Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Things I Plan To Do Differently This Time Around.

For what it's worth, Motherhood is just as I expected it to be. Messy, incredible, chaotic, fulfilling, frustrating, endearing. The greatest and hardest full-time "job" I've ever had. Days complete with the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.

You see, I've learned a ton during my inaugural 22 months of motherhood and I'll be the first to admit that most days? I still don't have it all together. That aside, there are certainly some things I'll be doing differently the second time around.

Here are just a few of them:

1. M2 and I will not be "rooming in" together every single night while in the hospital. I have no doubts that I'll love this new baby immensely and want to spend every waking moment with him- but I'm no fool this time. My four day hospital stay will be the closest thing to a vacation that I'll get all year- I'm going to want to sleep while the sleeping is good. 

2. I have no lofty goals for breastfeeding. I made it nearly four months with Carter and if it works this time around? Swell. If it doesn't, I'm not afraid of the F-word although between diapers for two AND formula? We may as well go broke. Scratch the dramatics. I may just have to give up my tri-weekly manicures. 

3. M2 will be sleeping in his crib much earlier than his Big Brother. In fact, Carter didn't start sleeping in his crib until he was almost five months old. No dice, M2. You have three months and then we're shipping you down the hall to the expensive nursery I insisted on decorating again.

4. Babywear. Babywear. Babywear. In something other than the damn Houdini-Moby. 

5. And lastly, interview babysitters and get out of the damn house more than three childless times in a year. 

Mark my words, Loyals. Things will be different. Right? RIGHT?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Doing It.. Or Well, Talking About Doing It.

This post has evolved over quite some time now. Initially, it started as an, "How Do You Even Have Sex At The End of The Day I'm So Tired?" post, dabbled in the "You Do Know Sex Can Sometimes Lead To Babies, Right?" post to today's carefully constructed, "All I Want To Do Is Have Sex and Can't For The Life Of Me Without It Looking Like A National Geographic Expose," post. 

Before I continue, let's get something straight here. Unfortunately (for The Husband) I was never one of those pregnant women who immediately upon peeing on that little plastic stick wanted nothing more than to reenact every single raunchy porn video ever created. 

Basically, I haven't wanted to touch sex with a 10-foot pole since I peed on that overpriced piece of plastic rendering those incredible words "Pregnant." Just the mere thought of having to engage in such an act would send me into The Fake Sleep and Snore that I've come to master oh, so well. 

The question I would like to pose today is: Why is it that now that I'm fiending for it, it's like the goddamn Kama Sutra olympics have taken over our bedroom? We're talking muscles cramping, hips popping, numb hands, bellies bumping... Okay, you got me. It's really only my belly that's bumping anything. 

But for the love of all things coital, can't a girl just get laidGo ahead and laugh but no amount of pillows, creativity or flexibility could help me now.

Sidenote: As I re-read that last paragraph, I have to laugh out loud and wonder, "who the hell is this chick and where was she hiding the last nine months?" If in your head you made some brilliant Fifty-Shades "inner goddess" remark, don't fret, I almost wrote the same thing but I assure you, E.L. James used the phrase "inner goddess" enough for all of us for the next fifty years.

Wait. Did you all think I didn't have sex? I know this is oft a taboo subject, especially to write about on one's blog, sharing it with the entire world wide web, but somebody had to say it. 

I know I can't be the only one in this awkward sex-crazed ship. I hate to break it to you, Loyals, but that's how we got ourselves a Carter. 

Speaking of sex, although I may be fiending for it now, I cannot express the degree of my affinity for the Six Week Wait. You know what I'm talking about- those wonderful, blissful six weeks of fresh newborn-dom when you're basically walking around topless, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a baby hanging from your boob muttering obscenities to yourself, when, most importantly, sex is absolutely off limits. 

...And after that wonderful mental picture, I wonder why The Husband ever wanted to sleep with me again, too. I ask myself this all the time. 

