Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's That Time Again. Thankful Thursday!

The nice thing about a recurring blogpost (aside from the personal reflection, yadda yadda) is that I really think it makes the week go by quicker! And another Thankful Thursday means it's almost the WEEKEND!

This week, I am thankful for...

Amy, our dog walker, who takes such great care of Sully while I'm at work and leaves me the cutest notes about their day together

The chance to finally join the St. Thomas of Villanova Parish now that we've moved within the parameters of the diocese

The ability to enjoy the finer things in life such as nail color "Watermelon" by Essie and the wonderful manicurist who gave me an extra long hand massage

Cakebread Chardonnay

Happy Thursday!

Shrunken Curtains and Stuck Stoppers.

I'll be the first to admit that I can be such a spaz sometimes! I'm sure if Hubs were reading this, he'd be close on-hand to second that. And if my word isn't proof enough, keep reading.

Let's start with example A:

Who in their right mind manages to get that little plastic drain plug stuck in the kitchen sink drain?

This girl.

How? Well, on the rare occasion that I find the inspiration to handwash the dishes (as opposed to putting them directly in the dishwasher) I choose to use nuclear hot water and LOT'S of dishsoap in the hopes that I would have little scrubbing to actually do on my own. La-zy. As I'm sure you can imagine, this makes for a sinkfull of bubbles. So much bubbles, in fact, that you can barely see the bottom of the sink. So there I am, elbow deep in suds, as I begin to notice that the water isn't exactly draining as quickly as normal. "Oh, there's probably something stuck in the disposal" I say outloud as I begin to run the garbage disposal. No dice. And to be honest, the disposal didn't sound right (as in, there wasn't anything in it to dispose!) And the water level is still rising.

"Hm. Where'd that little plastic drain plug disappear to? I could've sworn I placed it right here on the ledge of... the... Hmph." As I reach down into the depths of the gross, murky, dish-dirty water, I can feel the edge of the sink stopper in the drain.. but it just doesn't feel right. Why? Because it's stuck in there UPSIDE DOWN. And the pressure from the disposal caused it to lodge itself in there like nobody's business. (Mind you, the water might still be running..)

I tried yanking. And tugging. And pulling, all to no avail. I briefly thought of calling Hubs (180 miles away) and quickly realized that a) I was on my own and b) inbetween fits of laughter, he probably wouldn't be of much help anyway. As if sticking my hands in the gross, murky, dish-dirty water wasn't enough, I then had to descend the stairs to the creepy, scary, spider-ridden basement to find the needlenose pliers. (Just thinking about our basement gives me the heebie-jeebies!) For those of you who are thinking "did she at least remember to turn the faucet off?" Yes, dear blog friends. In a moment of clarity, I did remember to turn the faucet off. Whew. The pliers worked and I was able to un-stuck the sink stopper.

Moving on to example B:

I've been trying my darndest to make my sole weekday off as productive as humanly possible. I've had a couple slip-ups here and there and of course a nap, or two, on the couch with the pupster, but for the most part- I've truly been ridiculously productive. For instance, this Tuesday I woke up early, took the pup for a jog, dropped off the dry cleaning, ran to the grocery store, washed, dried AND folded a few loads of laundry AND vacuumed the entire downstairs all before noon. (Woah. I know, right?) In all of my domestic, productive glory, I thought I could go one step further and wash our duvet and masterbath shower curtain.

Go ahead, call it a little pre-emptive Spring Cleaning but I was on a roll.

Into the washing machine goes the fantastic cotton Nautica shower curtain that so nicely pulls together our classy beach themed bathroom. We're talking powder blue hues meets understated white and khaki tones. Washing right along side of our powder blue cotton duvet. No stranger to laundry, I set the water on Warm/Cold for a Normal cycle. Thirty-five minutes later, I'm tossing the articles into the dryer for a whirlaround on Cottons, Medium.

Okay, I said I was no stranger to laundry. I am, however, a stranger to reading tags. Of course, I'm notoriously picky when it comes to my delicates (JCREW, underthings, etc) but a shower curtain and bed linens? C'mon. It can't be that hard!

The duvet survived unscathed. The shower curtain? Well, it's now shy of the size of a bath towel. And not even the nice, oversized luxury bath towels. I'm talking the shower towels that play peek-a-boo with your naughty bits.

