Friday, November 29, 2013

You Do You And Move On.

Social media can be a double-edged sword sometimes. It's a great tool to market a business, connect with friends, match brands with bloggers or even spread awareness for a cause. It brings together like-minded communities in ways I will never be able to comprehend but at the same time, it is a malicious, judgement-driven mecca of individuals who, I can only imagine, like to judge that which they do not know, like or understand

Harsh? Perhaps, but if you're plugged in like I am, there's no doubt you've been witness to the judgment that's been flying over silly things like who's decorating for Christmas too early and not only who's decorating too early but who's carelessly and selfishly decorating with more than one Christmas tree! Or if you think that's crazy, try decorating one of those trees with a theme and you're just a bulls eye for the side eye. 

I'm sorry, say what? Apparently we've all taken a hiatus from judging mothers on their parenting tactics and now we're questioning (in a negative manner) their decorating choices.

Are you laughing yet? I am. It's one thing to have differing opinions. It's one thing to share them in an open-minded way, asking someone why they choose to do what they do. It's another thing to judge them because they just may be going above and beyond "the norm," or "the standard," whatever that is nowadays. 

Let's say I decide to have two Christmas trees this year. Let's take it one step further and pretend like I might even have one of them decorated completely in family ornaments and the other in some sort of "theme." 


Am I going to drag you by your ears into my home and make you sit and stare at my two trees? No way. Is it something that I grew up with? Absolutely not! We were always a one tree household and a family ornament tree at that! Personally? I would prefer to keep our family ornaments separate and as I mentioned earlier, will plan to put them on a separate tree when that time comes. Does this mean that I think you suck for putting all of your ornaments  on the same tree? Of course not! 

I'm sure you're tree is just as beautiful. This year, we aren't even putting ornaments on our tree(s) that have yet to be procured so stick that in your pipe and suck on it. I'd rather go ornament-less than have to constantly be on the defensive with a ball-obsessed 18 month old.

You want to have seven trees in your house? Go on with your bad Christmas self, I say. 

Just because you don't understand something or don't agree with something doesn't mean you need to make others feel poorly about themselves or their decisions to do it differently.

Now that Elf on the Shelf Season is upon us, The fur will surely fly on Pinterest and Social Media as mothers (and fathers!) all over the world are judged for creatively playing "Elf" each night for their kids. I'm tempted to pop some popcorn and watch the snivelry and snickering unfold. (Snivelry isn't even a real word but you can imagine what it would mean).  

But let's face it, I won't really have time for that because I'll be scouring Pinterest at the very last minute for ideas to move that damn elf around our house. 

All for the sake of (happily) making personal family traditions. 

Let's move onto, say, dressing up for Pre-School Drop Off. Prior to having a school-aged child, I didn't even know this was a Thing. Meaning, I wouldn't have given a second thought to dressing up (or down) to go drop off or pick my child up from school. That said, two mornings a week, I actually change out of my typical "comfy" uniform of black yoga pants, put a little elbow grease into applying mediocre make up and drop my kid off at school.

Is this small act done purposefully to make those who choose not to do this feel poorly about themselves? Not even in the slightest. To be honest, it's done to make me feel better about myself and my appearance. Not to sound selfish, but I haven't even given you, the Non-Dresser-Upper, nor anything else, a second thought. Especially at 7:00 in the morning. 

Does dressing up one or two mornings a week mean that I have my shit together or that I'm a better parent than someone else? Hell no! Half the time I come home from Pre-School pick up and immediately change back into that comfy uniform I described earlier. Does that make me a sham? I hope not, considering it's not exactly convenient to be crawling all over the floor with your kids playing trains in a dress and tights. But for that two hours in the morning when I was dressed up and my husband saw me leave the house in make up and "real clothes?" I felt mighty good. 

Some weeks? Dressing up doesn't even happen because it takes all the effort and energy I can muster to make sure my kid is fed and dressed appropriately for school. And by dressed I mean wearing underwear, socks and whatever clothing attire is appropriate for the season. Shorts in late November? Sorry, kid. I'm the Mom and I win this one.

Just because you don't understand something, don't agree with something or choose to do it differently, doesn't mean you need to make others feel poorly about themselves or their decisions to do it differently than you. 

Isn't that was makes this world exciting? The fact that we don't all walk around like drones, veritable carbon copies of our neighbors? 