Swimming and baths are also off limits which I'm a bit bitter about- but no sex for six weeks? Sign me up.

Loyals, let's just say that Six Week Wait is akin to the much coveted grade school hall pass.  

The moral of today's story, Loyals? Get all of the "good sex" in now. Pre-Life-Exhaustion Pre-kids. Pre-pregnancy. Because nobody every tells you that when you want it the most, it's all downhill from there and may even land you a National Geographic contract.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Pursuing Crazy Dreams.

I cannot believe I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of launching my own little business, little joys. photography. I would be lying if I said I'm not a little surprised that I actually made it one whole year. You see, I have a habit of jumping into things, full throttle, bursting at the seams with excitement, only to have said excitement and motivation fizzle after a short while. 

For example, figure skating, horseback riding, gymnastics, piano lessons, voice lessons... just to name a few. God knows I drove my parents absolutely nutty with my childhood endeavors but I'm so thankful they had the patience to put up with my, let's call it, whimsical attention span

Most days, I can hardly call what I do a "business." Why? Because it feels so much less like work to me and more like chasing after and indulging in a passion of mine. I've always loved photography and what started as an obsession with beautiful landscapes and antique buildings quickly evolved into something much more. 

Capturing life's little joys. 

Starting your own business is like taking a giant leap of faith. There's only so much you can do before you have to just sit back and rely on your talent to speak for itself. After my first few sessions with little joys. were wrapped up in pretty packages and tied with silk bows, I knew I would have to sit back, be patient and hope that this passion of mine would take off. 

And I'm so thankful that it did. Over this past year I have met so many incredible families, many of whom started out as blog readers! Many of whom I now consider friends. Many of whom have blessed me so much with the opportunity to capture a moment in their lives. 

Just this past weekend I had the honor of capturing one of my favorite families. Not only is the K Family a favorite of mine, but Colleen is one of my dearest friends whom I was so thankful to have met very early on in my nursing career. As a matter of fact, newborn pictures of her daughter Hailey was the first session I ever booked with little joys. 

It was only right that Hailey's First Year session be the final session I shot before taking the summer off as a kind of "maternity leave." 

I couldn't help but share some of my favorites as I wrap up this final session CD with a pretty little bow, knowing that the next time I sit down to edit pictures, they will likely be of our sweet brand new baby boy. 

That last set of pictures? That's Hailey wearing her Mama's wedding dress and the same flower that Colleen wore tucked into her bun on the day she said "I Do." I mean, really. Does it get any better than this?

So, Loyals.. the moral of the story? If there has ever been something you wanted to do- even the slightest glimmer of a dream you've had.. go for it. Do it. It may be more work than you ever imagined and heck, you may be up all night editing, but capturing baby's first smile? Shooting a brand new family of four? Spending a day with a couple who will soon welcome their first baby into the world? Priceless. And so, so worth it. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If You Can Say Stupid Things, I Can Say Stupid Things Too :: Pregnancy Edition

It's no surprise that people say stupid shit. In fact, the stupid-shit-saying often runs rampant especially out of the mouths of strangers. 

That being said, the stupid-shit-saying-from-out-of-the-mouths-of-strangers is absolutely off the charts when you throw a pregnancy into the mix. 

One would think that men would be the greatest offenders of The Stupid Shit Saying when in the presence of a pregnant female, however, for once? I can't give the men all of the credit. 

In my experience? Women are just as guilty of the Saying of Stupid Shit. Which, if I might add, absolutely confounds me since they at least have greater odds of experiencing pregnancy over the men folk. 

I've compiled a short list of some of the Stupidest Shit people have said to me and what I now think are absolutely appropriate responses. 

In response to confirming that you are, in fact, with child, "Was this planned?" or "Were you trying?"

"Well, actually.. My husband and I were trying to play an innocent game of Monopoly and then this happened."  

"Are you sure there is only one in there?" or "I bet you're having twins!" 

