Friday, December 23, 2011

And You Thought It Was Just A Barbecue....

Apparently, when compiling C's list for Santa Friends and Family this year, I was way off. When I thought he'd love to have his very own Little Tikes Grill Set, he clearly had other things on his mind. I just had to share these pictures because they literally make me laugh out loud every time I see them! 

Here are just a handful of uses for his brand new toy:

Use #472: Houdini's Box

Use #479: A Horsey

Use #501: A Space Shuttle

Use #511 and My Personal Favorite: A Jamaican Bobsled

Who knows, maybe one day, he'll be back to wearing his Hugh Heffner robe and cooking Mama a burger.. but until then, I can't wait to see what else he comes up with! 

Well, Loyals, this is it! 
The last time you'll hear from me and C 
until after Christmas! 
We wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases! 

The M Family


  1. Hilarious and I'm still standing by my comment, I doubt he would have done that w/a kitchen, send that to @mmello!

  2. Hilarious.....have a very christmas

  3. Hilarious. That boy keeps ME on my toes, so I can only imagine what you feel like at umm 9 am?? Yikes! Good thing he is so stinking cute. And that hair, I love it!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful merry Christmas!!!!!

  4. How stinkin adorable!!! Ah Merry Christmas friend!!!

  5. Always repurposing toys. He's definitely imaginative. I'm just waiting for him to lift it over his head so you can caption the picture, "We're from Jamaica. We are a bobsled team."

  6. The many uses of a grill. Who knew? ;)

  7. You have a creative one on your hands for sure! I can't wait to see what he does next!

  8. Amazing!! That Hefner robe is FANTASTIC... do you giggle every time you put it on him - picturing a little Hefner.
    I also love that you let him use his imagination to make the toy what he wants it to be!

  9. Haha! This renews my desire to have children to buy play kitchens, bbqs, etc. Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. #1 looks like a clown coming out of a clown car

  11. For some reason, the toys are so much cooler tipped over. Why would you ever want to play with them right side up? That would make cleanup time for mommy way too easy.

  12. Great pictures! So cute!


  13. Not just any bobsled but a Jamaican one. love it!

  14. Lol...I can't believe he got himself in there ;)

    Merry Christmas love!!

  15. Oh freakin cute is carter!!! I love his grill!
    PS I finally got your note from like a million months ago.....of course I still read your blog I love it! :) and your pear martini is still one of my favorites!

  16. Great imagination that boy has! And who said they like the boxes the toys come in best? Merry Christmas!

  17. LOL too funny! Especially the Houdini's Box one - how in the world did he squeeze in there?! lol...

  18. This post is making me feel much better about my bull dozer man child! He has bust my lip about 3 times this week already! He throws and knocks down EVERYTHING! and then climbs on it! Just imagine when you have 2 boys to help each other with the shenanigans! ha


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