Friday, September 30, 2011

Carterito, Your Mommy Dropped The Ball...

On your 13 and 14 month posts. Better late than never, right? Similar to this idea found here!

Happy Friday, Loyals! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Time I Wanted To Kidney Punch A Stranger.

So there I am, singing that godforsaken Wiggles song "Hot Potato, Hot Potato" as I wheel Carter and a cart full of groceries into the checkout line. Note, I didn't say buggy, despite how much cuter I think that word is than "shopping cart."

So there I am singing, probably shaking my ass and most definitely making a complete fool of myself so that Carter will, for one full minute, stop trying to dive head first from the cart in a kamikaze act of gravity defiance, pulling every single trashy magazine from the nearby racks down with him.

Let's be honest, perhaps half of that scenario isn't a bad thing. I can't stand to bear another look at Kim Kardashian and her Neverending Story-esque inspired headpiece. 

I quickly notice a woman rolling up in line behind me. I make the usual mental note of "if you don't smile and talk nicely to my adorable child, you have no heart" and I continue "Hot Potato-ing" away. Can you believe it? There are actually heartless people at the grocery store who ignore my smiley, chatty and ridiculously adorable child. 

Until I hear said woman ask a question. "He's adopted, right? Your son? Is he adopted?"

Pause. Because she can't possibly be talking to me.

I glance over my shoulder, expecting Brangelina or a similar lookalike family to have joined us in line.

Nope. It's just me and the stranger. The stranger who flat out just asked me if Carter was adopted. In a grocery store.

To be honest, I was so caught off guard that my mouth may have been left hanging ajar for a second or two. Until I was able to pull myself together and mumble a reply, "Carter? Oh, no. He, uhh, umm, looks like his Daddy. His Daddy is blonde."

Now, I've had plenty of passersby ask, "is your husband blonde?" or "where does your son get his coloring from?" and I'm okay with that. I've accepted the fact that although I grew a human being and carried his 9lb 10oz self around for months on end, he may not come out looking anything like me. I get it.

But there are certain respectful ways you can ask a complete stranger why her apparent child looks nothing like her. 

What if C had been adopted and was capable of understanding those words? What was I to do? Casually break it down for him in the checkout aisle that he was, in fact, part of another family first? Or lie?

And hello, have you ever heard of hair dye? I mean, what if I was really Barbie Blonde underneath this head of brown tresses? It wouldn't be the craziest thing to have happened!

It's true. For a single moment, I wanted to kidney-punch that lady behind me in the checkout aisle. She must've left her tact back in aisle nine. 

Happy Thursday, Loyals!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stepping Out From Behind The Lens.

Ever since I had Carter, I've spent an awful lot of time behind the lens. As if I'm sure you couldn't have guessed. Most of it has to do with the ridiculously adorable towhead that is currently tearing through the kitchen yielding a mop as a jousting stick and admittedly so, some of it has to do with the sole fact that, yes, even after 14 months of Motherhood, I'm just still not all that in love with my Mom Bod. 

Sitting, posing, holding, sucking it all in.. It's just so much cuter when C doesn't have to do those things!

I'll be the first to admit that I have no one to blame but myself. Have I gotten myself to the gym? No. Heck, have I even attempted more than one single hour of the workout DVD's that both my SIL's were so gracious enough to burn for me? P90X? Yeah. That lasted for a whole P90Seconds. And Insanity? Well, one would have to insane to even attempt that workout. 

Case in point, I haven't done much about anything. But hide behind the camera, capturing my child's every breath, every blink, every move. 

But then I asked the super awesome Jess of Diamond Doll Designs to spiffy up this here ol' slice of blog heaven. And she did. And it's ah-mazing. But then I realized that I didn't have any relatively new pictures of myself that I could send to incorporate into the design. 

Granted, I could of offered up a picture circa our wedding back in 2007 when I was 10lbs. lighter, tanner and blonde. Damn. Moving on...

So? I set about to change that. Granted, I left behind my remote and tripod in Maryland and was left to work with, well.. stacking blocks, an end table and a few glass coasters. Oh, and a ton of snacks for C-man. 