Good god, that would bore me to death. You do you and move on.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Winter White Christmas Mantel

Even though it admittedly stresses me out, every holiday season I look forward to decorating our mantel. After all, we've only lived in our house for three years now- that's three years with a mantel and the novelty has yet to wear off. 

This year I decided to go with a "theme" for our mantel that I hope will last me just a touch longer than the usual Christmas season. Rather than stick with my usual reds, golds and greenery, I decided to change things up this year and go with more of a "winter white" touch. 

My inspiration was the awesome silver twig wreath that I found at HomeGoods. Once I had that in my possession, my plan was to incorporate mercury glass, a touch of gold and, of course, candles. Before you ask, the wreath is secured to the mirror by using one of the extra strength 3M hooks with removable backing. So easy. 

One of my favorite additions to this year's mantel is the tissue paper garland from Etsy shop ProjectPaper. After just one single email exchange including the words "ivory, cream and sparkly," shop owner Christina put together the perfect garland for the design I had in mind. 

I feel like our mantel is always a work in progress and I'm sure I will arrange and rearrange the decor at least five times between now and Christmas but today, I'm happy with what I managed to pull together. What's even more awesome is that I was able to re-purpose approximately 75% of items we already had in our house. Talk about a happy husband!

The only things missing currently? Our stockings and old fashioned globe lights. This year I picked up four cream cable knit stockings from Target (the lowest price I'd seen at just $13/piece) and I have plans to hang them on a silver curtain rod a la this method but I know the minute I do, tiny little grabby hands will be all over them and I would hate to risk death and dismemberment by a falling stocking holder. Those suckers are heavy! Not to mention that every time we light a fire in our fireplace, the stockings have to come down. Que sera sera, right?

As for the globe lights? I plan to intertwine them with the gold decor mesh and hope it's not a fire hazard in the making. You can find a tutorial for making the deco mesh garland here.

So, there you have it! Our Winter White Christmas Mantel. Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? If you blog about it, leave the link in the comments below! I'd love to see what you're doing! 

Decor List
Silver Twig Wreath - HomeGoods
Tissue Paper Garland - ProjectPaper on Etsy
Deco Mesh Garland - Tutorial Here, Garland from Hobby Lobby
Cream Mirror Candlestick Holders - vintage HomeGoods (as in 5+ years ago)
Fleur de Lis potter - Local Florist
Mercury Candlestick Holders - Target
Scalloped Glitter Tree Cone - Target
Glitter Branch Tree - Target
Gold Star - vintage Hobby Lobby (3+ years ago)
Metal/Glass "House" - vintage HomeGoods (3+ years ago)
Wall Paint - Behr Wheat Bread
Decorative Trim Mantel Tutorial - Here

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear GOMI...

This will be the one and only time I refer to this website on my blog. Word on the street is that I've been lacking in the "snark and sass" department of my blog lately and as one who never, ever wishes to disappoint her readers, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time. 

If you're unfamiliar with GOMI (Get Off My Internets), as I'm sure my grandma is, who reads this blog (Hi Nanny!) it's a website that is dedicated to providing "constructive criticism" to people who choose to share their lives on the internet. I use the term "constructive criticism" very loosely as you will see that sometimes it's just a forum where a bunch of idiots come together in solidarity to be mean to someone they don't know. The saying "misery loves company" best describes those GOMI moments. 

Other moments you may get a swift kick in the ass that puts your formerly large head back in check, like the time you may have asked the Internets to send you pajamas for your son to wear solely so you could photograph him in them. Not that I would know anything about that.

A weak, asshole-esque moment, I will admit, but thankfully none of my readers obliged, thus feeding my temporary insanity. We all make mistakes, no? And it's those GOMI moments that I'm actually kind of thankful for, the ones that remind you to reel in The Crazy. 

Without further 'ado, I would like to address, with some open letters, some of the comments on my nine pages of GOMI slice of heaven. Let's start at the end and work our way back, shall we?

Dear People Who Think I Have No Real Life Friends, 

   When you said, "I have a feeling that she lives for her blog and online friends, but has few friends in real life," I had to laugh. After all, I had just spent the morning having coffee with three of my girlfriends and their kids. I didn't "Instagram it" or tweet about it which must've meant it didn't happen. You see, I try to keep my "real life" separate from my blog and that includes my extended family and friends. You don't see me posting lot's of pictures of my husband or my parents, right? But I promise you, just like "real life" friends, I have them too. And I try not to post pictures of other people's kids on my blog because, you know, they might one day end up being linked to in a GOMI forum and what kind of friend would I be then? 

