Monday, September 26, 2011

My Secret To Semi-Fabulous 3-Day Dirty Hair.

Earlier this week, I went ahead and posted this picture on Facebook, in a hubris-fueled haze regarding my child's beautiful golden curls. I mean, it's no secret, the kid's got great hair. It took quite a long time for him to get any hair, period, but now that it's growing in more fully and less mullet-y, he's lucky in so much that he inherited his Daddy's curls. As The Husband always says, "the curls get the girls." 

I was shocked when I received a few comments regarding my own hair and what my secret is. Secret? Oh, please. We all know nothing is sacred around these parts. I don't keep secrets. The secret to my hair? Easy. I shower when I can which is rarely, sleep with my often damp hair in a bun held tight with an old-school fabric scrunchie and swear by a great dry shampoo.  

That hair up there? Hadn't been washed in three days. Shameless, really. And had barely a comb dragged through it. In any case, since you asked, here's what I use:

I once swore by ridiculously expensive shampoo. The kind of shampoo and conditioner that I used to save up my lunch money in college for. That's right. I was that girl who would forego the delectable and ever-popular Stir-Fry station at meal times and instead, pick away at the salad bar, making sure to procure salad ingredients that would weigh the least amount when it came time to place my meal on the scale. One would think The Freshman 20 15 wouldn't have graced my ass.. Oh, Loyals. You are way wrong. Do you know how cheap the fro-yo was at Villanova? 

Reeling it in now, the days of indulgent shampoos are no more. 

First up: Organix Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells great, as in it smells a little bit minty and delicious and it definitely makes my scalp all tingly and clean-feeling. No icky, greasy residue feeling left behind and? The shampoo/conditioner combo doesn't cost me half of a week's grocery budget. 

So in that picture, three days prior, in a vain attempt to doll myself up for some fun! family! photo-ops! I blow-dried my hair. I used to be that girl who blow-dried her hair habitually. I swore I would never fall into that rut of "same hairstyle, different day." Oh, if Back Then Self could meet Today's Self? They'd have a field day with each other. In an effort to protect my hair from the heat, I used a healthy nickel-sized amount of this stuff:

Dove Frizz-Control Taming Cream. Once again, I used to be all "Rusk! Biolage! Bed Head!" Truth be told? This stuff works just as good. Even the 5-year-old bottle that I found in my childhood bedroom and proceeded to use. I'll admit, I was a bit worried they wouldn't make this stuff anymore when I sat down to write this post.. Whew! Crisis averted. Love it. Smells great, too.

As for my hair dryer and round brush? The hair dryer was purchased at Walmart and it was no more than thirty dollars. Inconsequential in my book. It heats, it blows. That's all I need. Oh, and it's purple. My round brush? Has those crazy boar bristles which I once heard were better for your hair. A little pricey but again, sold in drug stores.

Alright, Loyals. Here's where I share my 3-Day Dirty Hair Secrets. 

1. Old-School fabric scrunchies and the low side bun (PS. Have you ever Google Image'd "scrunchi?" Yeah, don't. It brings up a few scantily clad women in bathing suits and let's just say there isn't a scrunchi in sight).

2. Invest in a really great dry shampoo. My go-to? Rockaholic. Worth it's weight in gold. 

Now, truth be told, I did my own little version of the Curl Down Method on Day 1. You absolutely must check out that video that features two of my favorite bloggers and a guest shot of another favorite blue-eyed mommy blogger! Seriously, I'd be ashamed if I shared with you all how many times I watched and have watched that video. Now that it's public knowledge, hopefully those ladies still love me!

Now, my hair doesn't hold curl and I didn't bring my hair cement spray home with me to New Jersey. So? It was a large barrel curling iron and prayers that by the grace of god my hair would hold a wee bit of curl for the day. And? On day one? It did. 

The following two nights, I slept with my hair wound tight in a low side bun, secured with the old school fabric scrunchi. Seriously? So amazing. I love those suckers. No split ends and actually comfortable to sleep on! 

The mornings of day 2 and day 3? A few sprays of Rockaholic on my roots and the underside of my hair, a quick brush through and I'm ready to go. 

See, Loyals? There's really not much to it. My secret to Semi-Fabulous 3-Day Dirty Hair. I mean, if I can't fit back into my JCrew Matchsticks after having Carter, I might as well have some {pretty} nice hair some days. 

Happy Monday! 

*all images found via and all opinions expressed in this post were expressed because I clearly wanted you all to have semi-fabulous 3-day dirty hair. I was not sponsored nor compensated for my opinions on such, unfortunately.


  1. I must say, you look great for not washing your hair for 3 days. You see I have fine, oily hair which means that one day of no washing=disaster. So you be thankful for a head of hair that can go days b/c I WISH I could even do every OTHER day but after one day my hair is so greasy you could fry chicken on it. How's that visual?

  2. I haven't had the guts to try a dry shampoo yet... But you're tempting me!

  3. My hair doesnt even look that good when its clean! So jealous!

  4. Oooh love this!

    I can do two days, but I totally do it. Dry shampoo is a miracle product!

    And yeah, I rock the old school scrunchee in bed too. My huz thinks it's H-0-T. HA

    Happy Monday!

  5. Lovveee and swear by Rockaholic! In fact, I really need a new bottle.

  6. I use Organix Tea Tree, too! Were you not SHOCKED by how well it does for the price? I used to spend about $80 on shamp/conditioner alone. I still do the pricey frizz tamers & leave-ins though, because I HAVE to wash my hair every day - it's just too oily not to!

  7. Haha I love this. I have naturally wavy hair, which means I rarely brush it and can go 3-4 days without washing. Glad I'm not alone. I always do the bun on top of my head, I'll have to try low and to the side.

