Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bad Days + Non-Napping Toddlers + Emotional Basket Case Wives = Take Out. Sounds Good To Me!

I have come to realization that having a bad day around here equates to taking the night off from cooking. Now that I've caught on, I'm thinking I may want to have a bad day or two a bit more often. 

Exhibit A: After a horrendous day on Monday that involved a Non-Napping Toddler, An Awful Experience With Customer Service and culminated in the Stepping In Of Toddler Poop While Barefoot, I begged and pleaded with The Husband to bring home Chipotle. Loyals, that was the best bean and rice burrito with extra guac and extra, extra sour cream that I have ever tasted and The Husband didn't bat an eyelash. 

Exhibit B: After yet another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (which you can read about here) that involved yet another Non-Napping Toddler (do you see a theme here?), Patience-Losing, Cursing and Husband-Wifely Arguments via Text Message, I begged and pleaded and may have even cried a little so that the Husband would bring home sushi for dinner. Extra spicy, deliciously crunchy, over-priced but ridiculously delicious sushi. And that he did. 

So, Loyals? The moral of the story? When you have a bad day, cry and moan about it a bit and beg The Husband to bring home take-out. It was the best decision that man has ever made. You know, second to marry me, of course

Thanks so much for all of your sweet words on yesterday's post. I'd really love to write up a little something about what so many of you said, reminded me and the wise words you left for me. Little ditties like "If you didn't have DOWNS you would never have UPS and mediocre is never any fun," and "Bad days are inevitable but coming out of them alive is what counts," and even, "All we can do better." 

Another favorite was, "They still love me and I hope their therapists get paid well when they are adults."

So many of you are brilliant, brilliant women and I'm so thankful to write for a community that shares support (and drink offers) so freely and liberally. You each left words that so many of us moms, wives, fiancees and just plain, downright women need to hear each day. So, thank you! 

Happy Thursday, Loyals! 


  1. Oh girl .. it has taken you THIS long to figure out that bad days = no cooking for mama? I had that one figured out by week 2 postpartum :)

  2. Oh, Ashcakes. For realz? I thought you KNEW about this trick!!! The mister brings home dinner 2-3 times per month, no questions asked. In his words, "It's easier than coming home to a shit-storm of estrogen and tears."

    I hope today is better! Husbands forgive and toddlers forget. PRAISE THE LORD.

    Love ya!

  3. Just before I read this I was thinking of convincing the husband to pick up take-out tonight...this cold is kicking my ass way too much to cook!

  4. Can I just say I'm pumped that you posted two days in a row? I need your sarcastic humor in my life. Seriously, blogland helps me through my day and gives me something to look forward to during my lunch break.

    Thanks! Hope today is going much better!

  5. Take-out is a life saver quite often around here!

  6. I feel you on these bad days. I had a car in front of me slam on his breaks during morning commute....I veered off the highway to prevent from smashing his tail lights in. Shaken and cursing and then apologizing to God and my one year old in the back.....i then got flipped off by the man behind me. And he proceeded to ride my tail all the way to work!

    My baby threw up in my hair today...
    He refuses to nap...
    But he keeps insisting on kissing me with his open mouth and snotty nose.

    Days like these wear me out...and take out sounds perfect!

    Thanks for the idea!
    And thanks for sharing that not everyday is picture perfect...and sometimes its ok not to be perfect too!

  7. Shoot a whole dinner...all I got last night was a McDonalds ice cream cone. I guess I need sound more stressed :-)

  8. My hubs brought home Chipotle last night too. I was (am) sick as a dog and whiney as all get out and Chipotle did help. :) Maybe I'll try for sushi tonight.

  9. We did this same thing yesterday. Nap striking toddler plus a long bad day at work and all I got was a Burger King whopper jr. at 10:30pm and a stomach ache to follow. LOL!

  10. Um you are a genius! Blogging and the readers rock too!

  11. Very smart, I will need to try this little gem out :)

  12. I just read your previous post - we all have bad days once in a while - but you are so right - takeout is the perfect solution!! xo

  13. hope it gets better with the non-napping toddler. i know how it is and i makes it so much better! and now I really craving some sushi!

  14. I always enjoy your sense of humor. Sounds like our weeks are shaping up just alike. I have had the WEEK from Hell. Complete with the nap boycotting, work drama, family drama, husband drama, you name it. I need a drink just typing all of that out!
    Heres to a better weekend and LOTS of take out!


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