Friday, July 1, 2011

Feather Extensions? Just Call Me Mama Sassypants...

In my endless quest to retain some sense of "coolness" post-baby, I went and did it. I got feather extensions. No, no. Don't mistake me for Ke$ha, I'm still just regular ol' AP. Enhanced, if you will, with a little bit of extra sass on top. Subtle, understated lavender, grey and indigo natural sass feathers. 


I mean, let's face it. All the cool kids are doing it. And by "cool kids," I don't mean Hilary Duff,  Jennifer Love Hewitt, wait, did I just lose a few cool points for calling her Jennifer? Does she still go solely by Love? and Selena Gomez. I'm talking about the coolest of the cool. Mamas like Katie and Molly have also become part of the feather extension trendsetters.

Are you still with me or have you already jumped up from your seat to make an appointment for The Hotness? Here's a few things you might want to know before you join the club. The 411 on Feathers, if you will:

- Be sure to call your salon ahead of time to make sure they have the extensions. Although I'm from the Land of the Real Housewives, my high-end salon just got their hands on a shipment yesterday. It's true, this made me feel ultra-cool.
- The extensions can be washed, brushed, blow dried and curled and will last anywhere from 2-4 months depending on how they're cared for.
- If the extension happens to fall out, I was given an extra "ball" to take to the nearest salon that could replace it for me.The ball is what the stylists clamp on the end of the extension to hold it in place.
- The extentions are resuable and for $32 a pop, you know I'll be hanging onto this sucker for as long as I can! 

It was a ridiculously easy process and actually took me longer to pick out the color of feathers than to actually put them in my hair. There were a ton of colors to choose from and as sassy as I was feeling, I just didn't think I could rock hot pink or yellow just yet. After just a minute or two of threading my hair into the extension and securing it with a silver "ball," I was good to go! Sassypants feathers and all. 

I have to say, it's nice to think that there's just a little somethin' somethin' extra hiding in there... 

That's not the only surprise this weekend holds, dear sweet Loyals. If you don't already follow me on Facebook you might want to head over and give me a quick "Like" so you'll have first-dibs on some other.. exciting events that might occur! And for the record, I hate to disappoint you so early in the game, but I am in fact, not pregnant. Do ya still love me?

Have a great weekend, Loyals!

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  1. I am not very adventurous with my hair. I get it trimmed. Then wash and shampoo. Then blowdry. Ta-da!

    I'm pretty sure that none of the "salons" in Small Town, USA have feather extensions! ha!

  2. You are a brave lady! But they look great on you :)

  3. love the feather, super jealous. I want one really bad. you are sass-tastic.

  4. Love it!!! How fun! One of the women I work with has an aqua and purple extensions, so fun! I may look into this when I go in for highlights and cut next week!

  5. Very cool. I had mine in for 5 weeks and they fell out. I will be having them put back in when I get my hair cut next week...I loved fun!

  6. Love it! I want to do it! haha.

  7. You rock the feathers! And I'm loving the dark hair!

  8. Awesome! Although I have to say that picture made me laugh because you look kind of terrified! :)

  9. you just got way cooler in my book! I love these and am so glad you did it! Maybe I will too! my hair dresser texted me the other day asking me if I wanted some!

  10. +10 cool points for you! Love them!

  11. Damnit! I just left a comment & now its not there! I hate my phone!!!! So consider this my comment love. Lol!

  12. I can't help but think, if I got feather extensions, it would take less than one minute for my cats to mistake my head for a cat toy. They currently have about 10 feline-centric toys that resemble feather extensions. Alas, I will have to enjoy the trend from afar. Looking good, mama!


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