Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carter Michael, You are 4 Months Old!

Carter-man, I feel like I begin every single one of these monthly posts the same way. I simply cannot believe you are four months old. My baby is four months old! How did this happen? Every day you are growing and changing before your daddy's and my eyes. This month, you haven't so much grown up, as you have grown out! Daddy and I laugh every time we see that belly of yours hanging over your pants! You are one well-fed little boy, yessir! What have you been up to this month?

16 pounds 3 ounces (75th percentile) 
26.8 inches long (95th percentile)
(the next michael jordan? perhaps!)

- Mommy and Daddy had their first unofficial "date night." We left you with your Gammie and Poppy for a handful of hours so that we could attend the rehearsal dinner of your Uncle B. We left you for just shy of five hours and from what Gammie and Poppy told (or didn't tell) us, you did marvelously.

- You attended your first wedding and made a quick appearance at the reception. In your jam jams. Although you spent most of your time upstairs in our hotel room with Gammie and Poppy, everyone at the wedding got a kick out of you! They couldn't stop telling us how handsome you are! You spent nine hours away from Mommy on this day and she missed your guts terribly! Eventually Mommy will get better at leaving you with others, but she's certainly not ready yet! Good thing you don't go off to college for another 17 years! Hello, "attachment-parenting!"


- You are truly interested in reading books and you love story time. Mommy reads so many books to you, but you especially love Alexander and The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

- You had your very first formula bottle the week before your Uncle B's wedding. After a little trial and error, you didn't bat an eyelash at Similac's Alimentum. A boy after my own heart, you only love the most expensive. We know you don't have a milk sensitivity, so after a few weeks, we began introducing Similac Sensitive with a little bit of rice mixed in. Mommy is still breastfeeding 2-3 times per day, but supplements with 2-3 formula bottles per day as well. You're not a spitter-upper (and haven't been since the day we brought you home) but your burps could rival a grown man's! Hysterical!


- You have a raging appetite little man. You will eat 8-10 ounces every 4 hours. Mommy just couldn't keep up! We have your doctor's appointment scheduled for later in the week and we will most certainly be asking the doctor about introducing solids!

- You love your bath time and doing "crazy legs" in the tub. You make a gigantic mess. You are getting better about liking getting out of the tub. Before, it was Meltdown City, but now? You're only a little crankster.

- You've been sleeping through the night for a little under two months now. You'll typically go down for the night around 8 or 9pm and sleep until 5am. Mommy needs to start going to bed a little earlier so that she can appreciate these long stretches! You're still not sleeping in your crib. We've tried a few times putting you back down in there after your 5am wake-up feeding, but it's way too roomy and the minute you're down against the mattress, your arms stretch out and your eyes pop wide open. We're looking for suggestions on how to make your crib feel a bit more... womby. You've been leading the charge ever since you arrived and I have a feeling when you're ready, you'll take to it just fine. Mommy and Daddy are in no rush.

- You talk all the time. When you're not talking, you're shrieking and doing "The Screamies." You crack yourself up.

- You LOVE when Sheepie licks your hands and I've even caught you sticking your hand out when he walks by, just so that he'll stop for a taste. Sheepie loves you so much and I can't wait to see how you two bond over the next year!

- You immediately put everything in your mouth. Toys, books, your hands, fingers. Mommy and Daddy's hands, etc. You're a drooling mess, too. Welcome to bib city, sir. No teeth buds yet! But we're waiting!

- You celebrated your first Thanksgiving in New Jersey and saw your first snow flurries! Mommy gave you a taste of sweet potatoes from her place and you kept smacking your lips and coo'ing loudly. I'm pretty sure you wanted more, but Mommy just wants to run it by the pedi first!

- The day before Thanksgiving, you ate your rice cereal off of a spoon! Mommy and Daddy took nearly 300 pictures and although you weren't too sure about it in the beginning, you LOVED it by the time we were done and kept guiding the spoon to your mouth! You silly boy, you!

(Whew.. this was a busy month for you!)

- You've started to notice the television and are absolutely captivated by flashing colors and bright lights. You also don't seem to mind watching Ellen with Mommy. Or Regis and Kelly. Thank goodness!

- You're able to sit, tucked inside your Boppy, for a couple of minutes unassisted. It's not so much that you lean left or right, but after those couple of minutes, you take a nosedive into the floor. We're clearly working on the "tripod" sit. Haha, crazy boy!

