Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet The Newest Catholic!

I'm bending my "anti-weekend recaps" rule and posting a few hundred pictures of C's Baptism this past weekend. I mean, it was a pretty darn good party and a beautiful celebration, if I do say so myself!

My dress, although not a bedazzled poly-blend of spandex, was a hit. There were no brawls and only a few fist pumps. And the best news? We will not be featured on TLC's next big hit, "Redneck Backyard BBQ!" Whew. Everything came together just as I had anticipated, despite the handful of nervous breakdowns I was on the verge of having during the days leading up to the party. 

And? Only one dog needed Benadryl. Oh, I failed to mention that my parent's dog is neurotic? Ha. Slight oversight. Well, thanks to The Benadryl and half a beer The Husband slipped him, Hurley enjoyed the company, too.

Up first? Standard front yard family pictures: 


My brother, Uncle Woobs and his girlfriend.

Aunts and Uncles all around!

Next Up? Church. Which, if I may interject, WHY is the lighting so awful?

Oh, you know. Just hamming it up...

Paying close attention? Not really. Trying to keep C from lunging out of my arms and into the baptismal "jacuzzi?" Definitely. The kid wanted to go swimming in the worst way!

This picture is for The Shabby Princess
The best shot I could find of the JCrew dress and glitter wedges!

Meet The Newest Catholic, modeling on the steps of the altar. Awesome:

And finally, the party deets: 

Yes, I did buy 50 sunflowers. And yes, I did arrange them myself.

Happy Tuesday, Loyals! 

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to try and kick myself out of this post-party funk that I can't seem to shake! Hands down I could sleep until next Thursday if only C would let me! Oh wait, what's that you say? Carter's First Birthday is a month away? Right. Forget that I ever mentioned sleep...

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  1. He is just the cutest with those baby Sperrys!! What a beautiful and special day. Glad everything went well! Welcome Baby to the Catholic Church =0)

  2. Love all the pictures! You looked amazing and Carter is just too handsome for words!

    And I agree, church lighting is always so horrible.

    Glad y'all had a great party!!

  3. love the dress, you looked great :)

  4. Monogrammed john-johns! Boat shoes! Be still my beating heart!!!

    And you look ADORBS, missy!

  5. I love his little baptism outfit. Where'd you get it?

    We are dedicating Sawyer at church on July 17 so I want to get something like that for him!

  6. Congrats, Carter!!

    Also, um, that dress and those shoes? I DIE! So gorg. Love those pictures of you and C, so, so sweet.

  7. Loved the pictures you looked fabulous! I am so glad it went off without a hitch! And C's outfit is to die for cuteness.

  8. YAY!! Congrats Carter!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day and everything came together perfectly:) Great job, momma!

  9. Carter is darling in his little monogrammed outfit! And, you look pretty stunning yourself, missy.

  10. Congrats C!
    Everything turned out beautiful! and I'm in love with your dress. As always. :)

  11. Precious! I love all of these pictures. You and C both look fantastic! Glad everything went well.

  12. Love this! He looks adorable and you look fantastic! What a special day for your family :)

  13. So glad you survived the weekend and enjoyed everything! Carter looks adorable, and so did everyone! Really loved those shoes you had on too!

  14. everything came together beautifully! what a handsome little man you've got there, and you...look hot mama!

  15. Congratulations! Your boy is too handsome, and it looks like everything went off perfectly.

    Also, I'm envious that you can wear that terrific coral color; not sure we can be invisible internet friends after this...


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