Monday, December 5, 2011

The Evolution of Getting It Done :: The Headboard Project

On November 8th, I wrote this post that included this delicious headboard. Shortly after writing this post, I knew the price of that headboard was too good to be true and thanks mostly in part to my impatient nature and twitchy retail trigger finger, I purchased said delicious nailhead trim headboard and never looked back. 

On November 14th, the headboard arrived on our doorstep and I quickly welcomed it into our home with open arms and an eager "hurry-up-let's-get-this-done" attitude. Unfortunately, I was the only one who felt that way. 

If you follow me on Twitter, then you're well aware of the bets I was accepting as to how long that baby would sit in our foyer waiting to be assembled. 

And waiting.. 

And waiting..

And waiting. 

Some days it was used as a stage. Other days, it was shuffled around the living room and moved from one wall rest area to another. 

Of course I would drop the occasional "honey-do" hint in the hopes that The Husband would quickly catch on and get to the doing. Apparently, I am a poor hint-dropper. 

Until yesterday. Major strides were made as The Husband started to unpack the headboard on his own free will. I didn't have to promise wifely, ahem, favors, or drop "honey-do" hints. I'm pretty sure he just got dog tired of seeing that ridiculously large box taking up space in our living room day in and day out. Mind you, Loyals. It had been there for three weeks now. 

Well, I thought we were making strides. That is until the headboard found it's way upstairs and into the hallway. Where it proceeded to sit for another 5 hours. I'd like to take a minute and pat myself on the back here because for once I knew better than to nag. 

And before I knew it, yesterday afternoon brought with it even more progress. 

Until finally? Ta-daaaaa! 

Loyals, it's perfect. And unbeatable at the mere price of $118.00 plus shipping. The construction of said headboard and durability is tantamount. The microfiber is soft as silk and it arrived in pristine condition. Easy to assemble and if you ask me, it looks just like those headboards I was drooling over that came with the $400+ price tags! 

As soon as the headboard was up even The Husband was quick to announce, "wow, this looks like a real bedroom now!" 

See, Husband? It pays to stay home and shop Amazon all day! 

Now, clearly we need a new duvet and I'm already on a mission to figure out what I'd like to hang above my pretty little headboard! So, Loyals.. any suggestions? 

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Thanks SO much to everyone who entered the I Love You More Than Carrots Merry RedEnvelope Giveaway! I'm am so excited to announce that the winner of the $50 gift code is Erin from mutterings of eringirl

Keep your eye on your email as your code will be sent to you shortly! I can't wait to read all about what you've chosen to spend your $50 gift card on! Happy Shopping and Happy Monday, Loyals!


  1. Ohhh it's soooo pretty! What size bed do you have, btw? We're in the market for new bedroom everything and contemplating upgrading to a king, thoughts?

  2. Oh, I love it! Well worth the wait ;) We don't have a headboard, either...actually, we don't have ANY kind of real (and by "real" I suppose I mean "matching"'s not like it's imaginary) furniture in our bedroom. Jeff keeps saying we're waiting for "the next house" because he doesn't want to move any of it, which means I'm stuck living in what looks like a DORM ROOM until we move!

  3. SHUT. UP. 118??? Holy bargain. Well done, AP!

  4. okay so i might need this. E said it's silly for me to drop any money on a new headboard since I'll most likely be moving in a year or two (yay!) and he's got the KING bed (double yay!) but the one I have is superick. And for ~$100, i mean, come on. I think I might win with this one. And it matches my BR set perfectly.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Loveee the headboard. We are also headboard less too.....finding a high quality one that isnt a few hundred dollars is awwwesome! Great job! son has those same fleece pjs Carter is wearing! They are great for cold mornings!

  6. Too good. I keep going back and forth about purchasing a similar model...

  7. I LOVE it... and wow, what a crazy good deal!

  8. I have a microfiber headboard too and I love it. The hubs actually picked it out and at first, I wasn't sure about it, but now I'm glad I listened to him. For once. Hee hee.

  9. It looks SO good! I still cannot believe the price you got for that. It's a steal! The Hubs and I are still on the search for a perfect headboard. Good luck finding a duvet!

  10. Love, Love, Love it! We have needed a headboard for more years than I'm willing to publicly admit. That is amazing!

  11. It looks lovely, and that is a killer deal.

    I confess to being relieved that someone else's "Honey Do" list works like mine does . . . it's never the "favors" or hints/threats that work, but rather it's him stumbling upon the mess du jour & feeling divinely inspired to take care of the item right then & there, as if it were his idea in the first place. By "right then & there" I mean an average of 1-3 months after I've asked him to do something ;-).

  12. Looks great! Here are some ideas from my pinterest board:

  13. It looks gorg! I can't believe the steal you got on that thing. Awesome job!

  14. I'm so glad that it finally found its way to the bedroom where it belongs. So what you are saying is maybe I shouldn't nag my hubby and he may get something done ;). It looks awesome and I can't wait to see what you do for bedding!


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