"No, I am not having twins and I'm absolutely certain, as is my Harvard-educated obstetrician and the countless incredible and technologically advanced ultrasounds I've had, that there is, indeed, only one baby in there." 

Here's my favorite part: If applicable, you can always throw in a, "and by the looks of it, I would say you're what.. in your second trimester already?" when in reality, you're really only drawing attention to the inner tube-style gut hanging out above their waistband. 

"Goodness! When my sister's husband's late brother's uncle's twice removed daughter was pregnant, she wasn't allowed to have caffeine. Are you sure you shouldn't be ordering a decaf?" 

"This baby should consider himself lucky that I've given up the crack pipe during my pregnancy. I don't think a little caffeine is going to hurt him." 

"Don't worry. As soon as you have that baby, you'll get that waistline back in no time!" 

"I hope you're not speaking from personal experience. If so, you got any other tricks up your sleeve? That juicy bit of advice certainly didn't work out in your favor..."

"By the looks of it, I'd say you're ready to have that baby any day now!"

"By the looks of it, I'd say you're cruising for a nice, swift kick to the kidney!"

"You sure are hungry. They aren't kidding when they say you're eating for two!" 

"Wait, who said anything about eating for two? Who's pregnant?"

Now, don't get me wrong. Replies such as this don't come easy. It took me one and a half pregnancies to find the cajones needed to reply back with any of the above responses. The good news? No one will hit a pregnant lady, so feel free to retort back with the smartest, snarkiest of replies. 

And if all else fails? A throat punch will suffice. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh, Just Your Usual Dry-Heave of Wordlets...

It's always safe to assume that any lapse in my blogging is directly related to my stays in New Jersey. 

In fact, it should be documented that this was the first trip to New Jersey that I've made this year where I haven't brought along my computer and my camera. 

Yes, at times it felt as if I was missing a limb, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't just the tiniest bit sweet to "unplug" from "work" for a bit. 

That being said, not posting on a Monday is akin to going to bed without brushing my teeth. In other words, downright blasphemy. I hate not posting on a Monday and truth be told, I had a wonderful, pimp-tastic post written up showcasing two of my favorite sponsors this month and not only did Blogger refuse to post it at the designated time, it also decided to eat the scheduled draft. 

If you're in the market for darling clippies, hair accessories and bows, you'll definitely want to visit Polkadot Posies. April makes some of the sweetest hair clips I've ever seen and with a delicious array of seasonal and holiday-themed clips, there are lots to choose from!

If you're a sucker for sweet, quality, custom and affordable kid's clothes, be sure to follow The Little Crane on Facebook. My wonderful and amazing virtual mom-friends over there have recently started adding "Buy It Now" albums chock full of adorable summer clothes for both girls and boys and what a steal!

That wasn't too painful, was it? 

In other news, I'm completely over being pregnant. I've reached That Point where I'm grumpy approximately 87% of the day and 100% of the time it feels as if my pelvis will immediately become unhinged from the rest of my body. 

A very kind woman downright insisted that I was birthing twins the other day as I walked around the grocer with  both C and my Dad. Because the 6 ultrasounds that I've had, clearly depicting a singleton pregnancy, mean absolutely nothing. And yes, she even used the word "huge." 

I've also reached That Point in pregnancy where I'll tell you just exactly how I'm feeling so if you insist that I'm expecting twins and you appear to be expecting triplets (although even I, a complete stranger, know you're not expecting?) I'm going to ask, "and how far along are you?" 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear New Mom...

When Elizabeth asked me to participate in her guest series "A Letter To New Moms" not only was I absolutely flattered but I had to laugh a little because, let's face it, I have no idea what I'm doing. Even twenty-one months into motherhood with a second on the way (a second? who let me have another child?!) there are many, many days when I find myself both laughing and crying at what a beautiful mess my Motherhood Career has been thus far. The good news? We've made it nearly twenty-two months without seeing the inside of an ER and as of today, it looks like my child won't need therapy later in his adult life. 