                                                                                            Thanks for the giggle, A friend-ful, 

Dear Haters of Kindness, Big Or Small,
   Snarking on someone's Random Acts of Kindness? That has to be an all-time low. Did you read the part about where I said my SIL came up with the list as a gift to me? You must've missed that part in your haste to rip them apart. I didn't know there was an already manufactured List of Kindness Acts, or else... shit! I'm sure it would have made my SIL's life much easier but taking out all of the guesswork! I lead by example to my kids every day, this includes holding the doors for people and saying "thank you." But do I dedicate five minutes each day to stop and explain to them, down on their level, why this is a kind act and why we should do it for other people? No. In fact, I'm probably too busy buying them expensive clothes or getting a gel manicure. And I would like to think that some of what we did that day brightened other people's days. Hopefully not everyone out there is as jaded and cynical as you are. 

                                                                                                Snark is the new Kind? 

Dear Baby Name Knockers, 

   "Umm, I was shocked when she actually named her second Maclane. Like what the fuck actual kind of name is that? All I could think of was Die Hard." Isn't it great that we get to pick and choose whatever we want to name or own kids and we don't have to name others' kids as well? I bet you're thanking your lucky stars for that or else I might have to name your offspring! Wouldn't that be a good time! Thanks for the input. Maybe we'll go really crazy and name our third "Chocotaco." That's pretty hipster and trendy, right? I mean, as long as we can think of a middle name that begins with "M," he'll have the same initials as Carter and then I can reuse all of his monogrammed clothes! It's a win-win. 

                                                                              You Should Write A Baby Name Book!

Dear Everyone Who Thinks I've Become A Sponsor Sellout,

   I apologize for the influx of sponsored content. I do, especially around the holidays, as I know there tends to be more of it because companies are on a rampage and it's kind of gag-inducing. I try not to hock products that aren't a good fit for myself or my readers which is why you don't see me reviewing half of the crazy shit that I get pitches for. Remember, I'm a yuppie stay-at-home mom! I have to pay for the cleaning lady and my children's overpriced wardrobe somehow and I'd prefer not to have to use our grocery money or my husband's hard earned paycheck. What I earn from blogging I spend on the "extras." It's been a nice little gig and I'm truly grateful for the opportunities. Not only would I be an asshole but I would be a stupid asshole if I declined a free stroller or vacation and I would have a hard time believing you would all decline freebies of that magnitude as well. As for some of the other "fluff posts?" Listen, it's paying for my kids' Christmas gifts. It is what it is and I try hard to balance it with real writing. But know that those sponsored posts take just as much time, energy and brain-work.

                                                                             Sorry I'm Not Sorry (OK, I'm A Little Sorry), 

Dear Those Two People Who Said I Looked 40/Have a Big Nose/Am Ugly, 

   I am thirty years old with a 3 year old, a 17 month old and currently baking another small human. You want to know something about kids? Those little bitches age the shit out of you! As does not getting a full night's sleep in over 17 months. But would I venture to say I look 40? Yeouch, that's a low blow. If I'm 40 and blogging, you have my full permission to pull the damn plug on that shit. Forget about a "push present," Mama wants botox after this baby. Gosh, I hope I don't scare my kids! Maybe that's why Maclane isn't sleeping through the night. His poor, hideous Mommy gives him nightmares! 

                                                                       Thanks for shedding light on the topic, Gisele! 

Dear Captain Obvious, 

   In response to your, "this is such a mom blog," comment, THANK YOU! Just what I sought out to be. I mean, after all, I am a mom. And I blog. And when you're neck deep in diapers and tantrums and teething and shitty sleep schedules, I'm not sure what else there is to write about! I'm not keen on politics and would make for an absolutely horrid fashion blogger, so Mom Blog suits me just fine. I'll take it! 

                                                                              Thanks for that call out! 

Dear Drink Police,

   I'm sorry. I'm too busy drinking my 4th beer, while 5 months pregnant and home alone in the charge of my two young boys to form a clear, concise thought to respond to your silly remarks about my alcohol consumption when not growing a human. I would get all scientific on  you about alcohol and breastfeeding and my personal tolerance and the like but I'm clearly too drunk to form a sentence. In fact, Carter is typing this out for me while I dictate. 