- You love your play gym and don't mind the Bumbo when Mommy is cooking. You'll tolerate your swing and your bouncy seat for no more than 10 minutes at a time and therefore, you're always keeping Mommy on her toes! Every day we play "Musical Baby Equipment" and bounce between all of your toys! Some days, it's truly exhausting.

- Speaking of exhausting, you are still very anti-nap. You just don't like them and most days, you don't take them. It's not even that you're fussy because of that. You just aren't a napper. That's so very unfortunate. Mommy loves naps.

- You're wearing 6-9month clothes. Mommy and Daddy are shocked. Some of your sleeper stretchies are 6-12 months and fit you perfectly in length! Judging by our scale at home, you're weighing somewhere between 16 and 17 pounds and are roughly 25 and a half inches long. Mommy can't wait to bring you into the pedi to get a true measurement! You are such a happy, healthy and growing boy and we couldn't be more blessed!

Carter Michael, you amaze your Daddy and I every single day. Some days, I just don't understand how my heart could hold so much love for you. But it continues to do so, every single minute of every single day. And then some! We are so excited to see what this next month brings. We love you so much, Carter-man!  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Now I Know How People Forget Their Children...

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving. After stuffing not only our bellies with delicious food but also our souls with delightful company and laughter galore, we literally stuffed ourselves into the family SUV to begin the trek back to home, sweet Maryland. There was no doubt we were packed to the gills. Gammie, Poppy, Great Aunt Jan and Great NannyLuv are always spoiling Baby C with new toys and clothes that often times, we need to pack an extra empty duffel just to bring home his loot! This visit was no exception.

So there we are, all packed up and ready to go. It wouldn't be a visit home without stopping for our requisite brown bag (or 3) of New Jersey bagels on the way out, so after hugs and kisses all around, we backed out of the driveway and headed out to the nearest bagel shop. It's just after 7am and we were making great time. Heaven knows that post-Thanksgiving traffic is not somewhere you'd want to be with a 4 month old!

Several minutes into our ride, my heart nearly drops into my stomach and I turned to Mike and say, "Um. honey? Did you pack the sheepdog?" Several minutes. I already knew the answer. And just like that, my phone rings. 

"Uhhhh. Did you forget someone?" 

We had forgotten to pack the sheepdog. With tears streaming down my face (half from laughing so hard, half from suddenly realizing what a terrible, awful thing we did) I answer my Dad, "Umm. I can't believe we forgot the dog. We're turning around now!" 

Wearing his leash, Sullivan had taken his place on the floor next to the front door as if to say, "This happens a lot. This is what it feels like to be forgotten." Oh, just rip my heart out and jump all over it. 

Consumed with motherly guilt, I jumped out of the car and ran to the front door. Tail a' wagging, Sullivan greeted me as if it were any other outing. He immediately led me to the car, the tail end of the car to be exact, and waited patiently for the hatch to open. 

Once I had lifted him into the car, all 103 pounds of him, I smothered him with kisses and whispered in his ear, "I'm so sorry Sheepie. We won't ever forget you, ever again." 

We forgot the sheepdog. Weforgottopackthesheepdog. Ugh. I'm ashamed. 

You can bet your lunch money that Sheepie got table scraps AND a spoonful of ice cream after dinner that night.  Go ahead, I earned it. I'll accept the award for Worst Furbaby Mother of the Month.   

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winner, Winner - Thankful CSN Giveaway

Quick note of thanks for bearing with me through this giveaway. I know it's not something you're used to seeing around these parts, but when I was contacted about hosting either a product review or giveaway, I thought a giveaway would be a sweet way to thank you all for reading. Thank you to those of you who entered! (And of course, told me how precious Baby C is!) I Love You More Than Carrots will now resume it's regularly scheduled blogging with posts chock full of funny things my husband says, adorable pictures of Baby C and some fabulous beauty shortcuts that have not only made my life so much easier, but have helped me maintain some sort of my former (albeit slightly chubbier) self. 

The winner of the $45 dollar CSN Stores gift certificate is... #17, Danielle! I desperately tried to copy the Random(dot)org widget into my post with little success, as I'm sure you can tell.

