Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Post-Christmas Funk But With Cute Pictures?

Just like that, the Christmas Crazy is over. The Holiday Hullabaloo has dissipated as quickly as the stores have begun lining their shelves with Valentine's Day merchandise. Say what? My thoughts exactly. After a quick dash to the local drugstore for some extra cold medicine yesterday, I quickly noticed the barrage of red, glitter, truffles and doilies lining the aisles. 

Well, that was fun.

If it weren't for the current status of my living room, I could believe that Christmas never even happened. It truly looks as if a Toys R Us and cardboard box company threw up all over the hardwood floor. 

Santa, as well as Santa Husband and Santa Gammy and Poppy were incredibly generous this year. More so than I ever imagined. And Carter had an absolute blast. It was a hoot to see him carefully tear open each gift, ripping the smallest shred of paper from the present at a time. Of course, The Husband and I immediately jumped in so that we wouldn't be opening gifts until next Thursday! 

My parents and brother returned home to New Jersey yesterday evening and their absence has left us all in a sort of funk. It was a laughter-filled long weekend with them and it's always a little bit painful when they leave! 

I hope you're all recovering from your Christmas comas! So, what was YOUR most favorite gift that Santa left you? 


  1. I wish it didn't go so fast! :( We're in a funk too!

    But...here's hoping that the sun pops out and brings a smile to our face. Lots of sweet memories to make us smile!

    Love these pictures! They are so wonderful!

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I agree about the funk that starts creeping in the Sunday after any long weekend, but especially Christmas. I am so glad you had a memorable holiday and that everyone got on board with those adorable longalls!


  3. My favorite gift? Darling Boyfriend booked us a long weekend in Orlando in late January! Can't wait for that..

    But my favorite moment, AP, was seriously thanks to YOU. Seeing E's sister open the framed-and-matted print of dear sweet Baby Boy that YOU took, and seeing her crumble into a teary, happy, huggy family hug with all of us, meant the WORLD. Really shows what the spirit of Christmas is - FAMILY. She loved the picture, and couldn't have happened without you. THANKS! :)

  4. I hate the time after Christmas, so I just pretend it lasts another week. That helps. :-) Love your beautiful photos. You look beautiful!

  5. Same funk here...except I'm sad that my husband had to go into work today, tomorrow and Thurs, when he was supposed to have off.

    Love the family pictures!

  6. I hate the aftermath of Christmas! In fact I went on a turbo cleaning spree last night! I'm convinced it never would've been clean if my in-laws weren't arriving on Thursday to see our new house for the very first time! Good luck with the clean up! Oh and for real, what a good lookin family!

  7. It's hard to believe it's over already :( But my favorite gift would be the Canon Rebel. The hubs got it and I couldn't be more thrilled.

  8. I posted about how I want to take everything down but the boy scouts don't come to get the tree until Saturday! So I'm leaving it all up and ignoring it and the fact that it's already Tuesday and I'm hosting a playdate Thursday!

  9. Totally hear ya on the Post Christmas Funk...I've got it pretty bad today myself since family left yesterday.

    Carter looks so cute in his longalls.

  10. What a beautiful family!! =)

    Happy New Year (in a few days)!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  11. What a cute little family! I'm ready to get (my home) back to normal and recover from celebrating our little girl's first special Christmas! My favorite gifts? My pearl earrings and a bloggie video camera!

  12. Beautiful photos! You have a gorgeous family!

    We actually HAD to take down our tree the moment we got home from visiting family because our poor little living room couldn't accommodate all the kids new toys. I'm sad its over, but a little relieved. Now I can focus on organizing all these toys and preparing for next year...haha!


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