Dear Myriad Of Readers Who Said Shit When I Complained About The Shock Of The Pre-School Plague, 

   I don't know what planet you come from, but I didn't think that your kid getting sick every single week for nearly eight weeks straight was normal and if it was normal, then I must've missed that page in the Pre-School handbook. Apparently some kids catch everything in Pre-School and now that I actually have a kid in Pre-School, I'm aware of that! Who knew? Certainly not the mother who never had a kid in pre-school or daycare before. Sick kids fucking suck and that was my point. I was absolutely blindsided by the amount of sickness in just a few short weeks of school. Oh and the bunch of letters after my last name that came with my nursing degree? Doesn't make it suck any less. Sure, I'm "equipped" to handle certain symptoms but when it's 2am and your own kid can't catch his breath and you're both sobbing on the bathroom floor? No nursing degree prepares you for that. 

                                                               Maybe I'll Write About Something More Vain Next Time, 
                                                               Oh Wait, You'll Just Find Something Else To Shit On Then, 

To the Hoards Of You Who Think I'm A Materialistic Snot, 

   If one thing has remained constant since the beginning of this blog, it's my love of labels and brand name things. Things which I've worked hard to pay for but you don't really care about that. I will not apologize for this, now nor ever. I just like nice shit. I will also, however, always loathe ridiculous "character" clothing on babies, especially mine. Does it make your baby uglier? Do I think you're less of a parent because your kid's shirt says, "Little Slugger?" Of course not. Only you're mean enough to judge someone by what they're wearing or buying. It's just not for me. Don't forget, wise GOMI snarkers, but I will soon have three boys. That's three tiny heinies who get to benefit from well-made, quality clothing that gets passed down from boy to boy. But you already knew that. Does it make you feel better that most of my underwear comes from Walmart? We're more a like than you think! 

                                                                         Fruit of the Loom Four Pack For The Win! 

                                                              * * * * * * * * * * 

Dear GOMI ILYMTC Thread,

In all seriousness, you guys, I don't know what you're all talking about when you say "get back to your real writing." When I first started this blog, I wrote about shit. I wrote about expensive vacations I took with my husband, jewelry he bought me and JCrew birthday wishlists. I wrote about the time Sheepie shit all over himself and his room and the time a firetruck drove right into my 3-day-old Lexus. You want to talk about "vapid and insufferable?" Holy shit. My life before kids was as vapid and insufferable as it comes. 

I try really hard to bare my soul on here and when I do, I like to think I do a pretty decent job. But I also try to be conscious of my family's privacy as well as sounding like a perpetual whiny mother. There's only so many times you can say "this shit is hard" before someone calls you a complainer. There's only so many times I can write about how incredible and amazing my kids are before someone says, "she thinks her boys are God." 

If by "real writing" you mean, "stop writing sponsored shit," I'm sorry but I can't make that promise. Like I said earlier, I try to only hock the things that make my life as a mom easier and more fun. That includes vacuums, strollers, sleep machines, kid clothes, etc. Sometimes I succeed with flying colors. Other times, I fail miserably and I feel like an asshole. I can admit to and apologize for that. 

So, I can't promise I'll stop writing sponsored content. It pays some bills and allows my family nice "extras" and keeps me at home with my boys. I will promise, however, to write more of the "real" stuff if you promise not to talk shit about my kid's names, the clothes they wear, their shortcomings, differences or my parenting choices. They're my kids, dammit, and it's not their fault. Leave them out of it. That's not being constructive. That's being a douche.

I never wanted to be a sellout and it's hurtful and humbling to hear that but at the same time keep in mind that this is my space. I kind of get to do whatever I want with it and that's pretty awesome. Plus, it gives you all something to talk about. You can thank me later.

To my readers who've stuck around? Thanks. I really do appreciate it and I mean it.  To those very few who've "white knighted" for me on GOMI, thanks. It's hard to stand up and be nice in a forum full of hate. To my readers whom I've let down or disappointed? I'm sorry. There's a saying in life and in business, "evolve or die" and just like when I set out to write this blog, I'm not the 24 year old newlywed I once was. Things change.

As much as blogging has been a hobby of mine, it has also become a business. One that I'm actually proud of most days.  

I look forward to all the new changes 2014 will bring with it. This is not at all the direction this post was supposed to take but I got tired of feeling hurt and offended by some of the threads on GOMI.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I hate feeling like an asshole. Nobody wants to be an asshole. Although, I have to say, sometimes I need the laugh. 