"dran said...
And of course I think baby Carter is the best (well, SECOND best) Carter in the world :) They would look precious beside each other in their "ski vests."
November 22, 2010 2:50 PM"

Danielle is one of my absolutely favorite bloggers. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she's also Mommy to a beautiful baby boy named Carter! Her baby boy is just a couple of months older than Baby C and I love reading what her babe has been up to... knowing that Carter will be following suit very shortly! She has also been a wonderful bloggy mom-friend!

Congratulations, Danielle! Please make sure to check your email for the instructions on how to use your CSN Stores online gift certificate. Thank you so much for reading! Give that Baby C a big squeeze for me!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wee One Wednesday - Thanksgiving Edition

faux Uggs? check.
three point harness? check.
goofy but oh-so-adorable stripey pom-pom hooded jacket?
check, check and check.

Baby C, enjoying his first ride in the B.O.B 

Of note: don't forget to enter my "I'm So Thankful for my Readers" giveaway here.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Eve
 and a love and laughter-filled, super tasty Thanksgiving holiday!

This year, I will be relishing in all that I have to be thankful for. An amazingly wonderful, supportive, loving and hardworking husband. The opporunity to stay home each day and watch my son grow and change is the ultimate blessing. Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate my husband and the additional work (and with that work, stress) he has shouldered to make this possible. I'm also incredibly thankful for an incredible family and extended family, as well as an army of friends, that have made my transition to motherhood, as well as a new life in Maryland, almost seamless.

We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Screamies - Starring: Carter Michael

Finally. Although a bit deaf, I am absolutely beside myself that I was finally able to capture Carter's new favorite way to pass the time. I call it: The Screamies. This child LOVES to hear himself- always babbling, always coo'ing. Well, that all changed nearly two and a half weeks ago when he discovered the shriek. Now? It's all he does. When he wakes up in the morning? He's all cute and cuddly and babbly.. and then WHAM!

The Screamies. He loves it. He cracks himself up. Meanwhile, my ears are bleeding. Hopefully he learns a new trick very, very soon! Good thing he's just so gosh darn cute!

And for the record, no, his collar is not popped on purpose. Although, he would make quite the cute prepster!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful For My Readers - A Giveaway!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've partnered with CSN stores to give away to you, one of my dear readers, a $45 gift certificate! I just love you all so much and am so thankful that you read my little corner of the blogosphere.
CSN Stores has over 250 specialized online stores where you can shop everything from sling backpacks, to Christmas decor, to exercise equipment and nursery furniture. They even cater to your four-legged furbabies and sell a vast array of pet beds and toys! Not to mention, they are always adding new specialty stores like Luxe by CSN Stores. Um, gorgeous handbags? Yes, please!

To enter this giveaway you must do the following:

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For additional entries, you could do any of the following. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each:

1. Leave me a comment telling me how adorable you think Baby C is and why he's your favorite baby in the whole entire world.

2. Visit any one of CSN Stores online stores and tell me what you would spend your $45 gift certificate on.

3. Tell me what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Do all of these things and you have FOUR chances to win this lovely little giveaway!

This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian readership. This giveaway will end at 11pm Thanksgiving Day, Thursday the 25th, so please be sure to leave all of your comments by then. The winner will be chosen using random (dot) org and will be announced on Saturday the 27th.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading I Love You More Than Carrots!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Picture Crankies.

"What do you mean
Santa isn't coming for 35 days?
I want him here NOW!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wee One Wednesday: Mr. Diaperhead Montage

We can thank Poppy for starting this trend
back when Carter was six weeks old.
Unfortunately I've been slacking and don't have a recent picture
of him sporting his size 2 Luvs.. on his head.
I promise I'll get on that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ready To Hit The Slopes...

...In my sweater vest.
Daddy keeps making fun of me,
but Mommy says that I look adorable!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Because Everyone Loves A Laughing Baby. Especially A Baby C!

Please note that I am in no way a complete spaz when it comes to videotaping (although you may think my slight of hand is slightly reminiscent of those Girls Gone Wild commericals). You see, whenever Carter notices the camera he immediately clams up and stops doing whatever it was that I was so desperately trying to catch on tape. Stinker. So explains why my phone is being held off to the side. I just couldn't pass up capturing Carter's first bout of belly laughs. And Sheepie's 25 seconds of fame. And my brand new house covered/cluttered with baby shtuff.
Doesn't it just make your heart smile? Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Open Letter to the Makers of Men's Business Socks.