Anything to keep him from charging the camera as the self-timer began to count down...

Of the 327 pictures that I took? Maybe 15 survived and even less made The Cut. 

Seriously, who am I?

The answer is obvious. I'm much more comfortable behind the lens.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Braylabees! Custom Embroidered, Appliqued and Monogrammed Cuteness: A Giveaway!

I know, I know. I had you at "custom embroidered, appliqued and monogrammed cuteness." 

After all, that's the second thing that drew me into Jennifer's Etsy shop. I have been a long time reader of Jennifer's blog over at Life In The Green House and after stumbling upon her blog, I was immediately drawn in by her charm, wit and beautiful baby girl, Braylen. And then I found out that she has this awesome little business and is way talented. Needless to say I was smitten. 

You see, Loyals. I'm all about supporting fellow bloggers and their endeavors. As someone recently said to me, "there's plenty of room in the blogosphere for everyone." And it's true. Sure there are a ton of shops out there where you could find similar items. But Jennifer? Is a doll. A fellow SAHM and blogger. And I know all about what that is like. So when we got to talking about reviewing a Braylabee's original and offering one up to my sweet readers, I absolutely jumped at the chance. 

Here's handsome C modeling his Braylabee's Tire Swing Applique T. Go on, say it. He's a heartbreaker... A gift from a sweet Mom-friend of mine and C's future MIL, those miniBoden pants were the perfect match for his brand new T! 

I just love this T and it's only the first of many Braylabee's items that we'll be adding to his ever-growing collection! Hear that, Jennifer!?

On behalf of Braylabee's, Jennifer would like to give one of you, my lucky Loyals, the chance to win your choice of shirt from the Braylabee's shop. It's easy to enter. Here's what you'll need to do. 

1. Be a registered follower of ILYMTC whether through Google Friend Connect or RSS Feed. 

2. Like Braylabee's on Facebook by clicking here.

3. Be sure to visit the Braylabee's Etsy shop to browse the awesome and amazing selection of custom monograms, appliques and embroidery that Jennifer has to offer! Don't forget, Halloween is quickly approaching and doesn't every wee one need an adorable monogrammed candy corn T

Please leave me ONE comment telling me how much you love Braylabee's and how cute every single item in the store is and how badly you want to win this giveaway. Please include an email address if not already linked through your blog! 

Thanks so much and good luck! The winner will be chosen via Random Integer Generator on Saturday, October 1st! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pardon the Mess...

I Love You More Than Carrots is under construction :)

My Secret To Semi-Fabulous 3-Day Dirty Hair.

Earlier this week, I went ahead and posted this picture on Facebook, in a hubris-fueled haze regarding my child's beautiful golden curls. I mean, it's no secret, the kid's got great hair. It took quite a long time for him to get any hair, period, but now that it's growing in more fully and less mullet-y, he's lucky in so much that he inherited his Daddy's curls. As The Husband always says, "the curls get the girls." 

I was shocked when I received a few comments regarding my own hair and what my secret is. Secret? Oh, please. We all know nothing is sacred around these parts. I don't keep secrets. The secret to my hair? Easy. I shower when I can which is rarely, sleep with my often damp hair in a bun held tight with an old-school fabric scrunchie and swear by a great dry shampoo.  

That hair up there? Hadn't been washed in three days. Shameless, really. And had barely a comb dragged through it. In any case, since you asked, here's what I use:

I once swore by ridiculously expensive shampoo. The kind of shampoo and conditioner that I used to save up my lunch money in college for. That's right. I was that girl who would forego the delectable and ever-popular Stir-Fry station at meal times and instead, pick away at the salad bar, making sure to procure salad ingredients that would weigh the least amount when it came time to place my meal on the scale. One would think The Freshman 20 15 wouldn't have graced my ass.. Oh, Loyals. You are way wrong. Do you know how cheap the fro-yo was at Villanova? 

Reeling it in now, the days of indulgent shampoos are no more. 

