Thursday, July 21, 2011

Floor Corn.

It's very unlike me to post in the middle of the day. Much of the time I'm writing ahead of schedule, due in part to my Type-A tendencies hidden down deep inside. Since becoming a Mom, those Type-A tendencies have changed a bit, shifting focus from a once perfectly clean house and organized life to more along the lines of "you're-holding-my-child-wrong-now-put-him-down-let-me-do-it and don't-you-dare-kiss-him-on-the-mouth." That's my mouth.

Wow, can you say tangent?

Often times I feel like inspiration for a blog post will come to me in the middle of the day and before I can drop whatever it is that I'm currently doing, the inspiration is gone. Poof, just like that. So now? I'm trying to write more as I go. 

Today's topic? Floor corn. Yes, you read that correctly. Do you have any idea what floor corn is? No? Don't fret. You'll wonder no more. 

Floor corn is that tiny little nibblet of corn that escaped the jaws of the Post Lunch Clean-Up Effort. If you look closely for it, you'll note that it's usually hiding in a corner somewhere covered in a thin layer of dust and Sheepie hair. It may even be a bit shriveled by the time it's uncovered. 

Do you know who likes to eat Floor Corn? If you guess Sheepie you are wrong. 

Why is it that this Floor Corn is so damn appealing? And believe me, Carter is not hard up for food. The child spends approximately 95% of his waking hours eating. But there's just something so delectable about this Floor Corn that it's almost irresistible once found.

So, Loyals. Have you ever had any experience with Floor Corn? You may be more familiar with it's distant cousin, Floor Rice or perhaps its distant Uncle, Floor Strawberries. 

Happy Thursday Loyals! 

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  1. Floor corn?! Ha! That would involve eating a vegetable! How about floor cookies, floor goldfish and floor momma's brownie crumbs?!

  2. Floor Cheerios here too.

    And yes, although I wrote about it before there was the black sheep of the family floor dead stink bug.

    I'm glad it's not just me. :)

  3. Just last night my husband was letting Ethan eat off the little foot rest on the high chair. I of course scolded them both the minute I saw it because let's face it there's no telling how many days (ok weeks) that stuff has been there. Ick!

  4. Hadley eats food off the floor too, it must taste better after it's mixed with dirt and dog hair.

  5. Ha! You never cease to crack me up!

  6. We have a floor buffet over here. The worst is when a pea dries. All shriveled up and two shades darker than it should be. Did I just type that? Yuck!

  7. We are very familiar with floor corn, floor rice krispies, and floor beans. I'm always all, "aaahhh, what are you eating??" and then it's freaking floor corn.

  8. We have floor everything! Something about picnic food ala gross kitchen floor.. way more better than highchair food! My little one is wee little weirdo!

  9. It's more like floor veggie burgers here, or "manna from heaven" as our rapidly expanding Pug likes to call it.

  10. lol, we have a lot of floor rice in our house, and my dog wants none of it. Because we don't have a lil one yet, it instead lodges itself on my socks, or between my toes which I find completely offensive. I think my dog is really looking forward to a baby so he can get extra snacks. :-)


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