I have to remind myself, it's only Friday though.

You'll quickly learn I'm all about the little accomplishments and a lot of laughter, New Mom. Remember that. Without further a 'do, here goes. You're in for a wild ride. 

Dear New Mom,  

To read my letter to new moms, head on over to Elizabeth's wonderful blog and be sure to share your letter to new moms during her link-up party this weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carterito :: Twenty-One Months

Nobody say a word about how I haven't documented Carter's monthly updates since, oh, the 14-month mark? Excuse me while I go hide in the corner with a giant container of cheese puffs. 

I swear I'm going to get better at this... 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Didn't Think I Would Feel This Way

I didn't think I would feel as if I would be robbing Carter of his Mama for weeks on end with the impending arrival of his little brother. As each day passes and I find myself closer and closer to M2's birth date, suddenly, it's all I can think about. 

Everyone reassures me that soon enough, I'll look back and wonder how we ever functioned as "just a family of three." That it will soon feel like M2 has been a part of our family all along. 

I have no doubt that will eventually happen- but right now? It's difficult to find solace in that reassurance, considering this awful feeling that I have. 

I can't put my finger on it. I can't give it a name. It's not "mom guilt" necessarily- as I do not feel "guilty" that I'm giving Carter a brother, a playmate and a built-in best friend for life. 

In fact, I'm beside myself excited to watch my two boys grow up together- leaning on each other, learning from each other, encouraging each other and heck, getting into trouble together.

Perhaps it's a Mom-fear.

You see, the thoughts and feelings I have center more clearly around a fear that Carter will feel neglected. Cast aside. Loved less those first few weeks of newborn-dom that we all know are a blurry frenzy of hormones, tears and "what the hell are we doing?"

That's what hurts the most. 

Did he have enough time as an only child? Did we spoil him enough? Does he know how much he is loved and that his Daddy and I are so incredibly thankful for the gift he gave us, making us parents?

These questions I ask are rhetorical and deep down, I know the answer is yes. But I can't help but doubt myself for a minute. I can't help but think, "maybe I could have done more."

Thankfully I'm reassured in the fact that M2 will never remember those first few weeks- and if I'm lucky, Carter won't either. I guess that's the benefit to having kids so close in age. 

Nobody remembers their beginning. 

But I will. 

For now, I'll find reassurance in the fact that Carter will grow up knowing no other way. To him, he'll always have had M2 around and soon enough? 

My love for my sons will multiply and be shared two-fold and for now? That's almost enough to ease these silly Mom-fears.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Shop, Shop, Shop!

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for organization. In fact, it's one of the things that I not only pride myself on but also cling to while being pregnant, chasing a toddler and running a household. Thirty-One and all of their incredible products has helped me so much when it comes to organizing our crazy life and I'm so happy to introduce Michelle, ILYMTC's newest direct sales sponsor and her fabulous Thirty-One business.  

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I can't remember a time that I haven't browsed a Stella & Dot online boutique and not immediately filled my online shopping cart with at least 5 gorgeous pieces. I am thrilled to re-introduce my personal Stella consultant, Kim, for all of your s&d needs! 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Don't Confuse "Cool Mom" with "Crazy Mom..."

It's no secret that we were desperate for a new "inside" activity. There are only so many times we could read books, play kitchen, throw 379 plastic balls out of the ball pit and watch Mommy clean them up, chalk on the chalkboard and nearby closet doors.

The last time I was desperate for a new "inside" activity, Pinterest and a few hundred other Mommy Bloggers suggested I pour a little washable paint into plastic baggies and tape them to my sliding glass door. The novelty of that activity lasted less than the break between Curious George episodes (you know the one I'm talking about- where the "real kids" come on and C loses all interest in whatever they're trying to teach him). 

But thanks to that activity, I did have these paints stockpiled on hand for another rainy day, begging to be used. 