First up: Organix Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells great, as in it smells a little bit minty and delicious and it definitely makes my scalp all tingly and clean-feeling. No icky, greasy residue feeling left behind and? The shampoo/conditioner combo doesn't cost me half of a week's grocery budget. 

So in that picture, three days prior, in a vain attempt to doll myself up for some fun! family! photo-ops! I blow-dried my hair. I used to be that girl who blow-dried her hair habitually. I swore I would never fall into that rut of "same hairstyle, different day." Oh, if Back Then Self could meet Today's Self? They'd have a field day with each other. In an effort to protect my hair from the heat, I used a healthy nickel-sized amount of this stuff:

Dove Frizz-Control Taming Cream. Once again, I used to be all "Rusk! Biolage! Bed Head!" Truth be told? This stuff works just as good. Even the 5-year-old bottle that I found in my childhood bedroom and proceeded to use. I'll admit, I was a bit worried they wouldn't make this stuff anymore when I sat down to write this post.. Whew! Crisis averted. Love it. Smells great, too.

As for my hair dryer and round brush? The hair dryer was purchased at Walmart and it was no more than thirty dollars. Inconsequential in my book. It heats, it blows. That's all I need. Oh, and it's purple. My round brush? Has those crazy boar bristles which I once heard were better for your hair. A little pricey but again, sold in drug stores.

Alright, Loyals. Here's where I share my 3-Day Dirty Hair Secrets. 

1. Old-School fabric scrunchies and the low side bun (PS. Have you ever Google Image'd "scrunchi?" Yeah, don't. It brings up a few scantily clad women in bathing suits and let's just say there isn't a scrunchi in sight).

2. Invest in a really great dry shampoo. My go-to? Rockaholic. Worth it's weight in gold. 

Now, truth be told, I did my own little version of the Curl Down Method on Day 1. You absolutely must check out that video that features two of my favorite bloggers and a guest shot of another favorite blue-eyed mommy blogger! Seriously, I'd be ashamed if I shared with you all how many times I watched and have watched that video. Now that it's public knowledge, hopefully those ladies still love me!

Now, my hair doesn't hold curl and I didn't bring my hair cement spray home with me to New Jersey. So? It was a large barrel curling iron and prayers that by the grace of god my hair would hold a wee bit of curl for the day. And? On day one? It did. 

The following two nights, I slept with my hair wound tight in a low side bun, secured with the old school fabric scrunchi. Seriously? So amazing. I love those suckers. No split ends and actually comfortable to sleep on! 

The mornings of day 2 and day 3? A few sprays of Rockaholic on my roots and the underside of my hair, a quick brush through and I'm ready to go. 

See, Loyals? There's really not much to it. My secret to Semi-Fabulous 3-Day Dirty Hair. I mean, if I can't fit back into my JCrew Matchsticks after having Carter, I might as well have some {pretty} nice hair some days. 

Happy Monday! 

*all images found via and all opinions expressed in this post were expressed because I clearly wanted you all to have semi-fabulous 3-day dirty hair. I was not sponsored nor compensated for my opinions on such, unfortunately.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So, What HAVE I Been Doing In New Jersey All This Time?

Well, now that I got that off my shoulders, I feel like a brand new woman! Some of you Loyals touched on this, but I just wanted to clarify, by no means was that meant as a "woe is me, don't stop blogging" post. It was actually supposed to be much less woe and much more "you'd better check yo'self, before you wreck yo'self" post. In either case, immense thanks for all of your love, kind words and "i'd cut a bitch for you" emails. Even the one or two of them that made me cry like a big, fat ol' baby. You truly rock my world and once again, it's that genuine niceness and honesty that keeps me coming back for more.  So? Many thanks. 

In other news, I'm still in New Jersey and Poor Lonely Husband did mail me my computer. However, he forgot to include the power cord. It's the thought that counts, right? Rather, I'm beginning to think he did it because he needed just one tiny additional excuse to come back to Jersey to see us. As if C and I taking up minor residence here wasn't enough. 

So, there's that. 