And to the concerned reader who really wants me to get my tubes tied after number 3, don't worry. I'll do it just for you, how's that? It'll be my gift to society. Thanks for being so concerned about me, my family and my procreative habits.

                                                                       Less Sponsored Shit And More Real Writing in 2014, 
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Monday, November 25, 2013

M3 Bumpdate :: 18 Weeks!

How Far Along: 18 weeks as of today! Totally forgot about week 17. Damn, these weeks just fly by, especially around the holidays!  Also, 18? Already? 

Total Weight Gain: Check back in approximately twenty-nine weeks although some days it looks like my bump is considerably smaller than the week  before. 

Symptoms: Heartburn, hip aches and insomnia. It's like the Pregnant Woman's Symptom Trifecta.

Maternity Clothes: I really don't understand why people complain about there not being any affordable, stylish maternity clothes out there. Old Navy and GAP are having (had and will continue to have) killer sales on all of their clothes and you really can't go wrong with either for price and quality. I'll admit, some of my Old Navy stuff tends to wear out after the year but at the price point they offer especially with a discount? I don't mind replacing it the following pregnancy. ASOS continues to be a go-to for more trendier pieces and I'll be looking back there towards the end of next month when I need something to wear to that black-tie affair!

Let's take another quick minute to talk about how adorable this sequin patch tunic is from Molly Suzanne. I am a sucker for anything with elbow patches and, well, glitter elbow patches? Mind blown. It's a great versatile non-maternity piece that fits great over the growing belly and is long enough to cover my tush, making it perfect to wear with leggings! 

Gender: A beautiful baby boy. Our third, sweet and wonderful bundle of blue. 

Movement: I officially feel M3 all the time and it's just so ridiculously awesome. I can't help but think how foolish I must look every time that wild grin spreads across my face. I don't even want to forget what this feels like- even when the soft pokes become uncomfortable jabs and punches. Right now I feel him mostly when I'm sitting- at the table, the desk, the couch, etc.

Sleep: Terrible. That is all. 

Cravings: Always spicy. Spicy anything. The spicier the better.  Give me all the spicy things.

Thinking Names: Still thinking about the one name that Husby and I agree on. Middle names are throwing us for a loop but if we can successfully think of an "M" middle name, the baby will share the same initials as his older brother, Carter. I like to think that reminding my husband how great it will be to reuse all of that monogrammed clothing will push him into 100% agreeing on the name we've chosen.  

Funny Moments: Maclane is obsessed with pulling up my shirt and pointing out my "belly, belly!" I guess I should be thankful that he's not showing off his beloved drinks instead but literally, every available moment, he rips up my shirt and shouts "BEYYY-BEYY!" Not embarrassing in the least, I swear.

Not So Funny Moments: Maclane's obsession with sharing my belly in public places... like the park and Chick-Fil-A. 

Nesting:  Wanting to fix, paint and decorate anything and everything in our house but not exactly having the budget to allow such nesting is driving me absolutely insane. Trying to space out our "projects" and realizing that we have at least one project to take on every month between now and M3's arrival.  

Best Moments this week: Feeling M3 move around in there on the regular

Looking Forward To: Eating my pregnant way through Thanksgiving and hosting our very first "Cookies and Cocktails" party in early December!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

We're Going To Need A Bigger Car.

That, my friends, was my husband's first thought after we found out we were expecting baby number three. Okay, that's probably a lie. I'd like to think that his first thought was, "my wife is so amazing, she's carrying our third baby and there's nothing more sexy in the entire universe" or something along those lines. 

It was his second thought though, I am sure, a thought that he very audibly shared with me, the minute we climbed back into the car after that life-changing doctor's appointment. 

"We're going to need a bigger car." 

He's right. And quite practical. We do need a bigger car and I can feel myself practically teetering on the verge of minivan-dom. Not exactly somewhere I thought I would see myself at just thirty years old. 

You see, when you become a Mom, you're quick to embrace all things Mom-like. Whether you like it or not, you're more often than not sporting the Mom-Hair while dressed in your Mom-iform with that look of sheer exhaustion on your face, signaling that you are, in fact, a Mombie (mom + zombie). 

At the same time, however, you find yourself clinging formidably to bits and pieces of your hip, trendy, former well-rested, better dressed, kid-less self. For me, part of that former self is trying to cling, albeit with white knuckles, to driving around in a "cool car." 

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some pretty bad-ass minivans out there. They're just not for me and I know it's only a matter of months before I find myself walking into MINI of Baltimore ready to make a deal. 

