the m's

Ashley Paige aka "AP"

The voice behind I Love You More Than Carrots, wife and  Mommy. In my prior life, I worked as a Hematology/Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant nurse until I traded in my stethoscope for a full-time stay at home mom hat. After nearly three years of this gig, I'm finally starting to make this new hat look damn good. Okay, fine. After nearly three years (and two kids), I'm finally starting to wear matching clothes that sometimes match my new hat. Rapidly approaching thirty and strangely looking forward to it. 

The Husband

Retired fraternity brother who traded in beer bongs and red Solo cups for Corporate America. His favorite memory of college is no doubt the night he met his future wife over an exciting game of beer pong. Hadn't ever owned a pair of blue jeans until his freshman year of college and taught his future wife the two-step just days after meeting her. Pretty much the coolest guy I know, both an amazing husband and an even more incredible father. 

  Carter aka "C" or "The Toddler" 

The light of our lives, the twinkle in our eyes, the whole enchilada. An overachiever in every sense of the word, he's his Mama's boy. Loves anything dangerous that may land him an early visit to the ER. This includes couch surfing, table-climbing and using his toys for anything BUT what they were designed for. Including but not limited to riding them, climbing them, throwing them, hiding in them, etc. Born July 30, 2010 at a whopping 9lbs. and 10oz. Booyah. He absolutely loves being a Big Brother and is constantly working on his internal struggle to achieve "Gentle Hands."

Maclane aka "Mac" or "M2"

Born June 18th, 2012, he is the spitting image of his Mama and a drastically different baby than his older brother C. With Big Brother's shoes to fill, he's already blazing his own trail with his dark eyes and dark hair. We cannot wait to see our little boy's personality develop and we look forward to sharing him with you!

Sullivan aka "Sheepie"

Believe it or not, Sullivan earned his "Sheepie" nickname from the loyal readers of I Love You More Than Carrots! An Olde English Sheepdog, just like the one from The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. He loves his little brother almost as much as he loves cheese and "buh-bye" rides. He's a lap-sitting, baby-licking, family-herding lovable big guy and there's never a dull moment when the Sheepster is around!
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