What have I been doing while home this long, you ask? Visiting with my family that flew out to visit from California. They're 1,000 kinds of awesome and with distance being what it is, we don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like. I wanted to make sure I could spend as much time with them as humanly possibly while they were here- Unfortunately, as you're reading this, they're on their way to the airport to head back west. 

In doing so, I spent some time in New York City at the Feast of San Gennaro. It's an Italian Festival that attracts nearly every person in the tri-state area and crams them into a four block radius. And there's wine and great food and cannoli. Was it worth my sprained ankle and absentmindedly leaving behind a brand new Maclaren stroller we just purchased? 


But? It sure did make for an interesting excursion. Including the crazy hippie protest against Wall Street we were privy to. The one that called for thirty policemen on every corner, billy clubs and lot's of yelling and screaming and the like.

There was also a lot of sushi involved, some shopping and laughing until someone peed their pants. On more than one occasion

Carter learned to stay "stop" and "down" mostly due in thanks to my parent's crazy, neurotic dog and his crazy, neurotic ways as well as figuring out where his "nose" is. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me tweet a video of C pointing to his nose and then very quickly shoving his finger up his nostril. Boys will be boys, I guess. 

The next few days holds a lot of relaxation, recuperation and a few sessions with little joys. And then Loyals, it'll be back to Home Sweet Home Maryland in no time.  A bit well-rested and of course, a whole lot more homesick. 

Happy Friday, Loyals! C and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Because I Can't Think Of Anything Else. Because I Feel Like It's The Mother In Me.

I've spent the last few days pondering throwing in the towel. Closing down the doors of I Love You More Than Carrots. There's been a whole new side of Blogging and Twitter that I've been privy to these past few weeks and truthfully? It hurts my heart. It makes me second guess what I'm doing here in the first place. It makes me not want to be a part of something, a community, so negative and condescending. 

You want to talk about internet bullying? Heck, spend a day on Twitter. 

Someone once said to me, "just because you don't put a name to it, doesn't make it hurt any less." And they're right. Whether it's a tweet, a blog post or a Facebook status update, truer words have never been spoken. 

All of this nonsense makes me reconsider at what age you really become an "adult" and why this behavior is excusable at our age. I'm 28 years old. I don't have time for this and can't quite fathom how anyone in their twenties or thirties does. With or without kids, aren't there better, kinder things we could be putting our energy toward?

And for those of us with kids, is this how we're going to raise them? Is this the behavior that we're going to instill in them?  That it's OK to talk poorly about one another? That it's OK to say mean and hurtful things as long as you don't mention someone's name? To belittle them with your words?

I thought we were all here for the same reason. To share our lives, whatever it is of them that we decide to put out there. Our inspirations, our creations, our passions and in many cases, our families. It's a decision that we freely make and in doing so, we choose to be respectful of the words that others choose to share.    

To hear or read that you're being talked about, at any age, is hurtful. We're all a bunch of smart women and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher the words that aren't being said.

There have been blog posts written about me by other bloggers, picking apart what I've chosen to share with the internet. I have seen comments flying around using words like "flashy, selfish and self-centered." I've watched as other bloggers, bloggers that I once looked up to and admired, write vague things about me to other bloggers. As if I wouldn't notice.  

If you think I'm self-centered, selfish and only blog about the things I have, then you clearly don't read between the lines. You clearly don't know me. Sure, I've blogged about jewelry and clothes, nice trips I've taken and vacations I've been on. But did you also want me to blog about how I worked my ass off, saving lives no less, for often 12 or 16 hours per day, for X number of years, busting my well-educated hiney to afford those things? Or how The Husband spent five years getting on a plane each week, working in a different state, only to come home on a Friday and wake up on a Sunday to do it all over again? Well, that's how we were able to afford all of those nice trips. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Of course you didn't. Because who the heck wants to read all of that? 

Karma is a mean, mean lady. Believe me, she's slapped me in the face a time or two and I can recognize her coming from a mile away. As one of the "older" bloggers around these parts, I felt the need to address this. To share my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Hopefully I've maintained a relatively "Switzerland approach" to this as I try to do with all of my posts. 