And that's when I truly lost my mind and decided to let C paint the bathtub. Mind you, I didn't say "paint in the bathtub," I said "paint the bathtub." And that's exactly what he did. 

Thankfully the mess was relatively confined to a very washable space and all was going swimmingly until C decided he was sick and tired of painting the walls and the tub and wanted to move onto bigger and better things like his mother and the toilet. 

Hosing him down was easy-peasy but hosing down the walls and the tub and the grout was no easy feat. 

 But was it worth it? Absolutely. He had a blast. 

Will we be doing it again soon? No thank you. I think this activity is quickly being added to the "Things I Like To Do With Daddy" list. 

Don't confuse "cool mom" with "crazy mom," dear Loyals. This was definitely one of my "where the hell did I leave my sanity" moments! ;)

But it certainly did make for some excellent pictures, deep toddler belly laughs and a darn good mess. 

Thank You.

When I write a post like the one I wrote yesterday, it's never written seeking validation or praise. It takes a lot to make me doubt myself as a mother, but using words like "selfish" and "ungrateful" is a great place to start. 

That being said I have to say I am so thankful for each and every single comment that graced the page of I Love You More Than Carrots and every single tweet and re-tweet that ping'd on Twitter yesterday. 

Your comments were refreshing, re-energizing and a true testament to how incredible the blogging world (and ILYMTC Loyals) truly is.

I felt compelled to write that post because I fully understand the stigma behind a mother's wish for a "break," a "respite" and a "reprieve." Although that woman's ill and untrue words stung me, I wanted to share them with you and other mothers out there, knowing that there were times when they, too, felt like failures for needing to step back and take a breather from their mothering. 

I'm no expert. I'm only a girl who was once a nurse who became a wife who has been trying her hardest to be the best mother she can be since July 30th, 2010. 

Back in 2008, I set out to write this blog to share my story. My struggles. My praises. My highest highs and my lowest lows, all while maintaining some sense of grace and muttering the occasional f-bomb.   

I hate giving attention to the negativity that finds its way onto the pages of ILYMTC as it's much easier to address that than the immense outpouring of love, support and laughs that is seen so much more regularly around these parts. 

So for all of that? The positivity, the shared stories, the laughs and the encouragement? 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It Does Not Make Me Any Less Of A Mother.

Last night I received a series of comments on a post that really set my blood boiling. I made the mistake of reading them before bed and committed myself to addressing them here on the blog this morning. Please excuse the deviation from your regularly scheduled ILYMTC word vomit.

"You're acting like it's a burden to you to have a toddler and be pregnant as well as anything related to it."

"What you have is a blessing... remind yourself of that."

"Maybe next time you want to be funny and complain about your situation, you should remind yourself how it sounds..."

Let's get something straight here. 

I love my child(ren) with every single fiber of my being. Because I occasionally wish for a "break" from them doesn't make me any less of a mother. In fact, I believe it makes me an honest mother and a better mother.

I understand that it's possible to stumble upon a post of mine, such as this one, and judge me. I understand that I may be perceived as "selfish" and "full of complaints" and "ungrateful." But really, who are you to judge me? 

I am human. I do believe I am fully entitled to feel absolutely exhausted while chasing my toddler around while simultaneously being 34 weeks pregnant. It is tiring. It is emotionally draining. It is exhausting. It is painful. 

It is the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.

Being a mother is the hardest job I've ever had. Harder than the newspaper route I ran when I was 13 years old. Harder than working in the men's suiting department at Macy's when I was in high school. Much, much harder than administering chemotherapy, holding the hands of the dying, witnessing miracles and rejoicing with those in remission when I worked as a Bone Marrow Transplant and Chemotherapy nurse prior to becoming a mother.

That being said, would I trade it for anything in the world? Never.

Because I wish for a "break" or a "full night's sleep" does not make me selfish or insinuate that I am taking both my life and my blessings for granted. 