Speaking of "mini," how adorably hip and trendy is this 2013 MINI Countryman, the brand's very first entry into the small-crossover industry? I know. It isn't going to accommodate my crazy bunch but if I was a brand new mom looking for my very first entry-level SUV? This would be it. More than enough room for a family and all of their family accouterments but still hip, trendy and full of style. 

So, Moms of Three Or More, tell me.. What do you drive? What do you love or hate about it? I think it's time I start doing my research. Am I destined for Minivan-dom? Should I just accept it and move on? Or is there hope of something else just as convenient?
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Shop Black Friday When You Can Shop "YELLOW?"

I'm excited to share one of the best shopping events of the season: 
Yellow Friday, hosted by The Chirping Moms! 

Yellow Friday is a weekend long shopping event FULL of great deals. The Chirping Moms got together 35 fabulous places to shop online & all of them are offering big discounts for their event. A lot of the stores are also offering items in a GIANT giveaway. That's happening over on their site, so be sure to go enter! 

Why wait for Black Friday when you can shop all of these wonderful small businesses now? This is a chance to sit back, relax & get your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your own home. It's easy to shop the deals, because all 35 stores are using the same coupon code: chirpholiday

Below you will find each company/ Etsy shop participating, an idea of what they sell & what their Yellow Friday deal is. Just click on the store name & it will take you right over to their site to shop. ALL of the stores are using code: chirpholiday (unless a different code is noted)

Happy shopping everyone!

Yellow Friday Deals 2013
1. Artterro:  Eco-friendly art kids
20% off
2. Bitty Birdie Boutique: Overstock designer children's clothing at fantastic prices.
$10 off $50 purchase + FREE SHIPPING

3. Bleu Collar Paperie:  Paper goods and more

4. Blocks Paper Paints:  Fun home decor for every occasion 
20% off 

5. Bridier Baubles: Accessories perfect for any occasion

6. CP Toys:  Online toy shop
(excludes Playmobil, Thomas & Friends, Melissa & Doug, Lego & sale items)

7. Designed to Shine:  Custom Jewelry and accessories

8. D & L Designs:  Hand stamped flatware and hidden message bracelets
10% off

9. Felted Kitten: Eco-friendly felt crowns and handmade goods
25% off

10. Flutterbye Prints:  Personalized prints, teacher gifts, and more

11. From the Heart Creations:  Custom appliqu├ęd clothing
30% off

12. Instathis:  Instagram photos printed on wood, aluminum, or coasters  
30% off 

13. Lil Bean Baby Boutique:  Custom boutique baby items
10% off

14. Lion and Lamb:  Handmade kids t-shirts
25% off

15. Loveliest Littles:  Infant and children's clothing and accessories
25% off all orders $10 or more

16. Minted: Holiday cards

17. Miss Monogram:  Personalized gifts and accessories
20% off

18. Olivia and Owen:  Kids' boutique clothing
50% off

19. One Good Name:  Personalized placemats
Buy 1, Get 1 Free Placemat Downloads
Place coupon code in the NOTES section & you will receive a message on how to redeem free mats

20. Opposite of Far:  Play masks and tails
15% off + FREE GIFT with purchase over $40

21. Pearls & Petit Fours:  Decorative pillows and banners

22. Pennymeade: Classic children's clothing
25% off

23. Pop Pops Furniture Co:  Hand-crafted children's furniture
15% off Birch Elephant Stools

24. Preppy Paper Girl: Monogrammed and paper gifts

25. RAKA Mod:  Furniture and decor for the modern home
20% off

26. Shiloh Design Company: Handmade picture frames and home decor
20% off + discounted shipping

27. Sila Boutique:  Online shopping boutique catering to moms and children
15% off

28. Smock Your Tot:  Clothing and accessories for children, youth, and ladies

29. Starlight Woods: Eco-friendly jewelry
15% off

30. Three 1 Seven Designs:  Unique home accessories and decor
20% off

31. Tiny Dancer: Beautiful leotards & skirts
$5 off $20 Purchase

32. Truly Sanctuary:  Unique shirts for the whole family
30% off

33. Wavy Navy:  Custom wood signs, photo frames, and clocks
20% off

34. Whole Wide World:  Hand-stamped coffee mugs and tea cups
15% off items $14 or more

35. Wren's Nest Creations:  Handmade baby shoes for boys and girls
15% off

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