Dry-Clean Only. Seriously? It's a shower curtain, folks. Let be real.

I see a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Hubs and my future this weekend... Oops!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Hot Pink Koozie?

Love this?

And this?

And this?


If you've answered "YES!" to any of the above,
hurry up and head on over to Ashley's page
and enter her super fabulous (and surprise!) giveaway!
What are you waiting for?!! Go!!

Thank You, Thank You. Okay, It's Not An Oscar...

But still. It's my very own bloggie award. And I'm SO appreciative.

A big thanks and even bigger shoutout to Pam over at Relish. Please take a minute, or two, or twenty to check out her fabulous blog! She writes with heart and she's pretty darn funny! She's definitely one of my favorites to read in the mornings before work! She's currently looking for suggestions on what to do with her "100th Post!" Any ideas? Send 'em her way!

Without the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, here are my nominees for Blog Fabulous:

Thank you ladies for being so fabulous!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eau de' Red Gummy Bears.

Ever since my Dad turned to my mom and said "You smell like red gummy bears," her once signature scent was immediately handed down to moi. That was nearly seven years ago. Now, I love red gummy bears and therefore had no qualms donning the sweet smelling perfume. Everyone knows that perfume doesn't smell the same on every girl due to her own unique chemistry and Hubs (pre-Hubs) while he was falling in love with me, fell in love with Givenchy's Hot Couture. He's always asking that I put it on even if we're just lounging around the house in T's and sweats. It's been my signature, staple scent and makes me feel both classy and beautiful. Hey, it even makes me feel a little sassy! What more could a girl ask from a bottle of perfume?

(Okay, okay, she could ask for a lighter scent in the summer months. This is when the Givenchy takes a backseat to Ralph Lauren's Cool. Some scents are just too heavy for sundresses and flip-flops!)The moral of this story? I think I'm ready for something new. Don't get me wrong- I'm not big on change and although Hubs owns a few bottles of Burberry, Lacoste and Polo colognes, I refuse to let him wear anything other than Curve. Just the thought of the smell of it makes me go weak in the knees!

So what now? Since the thought of heading to the nearest department story to sniff through bottles and bottles of perfumes makes my eyes tear and my nose tingle, I decided to look through this month's current catalogs that are beginning to overtake the breakfast bar in the kitchen. What did I find? Success. If it can pass Hub's test- It's a sure bet. Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Thing Noir. It smells a little seductive. A little playful. How could Hub's not love it? And look at that little atomizer. I've always wanted one of those! What are your staple scents?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

If I'm jumping on a train, it might as well be the Thankful one, right?

I've come across so many wonderful, fun and inspirational blogs that have included this in their weekly posts and after some personal reflection, I thought it would be nice to take a few moments each week and really concentrate on what I am grateful for. Here goes...(And I promise to try and not be too repetitive (or too serious!) each week!)

my God-sent Darling Husband who makes me laugh every day

my wonderful and quirky family that will never let me forget my roots

the little "ahhh" moments and the simpler things in life
like finding the perfect herbal tea flavor or not having to wake-up
and de-ice my windshield at dark o' clock in the morning

my job, espcially during these uneasy, unstable economic times
and the fantastic women that i work with

Sully and the laughter he brings to our empty house (while Hubs is traveling)
the Farmer's Market that's within walking distance of my house

my three-day work week and three-day weekend this week

and cheddar-blasted Goldfish snacks. (Mmm, tasty!)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please Check Me Out!

Thanks for stopping by.. I know I'm entertaining and such, but don't you want to enter a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY? My bloggy friend over at MyFlipFlopz is giving away one of her adorable handpainted signs- with a phrase of YOUR choosing! Please check her out.. Her designs are simply to die for! Thanks and Happy Hump-Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Off? Shop On!

For the last four and a half years, I worked three twelve-hour shifts per week. Sounds nice, right? Granted, it eventually took a toll on me, both phsyically and emotionally (especially switching between the 7PM-7AM shift and the 7AM-7PM shift in the same week) but the minute I woke up for work in the morning/evening, I immediately looked forward to my three, four, sometimes five and six consecutive days off. Now that I've switched gears to a more "normal" schedule with ten-hour days and no mandatory weekend time, I've missed my long stretches of days off terribly.

Gone are the days when I would leave town for a couple nights to frequent whatever current state Hubs was traveling to.