  8. Wow! My hair after not washing it for a day looks oily and nasty. I have tried dry shampoos, but not the Rockstar one. I still swear by my Bumble & Bumble or Frederick Fekkai Shampoo, I haven't found a drugstore brand that compares. I will have to try Organix Tea Tree.

    I am sooo jealous of your goregous hair!

  9. Where do you get the shampoo and conditioner? I've never seen or tried it...but I must. As for dry shampooo----I use CHEAP OLE SUAVE! and it works fabulously! I'm on day 5 today. That's MAX for me...but yes, it rocks my socks off. LOVE it! And BTW- you DO have fabulous hair! Go Girl!

  10. Love this and I see so many similarities of myself in this post. I used to think the more expensive the shampoo the better it must be. I have learned that is not really the case and am using the same brand of shampoo you posted right now! I have never tried dry shampoo though. I need to!

  11. Something about my post pregnancy hair no longer allows me to go more than one day in between washes. I miss the days of 3 day dirty hair! It made college so easy!

    And I never would have guessed you hair was "dirty" I that picture!

  12. Girl after my own heart. I average 3-4 days for every hair wash... and I don't have a baby. Heaven help the world when I add that to the mix.

    PS I use a clippy to put my hair on top of my head at night. Equally as sexayyyy.

  13. Love your 3 day semi fabulous hair! HA! Seriously though, every mom swears by dry shampoo so I got some and it just doesn't work for me! It still somehow manages to make my hair oily! But the green tea shampoo is my fav!!

  14. That is totally not fair how your hair can look great after not washing it for 3 days! C's curls are to die for, btw. Love a baby with curls! I have really fine hair that gets oily after about a day and a half. I might have to try some dry shampoo and give it a whirl. Baby powder works too! I used that in college when sleeping in was often chosen over a pre-class shower. Did you buy that at the grocery store?

  15. Yes! I LOVE that dry shampoo! First one I bought and only one so far, does the trick!

  16. I LOVE dry shampoo. I was so happy when I discovered it. Now I just need to stop being so lazy and dry my hair more often!

  17. My hair usually lasts 2 days, but easily 3 if I blow dry (which is approximately never). I love the Tea Tree Mint shampoo and conditioner! Right now I'm using the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil line and it's really nice, but I don't feel like the conditioner leaves my hair very soft and silky. I'm definitely going to have to check our that dry shampoo. Right now I'm using - no lie - baby powder. It works pretty good actually, but I'd like to try the real thing! Thanks for the recommendations!

  18. This is awesome-your hair looks great and I've totally heard all about the dry shampoos but have yet to try them-I'm totally going to get some now!!!

    Hope y'all had a great weekend:)

  19. I read posts like this and I think maybe I could grow my hair out and actually rock it...and then I remember that I hate long hair. I wish I didn't. I really really wish I could love long hair. I love it so much on other people! Your hair really does look amazing.

  20. I'm a dry shampoo girl too, but more in the winter than summer. I wash every other day. Thanks for the product recommendations...I'm veering away from my product needs lately myself. Ridiculous amounts of money I've spent. Reee.dic.ulous! Totally stealing the scrunchy idea. Awesome. Love it!

  21. Impressive! I'm trying desperately to become one of you wash-every-so-often girls, though it's definitely trickier for those of us with fine/oily hair to start with. I started falling into the dread "mommy ponytail" look by washing it everyday & not having time to dry it properly, so I figure an every-other-day attempt is worthwhile.

    As far as products, the Rockaholic really is good, though for me good ol' baby powder or hairspray (I like Weightless by Rusk) works too. I'm going to give that Organix a go shampoo wise.

  22. Your hair looks great for not washing it for 3 days! Wish I could get away with that, but I would be an oil slick...mine is too thin and fine. I have tried a dry powder shampoo, but will definitely have to try Rockaholic! Thanks!!

  23. Oh hair products... Where to start? I agree, that Organix line is pretty good for the price point, etc. I have only tried one line of it and it was too heavy for my hair. The biggest concern of mine is the ingredients in products. I steer clear of sulfates & alcohols and unfortunately that usually means $$$ and STANK. Ewww I hate t he smell of 90% of 'good for your hair' products! I will check that line out again when I'm at Tarjay again. Ihave used Pureology consistently for the past 4 years and just recently switched to something I can't pronounce... Damnit. I think I may go back to P though I only left it behind bc I was using the wrong kind bc the kind for my hair type be STANKY. Oh how I wish Treseme or good old Herbal Essences did the job for me. Hell, I have fine baby hair that is blond to start then highlighted, either blown dry & flat ironed or tightly in a hair tie. I'm basically waiting for it to break/fall out at all times. :(

    My favorite hairspray is Kenra for everyday wear and Big Sexy Hair when I want to be a backcombed, curled cement head. I want to try Aquage root lifter/volumizer and I'm going to look for that dry shampoo you recommend!

    Now, how about I write another paragraph about my picky hair product problems? Because YOU care, AP right? Right.

    Oh wait, for reals though, I also love Chaz Deans WEN haircare line. Amazing stuff... Very different to get used to but totally awesome, imo!!! Try it sometime.

  24. Extra late comment, because I've been vacationing for the past 8 or 9 or so days:

    THANK you for this post! I love the shout out! And this is going to be bookmarked when I get home, no doubt.

    And, needless to say, I heart you tons. LJP pictures of Baby B are beyond gorgeous. Do you SEE all the compliments you're geting?! I'm sorry I missed you Saturday, but holy crap worlds colliding! LOL! Can't wait to see you at the 10-yr. :)

    PS - LOVE the re-design of the blog! I think I may have to re-design and kick up my foodblog. You wouldn't believe the requests that I'm STILL getting from people to get it back up and running. Sheesh. I feel so loved.



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