If I've offended you in the past with my writing, I am sorry. If I have learned anything from this experience, it's that the negativity, the condescension and the belittling is only a small speck in the grand scheme of things.

And to those of you who have reinstated my faith in blogging, reminding me why I love coming back to my little corner of the internet and sharing my life with you, thank you. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

C-Man... The Next Soulja Boy?

YouTube Video

You're not going to believe me when I say this but my all-in-one desktop monitor is currently en route from Maryland to New Jersey. What can I say? A girl's gotta blog, right?

In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this ridiculously hilarious video of C dancing. It's clear that he inherited his father's dance moves. That "stomp" thing that he does with his leg? Kills me.

Perhaps that's the signature move that had me he'd over heels in love with The Husband back in college...

The kicker? C does this anywhere there's a beat. The MAC make-up counter in the mall? The BP section of Nordstroms? Oh, my friends. He is a dancing fool.

While I have your attention, am I the last one to hear about Ruelala's newest venture LittleRue? You know, all the great deals of Ruelala but for littles? Umm.. Let's just add that to the Discount Website Rotation, shall we?

Need an invite?

Thank me for the cuteness later...

Happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Citrus Lane Gift Box Giveaway Winner!

Citrus Lane Logo

Thanks so much to every single one of you who entered ILYMTC's Citrus Lane giveaway sponsored by the fabulous folks at Citrus Lane and the Clever Girls Collective! I had an absolute blast reading about both your's and your wee one's favorite outdoor activities! Without a doubt you all gave me some great ideas for the upcoming Fall season!

 The winner of the Indoor/Outdoor Play Gift Box is.... {drumroll please...}

"Our favorite outdoor activity?
Water...water...and more water!
(Not sure what we will do when it gets
too cold for so much water!)"

Congratulations, Mama! I have no doubts that those two handsome boys of yours will have a ridiculously fun time with their new gift box! Enjoy!

And once again, a huge thanks to everyone who entered and especially to Citrus Lane and The Clever Girls! Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday SOOC Carter Love.

If this face doesn't make your Monday, I don't know what's wrong with you.

As most of you know, I'm home in New Jersey for an indeterminate amount of time until the end of September.

As most of you don't know, I do not own a laptop. I have a totally rad and kick-ass giant all-in-one monitor back home in Maryland that is home to my editing software and photo catalogs. But it's a desktop monitor. As in, I can't go lugging it all over the place, much to my dismay.

Therefore, any pictures that I post won't be edited until roughly October 1st. Which absolutely sucks even more when I have not one but two client sessions booked with little joys. while I'm home.

So until then? It's nothing but a little "Straight Out Of the Camera" love from me to you.

Check out those new canvas Levi's tennies that C's sportin' in those pictures up there. Have you ever seen anything cuter? They were the sole reason I dragged C outside today, minutes before the skies opened up, just so that I could take advantage of the overcast light and an adorable pair of shoes.

Oh and that cute little blue-jeaned tush... I die.

Fall is offically here, my friends. And we couldn't be more excited! Happy Monday!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Carter's Wish For Sweet Baby Kate.

Back in June I wrote a post about this little girl. I asked that you seriously consider Being The Match for her upcoming bone marrow transplant by registering with the National Marrow Donor Program. Many of you did just that. You went online, filled out the questionnaire, received your test kit and diligently swabbed the inside of your cheeks in the hope that one day, you could Be The Match. How awesome are you? So awesome.
As a former Bone Marrow Transplant nurse, I couldn't be more proud of my Loyals. Everything that Kate and her family are going through and everything they have ahead of them hits so close to home for me and to see so many of you reach out to help makes this Nurse-Mama's heart so happy.
For those of you who have been following along on Kate's journey, you know that she tolerated her chemotherapy like a rockstar. She celebrated her "second birth day" with her stem cell reinfusion and continues to blow the medical staff away with her bright and shiny spirit.
Right now, Kate is waiting. She's waiting for her body to take a hold of the new cells and "engraft." She's waiting for them to get down and dirty inside her marrow and begin creating her brand new blood cells. White blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Right now, while Kate's body works on growing her new white blood cells, she's very suscpetible to infection. Those white blood cells are an integral part of the process of bone marrow transplantation.
Carter has a very special wish for Kate today. And every day. Sweet baby Kate, we can't wait to watch as that "ANC" creeps higher and higher. Our love and prayers conitnue to be with you!
If you'd like to continue to follow along on Kate and her family's journey, you can do so by clicking the blog button below! Thanks so much to all of my readers who have been reading, praying, hoping and supporting Kate and her family!
We're Finally Three

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carter Picks A Weiner.. I Mean, Winner, of the Rag Ribbon Wreath!