Gone are the days when I could schedule Girls' Weekends at the drop of a hat and not have to use paid vacation time.

Hello one day off a week.

Hello trying to make said one day off a week as productive as possible!

Do you know how much pressure that is? To motivate myself to wake up early, walk the dog, clean the house, walk the dog, do the laundry, run my usual errands, play with the dog AND find a little me time all in ONE day? It's EXHAUSTING!

I do have to take a moment to pat myself on the back because for the last couple of weeks, I've been really good at sticking to my routine of getting the aforementioned items successfully checked off of my To-Do List.

I've even added eating healthy and taking the pupster for extra-long walks to the list AND managed to lose enough pounds to fit myself back into my freshman-year-of-college-going-out-Original-Sevens-jeans! (It was a beautiful day in the M household that day, let me tell you!)

However, everyone is entitled to one slip off of the bandwagon, right? Today I've sucessfully managed to spend the majority of my day working on my butt-dent in the couch. I even sacrificed a lap or two of Sully's walk just to come back and catch up on my DVR (Hello, the two-hour Grey's Anatomy special was calling my name!) And when I did find the motivation to move around, it was only to the computer where I proceeded to spend a little bit of my wifely stipend on the following items:

Item Numero Uno: With my sanity-saving, cold-weather-fleeing, weekend getaway to the Bahamas less than a month away, I thought I might peruse the web for a new bathing suit. Hubs actually picked this one out of the Vicky Secret Swim catalog so we'll have to wait and see if it measures up! Estimated date of arrival is March 3rd which gives this beach bum a couple more weeks to get her beach bod in shape!

Item Numero Dos: A custom created Longchamp tote to act as my carry-on for the flight to my sanity-saving, cold-weather-fleeing weekend getaway to the Bahamas. Due to the creative ingenius that is Flash Player, I couldn't grab a picture of my newest favorite bag to add to the blog, but so that you get the idea it's the original Medium Le Pilage tote in a very pretty turqouise (Blueberry) with a pretty tan (Beige) stripe down the center. I'm in love. You can create your very own custom

Longchamp by clicking the link! Happy Creating! It's back to the couch for this couch potato (but maybe only after a red velvet cupcake?)!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Honor of Love.

I wanted to share a photo with you in honor of this weekend's Hallmark Holiday. This is a hand-painted picture of the Seven Knolls lighthouse that sits in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the exact spot where Hubs proposed on July 1st 2006. You see, I have this thing for lighthouses (and cute, preppy boys from Maryland, obviously!) This painting was done especially for Hubs and I and given to us as a wedding present. It is one of our most prized posessions and sits directly above the headboard in our bedroom. Beneath it, is a hand-painted sign that reads,

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

(OK, I also have this thing for adorable hand-painted signs. There just might be one hanging in every room in our house!) But it's the truth. No matter what life throws your way, hold onto each other. Hold onto your friends, your family.. heck, even your puppy. Hold onto whatever keeps you sane.
No matter what the days throw at Hubs and I, this painting is the last thing we see before climbing into bed at night, causing us to hold onto each other just a little bit tighter.
I hope everyone had a fabulous love-filled weekend. Mine was filled with two dozen roses sent to me at work, breakfast in bed, a cuddle "sesh" on the couch while watching The Notebook, red velvet cupcakes, a delicious dinner by candlelight and undoubtedly more love than a girl could ask for.
Back to the real world..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"D" Faves.

Super fly friend, fellow blogger and newlywed Aliya, sent me the letter "D" for my list of TEN favorite things! I'm not going to lie, it was a toughie! Thanks, Aliya, for kickstaring my neurons! If you would like to give "The Alphabet Game" a whirl, comment me and I'll send a letter your way!

DiorShow Mascara

I cannot live without this beauty product. It's become a staple in my morning routine! No matter how exhausted I am when I wake up, a couple coats of this stuff, a little original Chapstick and I'm ready to face the day. It's well worth the twenty dollars.

Date Night
Friday nights are always (and have always been) date night for me and Hubs. Most often we're making smitten googly eyes across the table at each other in one of our favorite dimly-lit suburban BYOB's. My favorite date night spot? Bluefin Sushi with a bottle of Vueve Cliquot champagne.

[Sigh] Wonderful.