If you've been an avid reader of ILYMTC, which it appears you certainly are not, you would have a much clearer glimpse of who I am as a person and perhaps you might understand my "humor" better, whether or not you can appreciate it is another story. 

I don't appreciate feeling demeaned because I wish for a "break" from mothering. 

Since it appears that you're a relatively new reader around these parts, I am a twenty-eight year old "sort-of-works-from-home" mother who has endured plenty of her own struggles both in her past and in her present. Would you rather I blog about all of those? Hell no! I wouldn't waste my time blogging about them either. I'm sure you would find fault within them too. 

You are entitled to your opinion and I appreciate the time you took to share it with me. All six or seven times you attempted to publish your opinion here on my little space of the internet. You see, I read every single comment that graces this blog and I believe you made your point after the third, fourth, fifth and sixth time you attempted to submit it. 

The words "selfish" and "ungrateful" resonating time and time again as they filled my inbox. 

Would you like to know what I was doing just moments before you left those comments?

I was lying in bed next to my son, praying with him before bedtime, thanking God for blessing me with such an incredible little human (and another on the way) entrusting them in my care. I don't for a single second take that responsibility for granted.

And you think I'm selfish.

You spoke of loss in your comments. Did you know I experienced loss too? I know that pain too. I even wrote about it here. I am so, so very sorry for your loss. I would never wish that pain on any one and it hurts my heart that you, a complete stranger, have endured it. 

I am human. Some days, I need a break. It does not make me any less of a mother. Any less blessed or thankful for what I have been given. So when you say that I need to be "reminded" of what a blessing I have? 

I don't need your reminder. Every day I am reminded. Even when my voice is raised and I'm on the verge of tears because The Toddler won't take a nap or won't eat his lunch or refuses to hold my hand outside. Our constantly puts himself in harm's way despite being told "no" for the 700 thousandth time. 

I am blessed. 

Please do not judge me when I say I need a break. It does not make me any less of a mother. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Google Reader Must-Adds A La ILYMTC

If you haven't already been following along with these wonderful ladies and their fashion finds, recipe masterpieces, daily musings and wise words of Mom-vice, then you're truly missing out. You'll notice a few familiar faces (and favorites) around these parts but there's a new girl in town and I'd love for you to get to know her! Please welcome my May Sponsors: 

Life After..

I just adore Kay and know you will, too.
Be sure to follow her on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here

Be sure to follow along with Lindsey and company both on her blog and Twitter, too!

Nap Time is the New Happy Hour

Follw Cheryl on Facebook here and Twitter here. Also, be sure to follow her along on Pinterest here, she's one of the best "Pinners" I follow!

the ruby Turtle hippie times

Be sure to visit her blog and follow along with Sam on Twitter!

Faith, Grace & Giggles

Meet Kim.
Kim shares her incredible story of weight loss, fertility struggles, 
her adoption of a beautiful baby boy and finding out the same night that she was pregnant 
with another sweet miracle baby boy of their own 
at her blog, Faith, Grace and Giggles

One of my favorite things about Kim's blog is her voice and how she writes about 
the honesty and messiness of life with two toddler boys! 
You won't want to miss out! 
Be sure to visit Kim on Facebook here and Twitter here

Recently Beth shared her heart with her readers and her plans to follow her heart on an adoption journey. You can read all about it hereBe sure to following along with Beth and her sweet Southern happenings! You can also find her tweeting away here!

Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Things I Want For Mother's Day

Don't be dismayed, dear Loyals. I would never pass up a diamond or some other shiny bauble, a vacation or a full day at the spa, but let's discuss what I really want for Mother's Day this year... And no, it's not a new door.

1. Sleep. Real, tried and true, out-like-the-dead sleep. The kind that only comes with Ambien, a glass (or several) of wine and a padded room. Sadly, in my current pregnant state, Ambien and wine are off limits, so I'll take the guest room, sans baby monitor, instead. 