... or whatever you call them. Dress socks. Suit socks. Impossible-to-match socks.

Dear Makers of Men's... Unmatchable Socks,

   Why in god's name do you make it near impossible to match men's socks? My husband wonders why he has a sock drawer full of loose socks and I had to break him the unfortunate news that it's all your fault. I've never had a problem distinguishing my colors and the last time I checked, I am not colorblind. Go ahead, ask my opthamologist. I pass that silly "I Spy" numbers and letters test while looking through that rather expensive pair of binoculars every time. So what gives?

    Never in my life have I seen a Navy that's so close to Black. Or an Olive that's so close to Khaki. Could you embroider the first letter of the name of the color that the sock truly is.. on the toe of the sock? My husband would be grateful. Not only because he would then have a drawer full of neatly matched and rolled up socks, but also because I could then forgo my habit of laying out every single sock on our kitchen floor, in natural daylight, to try and find its mate.

  This would also give me more time to watch Ellen. Thank you, kindly.

Ashley Paige

A Toast (Er, Roast) To The Next Jersey Housewife.

My brother-in-law married his beautiful and fabulous fiancee this past weekend in New Jersey. Not only is she his new wife, but she's also a very close friend of mine. What intially brought us together, I believe, was the sheer fact that yet another M brother found true love in a yet another North Jersey girl. (And if you think that's funny, wait until 2012 when the youngest M brother marries one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, yes, you guessed it, his North Jersey fiancee).

Wait, it gets better.

Not only are the three of us women all from North Jersey, but we all grew up within 10 miles of each other and two of us even attended the same all-girl Catholic high school. Now if that isn't fate, I don't know what is. Just some more proof that great things really do come out of New Jersey. (I may or may not have done a little fist pump after typing that sentence).

Although he wasn't the best man, my husband also gave a short speech at his brother's wedding. Don't worry, honey. In my eyes, you ARE the best man. And because I can't go without blogging anything funny that my husband says, I knew I had to share with you his speech. It's all about how to live with your new New Jersey wife. His speech received rave reviews. I knew it would. Although, many guests came up to me afterwards and said, "didn't you take offense to any of that?" And after congratulating him and patting him on the back, many people said to my husband, "I bet your wife is really mad you said that!" And the truth is? Of course I'm not! Although it's a true reflection of our life (Maryland meets New Jersey), I looked as it as just how wonderful and loving my husband truly is. Oh, did I mention funny? Because he's hilairous. And he's such a good listener...  

When I asked him to send me his speech, I also asked him if he was ready for his 15 minutes of fame. (My thoughts are italicized).

Congratulations (blah, blah blah…),

I would like to thank the parents, family and friends here today – This truly is a special day (blah, blah, blah.. moving onto the good parts…)

Now, as the best man, it was Joe’s job to embarrass the groom and welcome the bride… as the older brother, it is my job to prepare you for your new life with a Jersey bride. So here is a quick list of things you two will need to buy, pick-up, avoid, forget about, hide, and never forget – but mostly just buy

• Never forget to tell each other “I love you” – this applies multiple times a day for a Jersey girl. And if you've forgotten, don't worry. She'll let you know.

• Buy the ‘NFL ticket on Direct TV’ – this will save you the embarrassment of having to wear those ‘his & hers’ Jets jerseys to the bar. (He’s a Ravens fan, she, a jets fan. Talk about an inter-faith marriage...)

• Pick-up bagels every time you are in NJ – they make that 4hour trip worth it!

• Avoid all shopping malls, shoe stores, and any place that may contain the word “outlet”

• Forget about any solo weekend road trips or bar hopping nights out – I have found that New Jersey wives don’t really appreciate sleeping on someone else's floor.

• Hide your favorite ‘lucky’ pair of boxers, sweatpants, or other ‘slap-the-goon’ t-shirts – these tend to mysteriously disappear when Jersey wives do laundry. (I blame the dryer).

• Never forget to travel together – as those trips will bring great memories

• Buy a DVR – this will ensure you never have to sit through Grey Anatomy or The Hills.

• Now Hide the DVR – it only encourages large backlogs of Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Real Housewives, and Gossip Girl.

• Avoid riding in the passenger seat – especially when in the state of NJ.