Darling Husband

How can I make a list of favorites and NOT include this guy? I am truly blessed to have met the love of my life and been given the chance to spend the rest of my life loving him.


And Sullivan makes three. There's something to be said for the companionship and unwavering love of a dog. Waking up to a fluffy face and a stuffed animal or two tossed into your bed is priceless.

Diet Coke

It's pretty much an addiction. I've recently rationed myself to only one 100 calorie can per day. Seriously, it's like going through detox.

Dish (Celebrity, that is)

I read People Magazine, US Weekly and Perez Hilton daily. I'm nosy. I can't help it!

Dark Chocolate

Need I say more? Nothing compliments the perfect glass of Merlot better than a heavenly piece of dark chocolate.
Diamonds and David Yurman

Let's be frank. Diamonds are every girl's best friend and I am no exception.
Not only has Hubs given me a beautiful wedding set and princess cut earrings, but also a to-die-for David Yurman pave diamond bracelet. Nothing compliments a woman's feminine soul like diamonds (and pearls!).


I included these flowers in my wedding centerpieces in shades of hot pink, burgundy, orange and yellow. There's just something about these daisies that make me... so happy. Not to mention that they are both mine and my father's favorite flower!

I'm in LOVE!

Ok. I've come to the conclusion that, after reading many girls' blogs, there are some pretty great husbands/boyfriends/fiances out there, but ladies, I apologize, my husband is THE best. (Not that I'm biased or anything).

Since we're on mission "Live Off One Salary and Save Everything For a House" Hubs and I decided early on that we wouldn't be doing anything over-the-top for Valentine's Day this year. I have to break and give us MUCHO kudos for sticking to our budget the way we've been. It has certainly been difficult, especially "in these economic times" but we've been scrimping and saving nonetheless and doing a fantastic job of it!

As we all know, husbands are very difficult creatures to buy presents for and rarely can you turn grilling tools, a beer of the month subscription or even a watch, into something uber cute and romantical. This year, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy Hubs and finally settled on a little bed and breakfast getaway in Cape May, New Jersey. Juggling our crazy, non-comformist work schedules and a six month old puppy doesn't allow for much get-up-and-go so I knew I would have to mention it to Hubs and sacrifice the surprise of it.

Me: So, honey.. I''ve been thinking about what to get you for Valentine's Day.

Hubs: Does it involve something naughty? (typical)

Me: Well, it could. How does a weekend at a beach-y bed and breakfast sound?

Hubs: That's a great idea. But all I really want are some new Rainbows.

(for those of you who do not know, Rainbows are the best pair of flip-flops EVER).

Me: Are you serious? You just want me to buy you flip-flops? That's not romantic! "Honey, I love you. Here's your flip-flops."

Hubs: Can you make them doubles? And premium leather? I'm a little high-maintenance when it comes to 'bows.

Well.. I caved. And bought my husband quite possibly the most un-romantic gift ever. So much for the surprise factor.

Do I know what I'm getting for Valentine's Day? YES! Why? Because I totally ruined the surprise all by myself.

I've been drooling over the Amazon Kindle for MONTHS. And MONTHS. And MONTHS.

Seriously, it's nearly every bookworm's fantasy. Word on the street was that Amazon was coming out with a newer model and therefore, it never made any sense to purchase the Kindle 1. In testament to my desire to own a Kindle, I actually gave up buying books at Barnes and Noble and relegated myself to the dirty, dusty shelves of the local library.

Well, well, well. Logging onto this morning (in an attempt to find Hubs a SURPRISE Vday present) I saw it. In all it's slim, technological glory. The Kindle 2. "OH MY GOD." I actually yelled it out loud and my stomach did a little butterfly-flippy thing. You can pre-order your very own Kindle 2.

I immediately dial Hubs at work. No answer.

Time for mass email assault.

First email: "THERE'S A KINDLE 2!! And you can reserve your place in line to pre-order!!! Oh please tell me this is within our budget/wifely stipend?!"

(five minutes passes.. no reply and the Kindle 2 comes available February 24th. And it ships first come, first serve!).

Second Email: "Ok, i really might be going crazy over here.. it's due out february 24th and it's first-come, first-serve.. can i pre-order it using my credit card and then you can keep my stipend for the next two weeks?! can we strike some sort of deal? maybe a little payment plan *winkwink*"

(three more minutes and still no reply. C'mon Hubs I KNOW you're sitting in front of your laptop!)