2. My weight in ice pops. I don't know what it is about this pregnancy but I can demolish a box of sugar-free Tropical ice pops like they're going out of style. Each night I lay on the couch with at least four of them within arm's reach and within minutes I cannot be held responsible for how quickly they were devoured. Did I say four? I meant six.

3. A vacation. Not just any vacation. A vacation from my Toddler. There, I said it. Call CPS but Mama needs a break. If it weren't for the sudden termite issue and, well, my current human-growing ability, I would have demanded somewhere warm and tropical. At this rate? I'll take a few uninterrupted hours at the Mall Food Court where I can indulge in a milkshake, Five Guys and a cinnamon pretzel all without having to venture very far. 

4. A tummy tuck. After indulging in said ice pops, milk shakes, Five Guys and cinnamon pretzels and birthing what will likely be another giant baby come June, I fear I may desperately need one of these. 

5. A "Get-Out-Of-Bedtime-Free" card. In my whiniest of voices, "Pleeeeeeease don't make me do another bedtime! I just don't wanna!" 

6. A pool. Like, tomorrow. 

7. Tickets to see Newsies on Broadway. I know, I know. This one isn't nearly as funny but I really do want to see this show and I'd like to see it before I have to worry about major abdominal surgery, engorgement, pumping/feeding, fitting my post-baby, fat-ass into respectable clothing... balancing life with two children, etc. 

8, 9 and 10. Wine. And lot's of it. And while we're at it? A TV in the bedroom. And no sex for, like, the rest of my life. Because that leads to things like pregnancy and babies. Christian Grey, you can go suck it

It's not really too much to ask for, right? So, Loyal Mamas out there: What do YOU want for Mother's Day?

Sweet, Adorable & Affordable BOY Clothes :: A Giveaway from Room to Romp!

On Friday, I re-introduced you to one of my favorite Etsy shops, Room to Romp. As a "Boy Mom," it's no secret that finding adorable (but not too cutesy) and affordable clothes for C is no easy task. 

Now, I never said it was impossible, I just said it wasn't easy. Adorable and affordable clothes for boys do exist and Sandy's shop, Room to Romp, is now one of my absolute go-to's. With so many applique options, I cannot wait to expand Carter's play clothes wardrobe!

Sandy says it best herself, "I am a mom of school-aged children, one boy and one girl. One of my greatest pleasures when they were babies was dressing them. I'm so glad I took the time to shop for them because I found that by age 4, they started telling me what they would and would not wear. Finding clothes for my daughter was easy, but finding cute, affordable clothes for my son was difficult. Often clothes were either too prissy or too much in the style of what an adult male would wear. I wanted fun, cute clothes that I could afford."

Sandy recently sent Carter and M2 a sweet little surprise from her shop and I couldn't be more thrilled with either piece. 

Playful but not too baby-ish, soft and stretchy with no itchy tags or scratchy applique backs, Carter loves his new Giraffe applique shirt. Unfortunately, we have to work on our animals because he keeps pointing to his chest saying, "Puppy?" But that is neither here nor there. Carter's new Giraffe applique shirt has become a fast favorite in the M house!

The cuteness doesn't stop there, Loyals. Here are a few other favorites of mine from Sandy's shop! 

As for M2's sweet treat, Sandy sent along something for the new nursery that I had been absolutely lusting over for some time now. As soon as I laid my eyes on this precious Sheep applique pillow, I knew it would be the perfect addition to the neutral nursery. I just love the detail on this pillow! 

What's even sweeter, Loyals? Sandy has graciously offered to give away one Giraffe Applique T-shirt to one very lucky Loyal! 

For the month of May, she has also generously offered free domestic shipping on all orders with code "CARROTS."

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for your chance to win! Sandy, thank you so much for not only the sweet treats but also your creativity and whimsy behind some of the sweetest and most adorable (and affordable!) boys' clothes! 

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