• Buy a dog – never mind - get a puppy – that experience will surely build your marriage (and future parenting) teamwork skills!

• Forget about Facebook – if you use it now you won’t need it after today – your Jersey wife will ensure all of your social media tags, friending, status updates, and whereabouts or comical responses are logged almost immediately in cyberspace. (he forgot to mention blogging....)

• Never forget a birthday or anniversary – and if you do call David Yurman (I've trained him so well..)

• Pick-up flowers every now and then on your way home from work – any dozen will do.

• Hide some ‘emergency’ cash for the inevitable ‘honey, I (fill in the blank) with the car‘

• Avoid leaving said cash lying around (Oops. You mean that extra fifty wasn't for new shoes?)

• And lastly but not least, never forget the happiness that each one of you feels today. Your friends and family love you very much!

A toast to the new Mr. and Mrs!

Just a little funny for your Thursday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Carter, You are Three Months Old! (Like, Two Weeks Ago...)

Better late than never, right?

Carter Michael, you are three months old! Reaching this age in itself has been a huge milestone in Mommy's eyes. There is just something about saying, "oh, my baby? he's THREE months old," that makes you sound like such a grown little man. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I am truly the most thankful for the opportunity to stay home and watch you grow and change every single second of your life. What have you been up to this month?

You smile all the time. All. the. time. Strangers always ask me if you're always this happy and unless you have a dirty diapey or need that bottomless pit of a tummy filled, you truly are the happiest baby on the block.  

You LOVE your ABC's and vowel sounds. By the time we get to "D" or the "I" sound, you're coo'ing and goo'ing right along.

Since 9 weeks old, you've been rocking your size 2 diaper. Although I'd love to diaper that cute tush of yours in Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, Daddy's wallet doesn't quite support our expensive diaper habit, so Luvs it is.

You started taking a bottle at night with a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed in. I can't say that I credit your sleeping through the night with the addition of cereal. I think it's just a silly coincidence. But it doesn't suck and you seem to love it.

Speaking of sleeping through the night, you've been sleeping seven to nine hour stretches pretty much the entire month. Mommy and Daddy's sanity thanks you very, very much. 

You're still sleeping in the bassinet in our room. If it was up to Mommy, you'd be sleeping in this thing until your 19th birthday. Good thing it has a weight limit.

This month, you certainly found your fingers and your feet. Lost your nunnie? Your fingers immediately find their way into your mouth. Not any fingers though- just the pointer and middle finger of your left hand. You love to nom these fingers!

You traveled to NJ again and did wonderfully. 

You celebrated your first Halloween as the cutest Charlie Brown in the entire world!

You're wearing strictly 6 month clothes and even a few 6-9 month stretchies. You definitely have your Mommy's long leggies!

Everyone continues to be amazed at your alertness and muscle tone. You're a very contented baby and will take to being held by just about anyone. You let them know, however, as soon as you want your Momma back and will recognize my voice the minute I step into the room. It just melts my heart and makes me the happiest Momma in the whole world. 

Just this last week, you've started "shrieking" and "yelling" and looking around the room as if to say, "Who did that?" You LOVE the sound of your own voice and will spend HOURS (and I mean HOURS)  shrieking and yelling. I love you, sweetie, but it's only cute for about 6 minutes.

Although stingy with your laughs, you started laughing around 11 weeks to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It." You laugh when Mommy takes your hands and claps them. You also laugh when Daddy bounces you in his lap and says, "Ahhhh, BOO!" Carter, there's no better sound in the entire world.

You are such an absolute joy and blessing in our life, Baby C and we treasure every single second of you every single day! We can't wait to see what this next month holds! We love you, our little Carter-rrito!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Friendly Mom-etition..

All new moms are familiar with the quest for mom-friends.

If you're anything like me, you were the first of your friends to get married. Heck, if you're really anything like me, you're the ONLY one of your friends to get married. We all know how that popular childhood taunt goes, "First comes love, first comes marriage...then comes the baby in the baby carriage!" Needless to say, I'm also the only one amongst our friends with a wee babe in tow. As much as I love my friends and vice versa, I'm fairly certain they don't want to hear about Carter's latest eat/sleep/anti-nap/poop tendencies. Or how I think that he's the cutest, most darling baby on the face of the earth. Hence, enter: the need for mom-friends.

