Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's In the Bag.. The Mom Bag, That Is..

This is my Kooba bag.

Once upon a time she was filled to the brim with lot's of grown-up lady things like.. MAC lipstains, MAC compact powders,  a Kindle, a pair of those super comfy fold-up black flats and maybe a bottle or two of my favorite go-to OPI nail color...


But then, someone came along and that pretty bag was no longer filled with such items. Granted, one can't help but fall in love with this particular prince and his ocean-blue eyes and blondie peach fuzz hair. But he sure did turn this pretty bag upside down...


After falling head over heels in love with the prince, it's easy to see how much he's changed this girl's life. Her handbag practically overflows with his worldly belongings. Let's take a peek inside, shall we?


Aside from the Vera Bradley wallet and the grown-up set of car keys, there's barely any proof that this bag belongs to an adult. Shockingly, there was only one lone package of Mum-Mums to be found. On a typical day, there are at least four or five floating around in there. Veggie happens to be my Carter's favorite.

We all know one could never have enough nunnies lying around. Today we have two, one of which is attached to one of god's greatest creations, the pacifier leash. This goes without saying, but there are atleast three more of them scattered throughout my car. The inside of my car? Whew. That's a whole other post in itself.

Although my iPhone is missing from the picture, it would be remiss of me if I didn't travel with the prince's cell phone. You never know when you'll need to make an emergent call to Cat, Dog or Mouse. One can't even leave the house without their keys and lucky for Carter, we bring both sets of his. Traditional and musical.

Throw in a few dipes, a pack of wipes and top it all off with a pack of gum and two of my favorite lip balms. See it really is my bag! Who would have known.. 

And despite the expensive purse-takeover? The two lived Happily... Ever... After.  

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  1. when I was getting Eme's pics taken yesterday I was pulling out all the stops from my bag, you bottle....a sippy cup of water, etc etc etc...and I was thinking "OMG WHO HAVE I BECOME?!" ha. It was amazing. I was that mom with the secret stash of everything a kid needs.

    Although? In our house (or bag) there is no such a pacifier in sight. Never been able to get her to take one.

  2. I love this post! I can totally relate. It actually looks like our 2 boys are very similar in age.

    Glad that I ran across your blog, very cute reads. You have a new follower :)

  3. I love it and cannot wait to have my purse overrun with the little princess's things. Seriously, I'm so excited!!

  4. Yup looks familiar. I love that keihls lip balm!!! Have you tired there baby chap stick?? It's awesome!

  5. Uh-huh... When our first was about 6 months old, Dh decided to buy me a new purse for Christmas. Being a smart dh, he wanted me to pick out the one I wanted. When I started looking at extra-large bags, he reminded me that this was supposed to be for me, not the baby. After all, we owned several wonderful diaper bags. Yeah... who was he kidding?

  6. Love it! I need to do a whats in my crazy, marry poppins, I need to take the whole world with me everywhere I go bag!

    :) Tell me more about these Mums? Someone asked if I had given them to Trey - I don't even know what they are!

    p.s. Love the Kooba!


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