Reply: "Relax. It's already been ordered. Days ago. Happy Valentine's Day, my bookworm."

He's truly amazing, isn't he? I'm in LOVE
(with my husband that is, not the Kindle 2. Yet....)

Awkward, Much?

We all know Hubs is a pretty lucky guy. Afterall, he gets to spend the rest of his life with me and a crazy Old English Sheepdog. Well, this Valentine's Day, I wanted him to feel even luckier.

How so?

With a trip to every man's favorite place.. No, not Home Depot (we reserve that for Saturdays, remember?) But Victoria's Secret. Rather than trek on out to the huge mall twenty minutes from my house, I thought I'd just casually run by the adorable little outdoor shopping center just minutes down the road. Granted, their selection isn't much, but I love shopping for lingerie about as much as I love shopping for bathing suits.

So here I am.. perusing the racks of satin, lace and leather (?!!) when I suddenly get that uncomfortable feeling that someone is watching me.

Sure enough, there's a couple of random men simply wandering around the store. One would think, "Hey, they're probably a little overwhelmed/lost/unsure when it comes to picking out lingerie for their special lady friend" but these two men were just wandering.. and staring. And staring. And wandering.

Every time I picked an item off the rack, I felt their eyes boring a hole into the back of my head. Not only did I leap outside of my comfort zone with the item that I decided to purchase (Hubs, you'd better appreciate this and talk about it for months) but their not-so-casual glances and not-so-subtle whispers had me feeling more uncomfortable than ever.

As I cautiously made my way into the fitting room, I tossed around the idea of saying something to the saleswoman. Not wanting to call further attention to myself, I decided against the idea and hoped to myself that they might be gone once I finished my own private fashion show.

Trying not to get myself tangled in satin or twisted in lace ties, I carefully tried to listen for footsteps and inapprorpiate whispers. (Am I crazy, or what?) Just as I was making my final decision, I overheard the very voluptuous "take-no-crap-from-nobody" saleswoman kindly asked the Creepy McCreepersons to leave.

Whew. Unbelieveable.

And then I decided to treat myself to a very small, but very free box of Godiva chocolates.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am a sucker for a good manicure.
I obsess over the perfect shade of pink and the right topcoat.
God forbid my manicure doesn't match my pedicure.
And what better way to beat away the winter blues than with a great pedicure?
My newest obsession?
Miami Beet.
With an upcoming getaway weekend planned in the Bahamas,
I've found the *perfect* beach-y shade for this gal's tootsies!
Part of OPI's new South Beach Collection!
Love it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I struggled for many days about whether or not I should share this post or leave it archived as "draft" only. However, this is my reality and in sharing, it keeps memories alive.

For four and a half years I worked as an Oncology Nurse on the inpatient floor of a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. For those of you unfamiliar with the process- patients diagnosed with cancers of the blood will often undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant in order to achieve the only possible chance of remission. It involves extremely high doses of chemotherapy and sometimes radiation and often requires patients to be in the hospital for a minimum of 30 days. You can imagine the bonds you can form with another individual during this amount of time.

It is here that I've become a part of many families and watched my own "family" grow. I've learned the names of sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. I've learned anniversary dates, how relationships blossomed and shared personal stories and photographs. I've shared the best places to go on vacation and learned the best bottles of wine to drink with chicken. Needless to say, as much as I have taught my patients, it is from them that I've learned a thing or two about life along the way.

I've held many hands and cried on many bed sides. I've watched many men and women take their last breath. I've helped ease their pain. And I've witnessed miracles.

It takes a great degree of separation to keep one's sanity in this specialty. However, it's not always that easy. From the minute I met 19 year old K.O, I immediately took him under my wing and he became my pseudo-younger brother. We shared so many laughs in the hospital. He always reminded me why I love what I do. It wasn't always laughs. We cried together too and I was always there when he needed to be angry.

He taught me how to play the guitar and I even went ahead and bought an acoustic guitar of my own, thanks, in part, to his inspiration. No matter how hard I try, I can only play "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and a few chords of "Smoke on the Water." Ha!

I will always admire K.O. for his strength and determination in the face of such a terrible, often unrelenting, devil of a disease. Leukemia steals away the best the world has to offer. It stole the life of such a wonderful young man on January 19th, 2009.