So, where does one find such a friend?

I've stalked the neighborhood. I've kept a close eye out for those moms who I see pushing strollers along our sidewalked streets. I may or may not have made mental notes in regards to their routes and during what time of the day they're doing their strolling. I've looked through our church bulletin. I've written a list of other places to check out, including the local library and municipal center. Atop that list, however, was the local Gymboree. I grew up going to Gymboree classes with my mom and over the last 27 years, she never stopped talking about the wonders of Gymbo the clown.

Gymboree? "Score one for mom friends. This place has GOT to be chock full of them," I thought! Despite it's rather hefty price tag (I could join a gym and work off my last ten Carter-pounds for less than this!), I looked into the first free-pass class available and counted down the days until.. today.

It was... fun. If by having fun, you mean having stranger mommies comparing your son's every move, every breath, to their child's. Talk about a bad case of the judgies. Sheesh. 

Before I even slipped out of my Uggs and into stocking feet, I had a fellow mommy ask, "Your son has such good head control. How old is he?" Not, "O my gosh, your son is absolutely adorable." Or "I just love that striped pom-pom hat he's wearing." Not even a "Hi, my name is [ your new mommy friend]!" She then immediately turned to her son and said, "Ok, Mason. You aren't too much younger than Carter. Let's work on that head control!"

Clearly, Mason is going to be that child, nineteen years from now, atop some bell tower somewhere, yielding a semi-automatic weapon. I kid. I kid. 

Okay, so maybe this was an isolated incident. Let's actually step into the ring (of judgies) and take a seat on the playmat (of "death stares and stink faces, because my kid is or isn't doing that [insert milestone here] yet!)

For the next 45 minutes, I proceeded to sit in a circle with 6 other mommies whose babies ranged in ages from 10 weeks to 5 and a half months. As Carter attemped a roll from back to belly, I swear I heard a gasp from the mouth of the mommy sitting across from me. This gasp came right after she literally tried pushing her 12 week old over from belly to back. "Just a nudge in the right direction," she said with a little laugh.

The mommy sitting to my left complimented Carter on his football onesie. "Yes! A mom-friend," I thought to myself. But to no avail. Before I was able to thank her and tell her I scored it on sale at Old Navy, she asked, "Is he sleeping through the night yet?"

I thought High School soccer was going to be intense. I never expected Gymboree to be so.. rivalrous. I just wanted to sing, "If You're Happy and You Know It..."

Who knew making mom-friends was going to be so tough? Excuse me while Carter and I go and practice his times tables. You know, right after I teach him his colors and letters in Spanish.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's Making a List.. And Checking it Twice..

A Christmas card address list, that is!

I can hardly believe it. It's barely November and the storefronts have quickly rid themselves of everything Fall. Swapping out shelves of pumpkins and apple spice candles and replacing them with rolls of wrapping papers covered in reindeer, stocking stuffers jingling with the sound of tiny silver bells and thousands of sparkling little twinkle lights.

If you're anything like me, you've already begun thinking about which Christmas cards you'll be sending out this year and where you'll be ordering them from. For me it's a no-brainer. I've always ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly and couldn't be happier with their large array of designs to choose from. Not only have I ordered Christmas cards from them, but I've also ordered their photo books and even Carter's birth annoucements!

This year, I have my eyes set on ordering this card. You all know I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed and/or personalized and I can just picture a darling "M" surrounded by sweet pictures of both Sheepie and Baby C.

Or wait, what about this one? I've always been impressed with the feel of their premium photo cardstock and continue to receive dozens of compliments each year when I send out our holiday greetings. I just love the special "It's a Wonderful Life" quote.. and I certainly cannot disagree!

Each year as the holiday season begins to show itself both in store windows and on the radio, I can't help but wish that I had the time (and money) to throw a fabulous Christmas party. The kind of party where everyone shows up dressed to the 9's and champagne is served in sparkling crystal stemware. Conversation hums above the faint din of Christmas carols piped throughout the house. Maybe one day I'll have energy to throw such a soiree and when I do, I will most definitely be turning to Shutterfly for my invitations! How classy and chic are these? Once again, I'm a sucker for that monogram!

Last but certainly not least, in the spirit of giving, how darling are these personalized gift tags? Not only do I pride myself as a fabulous gift-giver, but I also love to take careful note of how I wrap each gift for both my family and friends. These gift tags would be the perfect addition to any pretty package!