I need to take a quick second to say a huge, heaping thank you to each and every one of you who texted, tweeted, posted and updated a sweet little birthday wish for little ol' me. You truly know how to sweeten a complete stranger's day and each wish did not go unnoticed or unappreciated! You all truly rock my world. Thank you all so much for starting my 28th year with so much birthday love! Now, onto the good stuff!

My little assistant did a fabulous job of helping choose a winner of the "AP Original" Rag Ribbon Wreath giveaway! If only he could have helped handwrite each of the entries on the teeny tiny pieces of paper. It's okay though. He made up for that handicap with his handsome looks and major winner-choosing skill.

Giving the entries a really good "shake-shake!"

Picking the lucky winner...

And the winner of the Rag Ribbon Wreath is...

See, Allie? Stalking does pay off!
Please send me your address so I can figure how much of Carter's college savings its going to cost me to ship you the wreath! You know, I'm only half-serious, right? :)
Thanks SO much to everyone who pinned, tweeted and entered this giveaway! I have a feeling I'll be doing a few more of these as the holidays creep closer and closer!
Happy Thursday, Loyals!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby-Mama-Kiddo Awesomeness in a Box :: A Citrus Lane Giveaway

Citrus Lane Logo

Thank you to Citrus Lane for providing me with this opportunity to review a Citrus Lane gift box. While this post is sponsored, the opinions expressed here are completely my own.

When I was first contacted about reviewing a fah-bulous Citrus Lane gift box, it was described to me as a "a jelly-of-the-month club, except with baby products!" I mean, I'm all for delicious jellies arriving in the mail every month, but baby products? Awesome and amazing age-appropriate, brand-name baby products? Um, of course I'd love to participate. And loyals? I am so glad that I did. Here's why... 

Hands down, I've now found my new "go-to" Congratulations! gift for all of my new-mom and seasoned-mom friends. 

Citrus Lane describes themselves as, "fresh finds. parent tips. delivered monthly." More than that though, "Citrus Lane is all about introducing parents to the baby products recommended most by real moms and dads. We fill our monthly boxes with 4 or 5 baby products along with helpful parenting tips and tricks. Each box is tailored specifically to your child's age and stage, from newborn up to 18 months. Every month you'll receive up to $50 in retail value, so it's always a great deal."

I received the Indoor & Outdoor Play box and let me just say, I was blown away by both the packaging as well as the products inside. 

Included in my box was the following:

1. Episencial Sunny Sunscreen - I've heard nothing but great things about this sunscreen brand and I'm excited to add it to our rotation! We all know how sensitive my little towhead is to the sun!
2. iPlay Babywear Sun Protection Brim Hat - I've expressed my love for iPlay swimwear countless times on this blog. I was floored to see a wide-brim sun hat peeking out at me behind the packing!
3. Kid O Stack and Nest Cups - C loves these stacking cups so much we already misplaced one of them. He does nothing but carry them all around the house, stopping to stack and nest them in each room. They're also the perfect entertainer for those few minutes harnessed in the high chair waiting for a meal!
4. Dapple Toy Wipes - A welcome addition to our diaper bag! Perfect for doctor's offices and play dates!
5. Bumble Bar - a sesame slice of Gluten-free heaven. Seriously? I want another one.

What an amazingly convenient and creative way to stay in tune with your child's monthly development using age appropriate toys and other great products. Another one of my favorite things about the included insert is that it offers up great tips for activities you can engage your child in each month as well as things to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks!

