and puffed my way through packing up. Dismantling the tent, folding the towels, cleaning up the beach toys. All while my child attempted to ingest half the beach. 

And they stared some more as I painfully tried to push and pull and tug the stroller back over the sand dunes. 

People never cease to amaze me. Or rather, they never cease to disappoint me. 

I can't tell you how frustrated I was about the whole situation. So much so, that I even contemplated walking back onto the beach and giving them a piece of my mind. But that would involve lugging that godforsaken stroller back up over the dunes. 

And it just wasn't worth the extra sweat. Or losing my shit. 

Happy Tuesday, Loyals! For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, we're still at the beach. Although The Husband had to leave yesterday morning to return to The Rat Race of Daily Life, Sheepie, C and I stayed behind to soak up a bit more sun. The Coronas were just too cold to pass up. 

And to make up for a post full of bitching, here's a picture or two to tide you over until tomorrow's Wee One Wednesday! 

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  1. ASSHATS!!!!!! Seriously? Who does this? Oh I know, the same ones that don't open the door when your trying to push a stroller with one hand & open the door with the rest of your body (happened more than once this weekend).

  2. New follower- love the blog!
    I have noticed this a lot lately. I will be trying to get my stroller into someplace (doesn;t matter where) and someone will not even hold the door open for me. In fact, someone actually was leaving this little store the other day and let the door SHUT on me as I was trying to maneuver into the store with stroller, purse, 6month old and crap falling out the bottom basket.

    Anyway, I have yet to head to the beach alone. But I would have been "losing my shit" too if I were you. :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your time in the sun. I am not sure how much sun I'm gonna get this summer. Our beach trip isnt scheduled till mid Sept. And my pale lil girl and hubs arent too keen on sun soaking with me!

  3. You didn't say anything to them?! I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut. Especially after the baby in a hat comment. And they definitely would have gotten a death stare.

  4. I GASPED OUT LOUD at the part where the hag yelled at you that C should be wearing a hat...while he was in the tent. WHAT is WITH people? And why are moms such an "acceptable" easy target?

    Eff them and enjoy your last bit of time at the beach!

    And? Did you get a pic of C eating sand? Because one of my FAVE shots of my neph when he was about 18 months old is of him shoving a fistful of Boston beach sand in his mouth :)

  5. That is one thing I am always shocked about--people don't offer help. Almost at all. Ever. EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE I get someone who helps me when it looks like I'm about to DIE. But other than that? not often. Sorry that was so frustrating for you.

  6. Some people are just beyond rude, and I don't think I would of been able to keep my mouth shut when that lady yelled at you about the hat. I mean, seriously, is she the baby hat police? Sheesh. That does sound frustrating! But, I'm glad you are enjoying the sun! :)

  7. I can't believe they had to nerve to tell you to put your kid in a hat after they watched you do all that! Some people just suck at life!

  8. The hag was jealous of your gorgeous baby and rockin' fedora. She'll get hers.

    Enjoy the rest of your fun and sun!

    And the Candy/Farley reference cracked me up!

  9. You're better than me. As soon as that biotch yelled out, it would've been ON. I've been known to call out the men that don't hold the door when I'm trying to maneuver both kids alone. Jerks.

  10. Along with that, since child, I have noticed very few people will hold doors for you when lugging a stroller in and out of stores.
    Super rude.

    Enjoy your time and good for you for not going back to give them a piece of your mind. I'm not sure I would have been able to contain myself. They could have at least offered you a drink after all that.

    Enjoy the rest of you time!!

  11. I love the crawling swimming hiney!! :)

  12. UGH. I'm reading this nodding my head.

    When I was pregnant. Like 7 months preg not even 41 weeks pregnant. People would about fall over themselves to help me. Doors, tables, groceries. You name it.

    Once Trey arrived. NADA. No doors. No groceries. NOTHING. They just stare like damn she's got her hands full.

    And that B who said he needed a hat. She needs a little talking too.

    This subject makes me SO mad. SO SO mad. My blood is starting to boil. What is wrong with people. My mom is in a wheelchair. And you know what? Same deal with her. NO one offers. And it's so hard to get her around some places.

    We should do a PSA on door holding/beach helping/just overall being a DECENT human being.

  13. Some people are so rude. If you aren't going to offer assistance..shut your trap. Sorry you had to tell with that. On a brighter note, the pic of you and C is adorable.

  14. That lady that hollered out at you? Would have so gotten the finger from this girl. You have way more class than I do.

    I think generally people are just effing lazy now. Like put the bud light down for two seconds and help a brother out. This post pissed me off. Sometimes people suck.

    I would have helped you. Then I would have sat and had a beer with you for sure.;)

  15. Unacceptable! Sorry such a pain and no one helped you out! Enjoy last moments of beach days. I hope you at least gave them the stink eye!

  16. That's awful! I dont understand people...when I'm out on my own without the little guy, I always try to help someone out if I can...and I'm pretty sure I did that before I was a mom too, but some people are just clueless!

  17. People are so clueless. I mean, really! I'm amazed by your endurance! Just the mere thought of lugging the BOB through the dunes & I need a nap. ;o) Shit, I am sweating after putting together that damned baby jail thing in the living room!!!!

    This story reminds me of a time I was alone on a flight to LA to visit my BFF. A young'ish' mother sat in my row with her toddler and infant. I thought it would be fun, I love kids and all. Well, after offering to hold the infant for her while she buckles the other kid in and gets him settled, I soon found out she would not be taking the infant back from me the entire duration of the flight. I love bebes, I really do... But, one that is fussing, snotting and drooling on me? That I DO NOT KNOW AT ALL???? Gross. By the end of the flight I was sweaty, baby was sweaty AND snotty and we were both sticky from his bottle of formula that I fed him! Sheesh.

    So, while there are stupid people that don't lend a hand, there are stupid people who take advantage of hand lenders too! LOL!

  18. You go girl! I think I would have given up. Im a Florida girl and love the heat but the heat with frusterating kids toys just equals me being royally pissed. People are just so ridic...why cant people just be considerate.

  19. I'm amazed at the people who sit back & watch moms with young kids (or this one, at least) struggle to carry stuff & get through doors, let alone criticize us as we're doing it. You are to be commended for not shoving a tiny hat down that lady's throat, which would likely have been my un-ladylike response.

    Also, golf claps for you for getting that tent up!

  20. Wow. That hat lady needs to drink a big glass of shutthehellup!

    I must say, I don't know if it's the midwest manners or I just haven't been out and about with Jamie by myself enough to notice.....but I've always found people to be very friendly and helpful. Those east coasters need to take a deep breath of that nice salty air and help a mama out!

  21. uugghh - people are crazy. It's amazing to me how rude they can be!! I spy those adorable iPlay prints - I'll def have to check them out for our second order:)

  22. I have a real hard time keeping my mouth shut sometimes.. and this would have been one of those times...

    sorry momma..

  23. Wow! That is just awful! I can't believe some people. :(


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