Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The State Of Things And Pictures.

Let's see. I've fallen off of the 31 Days bandwagon but really, really enjoyed getting back to real, raw writing. If you've been reading ILYMTC for any length of time, you noticed that my 31 Days posts weren't my usual kinds of posts and it felt good to switch it up a bit. There has always been a writer in me beneath all that snark and it was clear she was itching to stretch her legs. But damn, does it not take time to actually sit down to do that. 

Speaking of time, where the hell has it gone? Maclane is four months old now and I'm still holding onto roughly 10-12 baby-weight pounds. I'm making excuses and sorely unmotivated to do anything about it. Especially because of this crazy idea floating around in my head. Maybe I'll eventually get around to writing up his 4 month post for memory's sake but right now? I just don't feel like it. 

But this having two kids thing? Is awesome. It's not that we've even settled into a routine or I've solved all the secrets of Toddlerhood and Getting Out The Door In Under Forty-Five Minutes because believe me, I've done neither of those things even remotely well, might I add. But I have found our groove and we take day trips and run errands and have fun and, well, it's just awesome. 

I love Fall. Like really, really love it. The crisp air, the beautiful leaves, the tasty pumpkin-infused cakes/muffins/coffees, not to mention the ability to wear pretty boots, chunky scarves and long sleeves without having to hide it all beneath a winter coat really floats my boat. I recently upgraded my camera and have been using it almost every day to capture my favorite season. 

 We've been to the pumpkin patch eight times already this year and I've taken no less than 400 pictures of the Obligatory Things You Do At A Pumpkin Patch. I've posted them on my personal Facebook page and shared a few of them on Instagram but again, do you really want to see 400 pictures of my family outings to the pumpkin patch? Probably not. 

Carter has his Halloween costume all set to go next week. Is it homemade? Hell no. Creative? Inventive? Pure genius? No, no and no. Store bought and overpriced out the wazoo which reminds me, I need to get to making Mac's matching costume. The brilliant idea came to me last night that I should have just dressed Carter up as a wheel of cheese and pulled him around in the wagon holding Mac. Get it? Mac and Cheese? Corny, I know. Last year Carter was a pumpkin and a cute one at that but I don't think anything will ever rival his very first costume, Charlie Brown.

Speaking of Carter, we've finally entered the "no" and "nuh-uh" phase and it's literally driving me out of my ever loving mind. I could go blue in the face asking him if he wants to eat something, do something, go somewhere, etc. and the answer is always a resounding, "No! Nuh-UH!" Which, of course, ten minutes later turns into a whiny ball of Toddler-ness as he's asking to do/eat/go just the precise thing I asked of him minutes earlier. 

I'm behind on emails, behind on posts, behind on a lot of things, really. But it's because business has been picking up and I've been really intentional with the time I'm spending with the boys. I don't attempt to write unless both of them are sleeping because if I even try to attempt it while they're awake it requires me stepping away from the computer 2,479 times and that's just no good for anyone. But I'll catch up. One day. 

So, that's about where we are. Physically we're in New Jersey visiting my parents and have been for a while now. We're heading back to Maryland soon, but not too soon. Oh and The Husband and I have a pretty exciting anniversary coming up this weekend. So there's that, too. This year's gift theme? WOOD. 

I'll let the inappropriate jokes fly on their own. 

Happy Wednesday, Loyals.


  1. I'm glad things are so good in the two-kids department. Not always easy, I know that for sure.

    Also, I fell off of the 31 days bandwagon as well. I was doing so good with the 30-day shred and now I've skipped 5 days in a row. Oh well, what can you do? Life gets in the way.

  2. I'm glad life is good for y'all right now! I can hear it in your writing, that you're enjoying it. That's so much more important than 31 days or showing the world the pumpkin patch pix. Though I know I enjoy them! ;) Glad the photography business is good too. You have such amazing talent, it's great to be able to use that talent and make some money at it too!

    Happy Anniversary weekend! Enjoy the little get-away! Have fun at HOME!!!


  3. I feel like you've got the mama of 2 thing down way better than I do. Of the 3 pumpkin patches I've wanted to go to, we made it to one....just barely. And it was meltdown city. But....having kids is definitely awesome.
    And? How is Mac already 4 months!?! Eeeeek!

  4. you crack me up.
    btw, Mac n cheese....genius.

  5. I can't believe Mac is 4 months old already! But then I also can't believe my girls are quickly approaching 18 months! Why does it have to go so fast??
    I think I can get the three of us ready way faster than I can actually get us out the door. Toddlers are so uncooperative, aren't they? In my family we use the the phrase "it's like herding cats". Ha!
    I can't wait for fall to hit here! Some of the leaves had started turning but we're also still having 80 degree weather. Definitely not boot weather yet.
    And yeah, having to step away from the computer 5973 times while trying to work on something makes it almost not worth it. I'm getting to where I hop on when they're in a trance my Mickey Mouse or napping.
    MacNCheese Hahahahahahaha!
    Sorry for the super long comment. :)

  6. Mac & Cheese, i love it! I don't have any kids and I still struggle to get myself and the husband out of the house in 45 mins, so I'd say you are a rockstar.

  7. Aww! I got chills when I clicked on why you're still holding onto your baby weight; I knew it'd be that post!! I definitely think you should have just one more hehe. Cannot wait to see your boys all dressed up for Halloween--and I'm so jealous of the pumpkin patch(es). I have not gone to one, but I hope to make up for it next year with baby girl. Love hearing how you're doing!! Happy Anniversary...wood..haha.

  8. It's nice to hear you like having two, gives me some hope for maybe a 2nd.

  9. This is completely random and has nothing to do with the post...but what brand boots are those? I. love. them.

  10. Love those photos! And Fall. I haven't even been to the pumpkin patch yet...sigh. Fail.

  11. Eight times?! Love it! We are obsessed with the pumpkin patch. love your boots too!

  12. What are they going to be? Colton is DEADSET on being a baseball player. And since his name starts with a C he is going as a Chicago Cub player. Do you know how hard it is to find an actual jersey in a size 3t-4t?!?! Ugh!

    My 12 year old boy is going with some friends as a ninja turtle. LOL! And my 13 year old girl is either going to dress up like an 80s aerobic instructor or something else.

    Also, on the NO thing from the mouths of toddlers. Have you tried just giving him 2 choices to pick from? That's what I have done with mine and don't get me wrong, I still hear a no but not as much. For example "Colton, do you want an apple or banana?" or "Do you want to wear these tennis shoes or these high tops?". That is what works for me. I know we are all different at mothering and that our kids are different too. You are an awesome momma. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents out there.

  13. I love reading about how wonderful y'all are doing! I'm behind on everything as well, but one of these days we will all get caught up! :-)

  14. You are rocking this mama of two, multiple business owner thing like you we're made for it! Way to go AP!

    And really - Mac and Cheese?!? I die - that is too funny!!!


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