Not only can you subscribe monthly or annually to Citrus Lane to receive your custom gift box, but you can also gift a subscription to family and friends! Like I said, this has absolutely become my "go-to" gift for all of my expecting friends! 

I mean, have you seen their Deluxe Shower Gift Box? Dare I say it? It kind of makes me want  to have another baby...

I'm so excited to be able to offer YOU, one of my lucky Loyals, the chance to win your own Indoor & Outdoor Play box. 

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what your FAVORITE "outdoor play" activity is. Please include your email address if it is NOT linked within your blog profile.

Contest begins today 9/13 and a winner will be chosen on Friday 9/16. Good luck! 

Variable Terms, Conditions and Official Rules:
Promotion Sponsor: Citrus Lane, Inc.
Prizes: One Citrus Lane gift box
Total approximate retail value of all prizes: $45 (actual value may vary).
Prize Selection: Administrator will randomly select the winner(s) from all eligible entries
Promotion Start Date: variable by blog between 9/9/2011 and 9/30/2011
Promotion End Date: variable by blog between 9/12/2011 and 10/12/2011

Happy Tuesday, Loyals!


Monday, September 12, 2011

13 Months Meets 7 Months: All I've Got This Monday Morning.

Thirteen and a half months, post-nappage happening there on the left. Seven and a half months, hanging out in the living room happening on the right. Oh, my GAH. Those eyes. 

Life is happening. Again.
Bear with me, loyals?

Stay tuned for an AH-MAZING giveaway opportunity from this FAH-BULOUS company tomorrow. Believe me, you will NOT want to miss it. It's got an "AP&C" stamp of approval all over it! 

Love, love, love.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Rag Ribbon Wreath Giveaway :: An "AP Original"

It's true. I busted my little butt to finish up this wreath in time to give it away to you, one of my lucky Loyals, before my 28th birthday. If you'd like to send gifts, my address is 471 Ka... No, but in all seriousness, you should really thank The Husband for this giveaway. It was all his idea. Why, Loyals? Because we love you. And it's just a little bit of thanks for tuning in every day to read my often senseless meanderings. It means the world to me. And? What better way to show you than by giving away this AMAZING Fall wreath? Huh? Huh? 

Here's what I need you to do so that you're entered: 

1. Be a Loyal. This means "follow" via Google Friend Connect or by RSS subscription.
2. Like "ILYMTC" on Facebook. I made it super easy for you. Just click this little here button.

For extra entries:
1. Tweet this: "@Lvdmorethncrrts is giving away an AMAZING Ribbon Wreath because she's awesome and loves her Loyals. You should enter." Or some similar rendition. 
2. Visit this blog and enter HER wreath giveaway! She is a FABULOUS wreath-maker!

That's it, Loyals. Easy-peasy. You know? I really hate that saying? Well, I do. So, enter away! I really hope you win. Yes, you. No, I mean the other you. You. The winner will be chosen ON my birthday, Wednesday, September 14th. 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Can't Help That I Needed Lip Gloss While Driving Through The Ghetto.


Have you ever seen better Publisher skills? I think I may  have found my future calling. Graphic design, sign me up. Bear with me Loyals, but that homemade graphic is imperative to this post.

I would like to take a minute and thank Lexus for including an "avoid Ghetto" button on their 2007 model RX350's GPS. Oh wait, there isn't one. Right. And that is why I find myself driving through a less-than-desirable neighborhood at least five times a year.

Why would this past weekend be any different? At least I had the Husband with me this time, so he could hand me my lip gloss.

Husband: Ash, seriously, WHY are you stopping at these stop signs? JUST DRIVE!

AP: Honey, there is clearly someone in front of me. I can't just drive through them.

Husband: No, but you can DRIVE AROUND THEM. 

AP: Babe, there's a red light. You need to run into the Mini Mart for anything? Perhaps a quick forty?

Husband: I don't know why I let you drive. 

AP (while stopped at light): Could you check the glove box to see if my lip gloss is in there?

Husband: REALLY, ASHLEY? REALLY? You don't need lip gloss in the ghetto!

Men. What do they know?


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