I must say, Shutterfly. You've done it again! I can't wait to share with you, as well as my family and friends, the Christmas cards we've chosen to send out this year! Thank you, Shutterfly for offering such a vast array of options at such affordable prices!

Please note the opinions expressed in this blog are true, honest and 100% my own. I am not being compensated monetarily for these opinions although Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free holiday cards for expressing their opinions regarding their Shutterfly experience as well as the 2010 holiday card design line.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Tasted It. And I'm Posting About It On My Blog.

That's right. I tasted my own breastmilk. Don't lie. You would've tasted yours too. I just wanted to see what the hype was all about. You mention the word "milkies" around these parts and my son's eyes go wide as saucers and he starts flailing his arms, hyperventilating. Lay him across my chest and he starts beating my breast and making "nom nom" noises. This would be even funnier if I was kidding, but if I had a third arm to videotape these shenanigans while nursing, I could prove it!

Truth be told, I was led to taste... the fruits of my labor... late one night of last week. That means I had lasted nearly a whole 12 weeks without tasting this apparent sweet nectar of motherhood. Shocking, I know. Carter had been acting particularly fussy one evening despite having just been fed, changed, bathed and jammied. Yes, jam-ied. The act of putting on ones jammies.

I had just pumped a meager 4oz post feeding and was determined to save that milk for the stash that I've, literally, been working my behind off to uphold for the all-day wedding affair that I'll be partaking in, sans Carter, next weekend.

Thinking, "maybe he just needs a top-off," Hubs and I decided we'd mix up a little formula. Afterall, we have nearly seven free cans of this stuff in our cabinet (the kind without beetle babies and body parts in it) collecting dust. Had it been any earlier in my child's time on this earth, or any earlier during the re-balancing of my female horomones, this decision would have sparked World War III and a whole slew of emotions that would rival any political or religious debate. Please don't jump down my throat, I only say this because I would have personally taken this decision as a personal affront and failure of my boobs. Up until this point, I just wasn't emotionally ready to introduce formula. Go ahead. Call me crazy. No? Okay, I'll call myself crazy. Ashley Paige, you're crazy.

Carter is now steadily moving further away from fussy and closer to near meltdown mode. I carefully follow the instructions on the back of the formula containter as I mix 2 ounces of bottled water with one "non-packed down" scoop of formula. God forbid I give the child Maryland tap water. I run the bottle under warm water and hand it off to my husband. As soon as Carter spots the bottle he calms and settles into "chug mode." This refers to the position that he voluntarily throws himself into either at the boob or within eyesight of a bottle.

I wish I had captured the look on this child's face after he took that first innocent, unknowing gulp. You would have thought we tried to feed him dirty sewer water. Tongue thrust reflex at it's best, Carter pushes the bottle out of his mouth and looks at my husband as if to say, "are you effing kidding me with that?" He then proceeds to turn to me with a look that said, "ok lady, if I tell you I'm not hungry anymore, will you promise to never, ever feed me whatever that was, ever again?"

In case we were misreading these signals, we tried again. Carter refused to open his mouth. We're talking lockdown. And this kid isn't one to miss meals. Have you seen those thigh rolls? Thinking, "what could the big deal be?" I tipped the bottle back and took a swig. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just the formula brand, but if I had to liken the taste to something, I would have to say it was like swishing a mouthful of penny water around in my mouth. What is "penny water," you say? Well, that's what water would taste like if you threw a handful of pennies into it and swirled it around. A little minerally. A little coppery. Clearly none too delectable.

So much for that 5oz I was hoping to freeze. Out of sheer motherly guilt, I grab the breastmilk from the fridge, set it in a bowl of warm water, all while promising Carter to never, ever make him drink that concoction ever again.

Of course, now I'm intrigued.

I look at my husband. He looks at me. I dare him to take a taste. Needless to say he staunchly refuses. Secretly quite captivated with the idea myself, I try it. I mean, I'm like a freaking milk factory. I leak this stuff all hours of the day, it's only a matter of time before I tried it, right? 

No wonder Carter is particular about his milkies.  I have two words for you. Sweet cream.

And I promise to never, ever talk this much or go this indepth about... the fruits of my labor... ever again.
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