My heart will always be with K.O. and his family as they have touched me in a way that I will never be able to explain.

I recently came across this quote which had me thinking more and more about how blessed I am to be given the chance to laugh/cry/heal and work with such amazing, admirable individuals.

"Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of others...for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received."
Albert Einstein

Hello, Role Reversal.

In the M household, weekends are our specialty.

Friday evenings are spent canoodling over a bottle of wine and a fancy dinner at a local suburban BYOB, followed by either a trip to the local antique movie theatre or back home to work on our butt-dents in the couch and catch up on a little DVR.

Saturdays are meant for sleeping in, waking up to the smell of a whole wheat pancake-egg-and-turkey-bacon breakfast, followed by a trip to Lowe's, Home Depot, HomeGoods, or some other type of Home Improvement store (we're now on the lookout for a very specific upholstered ottoman that we cannot find ANYWHERE) followed by a little baking and a heated Hubs vs Ashley Paige Wii tournament. (Saturdays have always been my favorite day, as I'm sure you can see why!)

Sundays are our "lazy days" and typically begin with morning mass, followed by a long dog walk in the park and muddled with dull, boring grown-up chores like laundry and the taxes. (I've never much enjoyed Sundays because of the looming work week that always ensues).

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't trade these weekends for the world. And the new house certainly gives us plenty of tasks to keep busy. Although, I failed to mention that somebody always manages to hurt themself during these days (and by the grace of God, it usually isn't me!) Normally these injuries occur during dinner prep and it's usually Hubs who's sliced off a good chunk of a finger with the amazing Japanese machete/vegetable knife we were given as an engagement present.

I refuse to use this knife due to the amount of money it's already cost us in late-evening trips to the local CVS for band-aids, butterfly bandages and medical tape. It's a good thing Hubs married a nurse- I seriously don't know what he would do without me sometimes!

Let's talk about this morning's chain of events.

Hubs likes to wake up early most Sundays and head out to 9:30am Mass. It's these mornings that I usually wake up on the wrong side of the bed all sorts of cranky because I have to wake up even earlier to be remotely ready for such an early Mass. (Why don't men understand that it takes women at least an hour to get ready for anything??) I usually try to pull for the 6:30pm Mass which Hubs refuses to go because he'd rather be relaxing before the ominous work week.

Trying my best to break this habit, I wake early, compose myself as best I can and head downstairs dressed and ready for 9:30am Mass. What do I find? Hubs, in his PAJAMAS, baking banana bread.

Story of my life.

So, I throw in the towel and decide to help. Afterall, the browning bananas on the countertop for the last two weeks have been shouting "bake me" and I've refused to given in. (I loathe brown bananas- they really do creep me out). Waste not, want not-Hubs and I got to work.

Having recently moved, Hubs and I rarely know where anything is in the new kitchen. I'm constantly calling him on the phone to ask if he happens to remember where we put the ________ (fill in useful kitchen item here).

This morning we couldn't find the 1/2 cup measuring cup. Why Hubs couldn't just fill the 1 cup measuring cup halfway, I will never know. Here I am, interrupted in my sous-chef responsibilities to look for the lost measuring cup.

"OH MY GOD" I scream, as the reailty sets in. I've just sliced my pointer-finger on the stupid serrated vegetable chopper from Williams and Sonoma, while rummaging through the drawer looking for said measuring cup.

Vegetable chopper, you USED to be my favorite kitchen tool!

Being a nurse, I know fingers and heads tend to bleed more than usual. But wow, that's a LOT of blood pouring out of my little finger. I quickly run my finger under the faucet as Hubs continues.. TO LOOK FOR THE MEASURING CUP.

Um, honey? Could you maybe grab me a paper towel?? Or a BAND-AID?

Hubs runs upstairs to the first-aid cabinet (yes, I said cabinet) and returns with the infamous butterfly bandages and medical tape that he's so accustomed to seeing during dinner prep.

He also has that deer in the headlights look.. as in, "I don't really like blood. Can I just finish baking the banana bread?"

So there I am. Trying to maintain pressure and elevation on my poor little digit, all the while, attempting with ONE FUNCTIONAL HAND, to apply the impossible butterfly bandage.

All while Hubs bakes the banana bread.

Role reversal, much?

Oh, and apologies for any excess grammatical/spelling errors. I'm only working with nine fingers here!

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