Friday, October 12, 2012

You Worry Too Much :: 31 Days of Motherhood

I never worried so much about nothing until I became a Mom. 

If pressed to think about it, this worry started the minute I peed on that stick and saw the word "pregnant" flash before my eyes. "But what about that glass of wine I drank last week?" "Am I eating enough vegetables?" "I forgot to take my vitamins two days in a row!" "But I ate a Home Depot hot dog!" (True story).

The list could go on and that's worrying even before my kids were born. In other words, I worry about my kids even before there is anything to worry about.

Once they're born? That's a whole other enchilada. "Don't run too fast." "Don't walk too slow." "Don't put that in your mouth." "Eat this not that!"    

Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one who worries like this and I blame it all on being a mother. My husband? Doesn't worry nearly as much as I do. In fact, he's always telling me, "Relax, babe!" He's fine!" It's OK! You worry too much."

But the question is, "do I?" Do I really worry too much?

As a mother I feel like I'm blessed with super powers. Super powers that allow me to run on pure adrenaline and little night's sleep day after week after day. Super powers that allow me to tune out the incessant whining while I'm trying to make someone's lunch, rock the baby and cook dinner all at the same time. 

Super powers that allow me to see the future. 

By this last one, I mean that as a mother I'm able to predict events happening days, weeks, even months before they occur.

Take for instance the fact that, as a mom, I knew the glass-top kitchen table wasn't a good idea to keep in the house once Carter could walk. So? we moved it out the garage for safe storage, thinking that perhaps we'd set it back up when Carter moved out of the house. 

It reappeared a few times for parties now and again but always made it's way back out to the garage for safe keeping. Until August when we hosted Carter's birthday party and needed an extra table for food. 

Despite my pleading, it never made it back to the garage this time. Someone insisted we keep it set up in the kitchen so that we didn't have to always sit in the dining room for dinner. Someone shall remain unnamed so that I don't completely throw that someone under the bus. 

However, from the moment that glass-top table stayed in the kitchen I saw things. I saw Carter running into it and slicing his head open. I saw Sheepie knocking it over as he lumbered beneath it to find a safe place to hide from the toddler. I saw Carter bumping his head on it as he tried to "vroom" his cars across it. 

By the grace of god, Carter never sliced his head open regardless of the number of times he bumped his head on it. Each time he did, however, I would ask that the table PLEASE be moved to the garage. 

Why? Because I saw things. 

Today? Carter pushed the entire glass top of the table to the floor, shattering it into a million jagged pieces. He didn't know any better and I was three feet from him when he did it. It only took a matter of seconds. Thank God he didn't get hurt. Thank God Sheepie wasn't laying beneath the table. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. 

But I'll say it again. I knew this was going to happen.

You can't ever tell me I worry too much. That's what makes me a Mom.


  1. OMG. Thank God for sure. What a horrible thing to have happened - and I hope hubs doesn't get in too much trouble for not listening to you, ha .. hang in there.

  2. I just posted this post on my Facebook page (Pearls to Pampers). Because seriously? THIS IS ME. We got rid of our coffee table months ago, and I had BEG, PLEAD AND BRIBE the husband, until I finally just did it myself. Mom powers. Again, so glad everyone is ok!!!! (also, the worryness may have to do with being a virgo. I'm a virgo too, and I've always been a Worrier but its 100 times worse now that I'm a mom!)

  3. I always say if you have that little premonition that something bad is going to happen it will with kids so when you do to take care of the situation. I am a total worrier! Just like you right when you get the pregnant on the stick notification! How are we going to deal when they can drive?!

  4. It's mother's intuition. A little story for you. I had the inkling to find a pediatric dentist one day and looked up and found one. I remember thinking it was cool that they had an emergency dental line. You know, "just in case."

    A week later my son fell off the jungle gym and knocked out a tooth and the other was hanging. I knew exactly who to call at 10:00 that night because I felt the need to find a dentist the week before. I mean, COME ON. How weird is that???

    I truly believe in mother's intuition. I knew deep down that something was going to happen.

  5. Glad everyone is ok!! Yep, it's in our nature to worry. And I'm sure I'll worry until the day I die.

  6. ok I'm the same way and thank GOD it's not just me. I worry about some stupid things concrete and P falling over on her head (idk why but she just doesn't like catching herself when she falls...), fireplace, stairs, tile floors and socks. It all worries me to no end. I actually thought I had straight up anxiety bc of all the things I was "seeing" before they happen but this actually makes me feel sane again. Well, as sane as I've been since we even decided to try for a baby.

  7. This just made my stomach hurt! That is my worst nightmare! And I am so very thankful that no one got hurt, as the injuries could have been very serious. As a mom, yes, I worry too. And you better believe that glass top side table we had disappeared about a week after we took our son home from the hospital.

  8. Amen, mama! We're here to worry for them, to protect them, to stay three steps ahead of them. Glad everyone is ok! And hey, at least now the table is gone :)

  9. Family pics are in the works as we speak! I'm a sucker for a good Christmas card!

  10. Oh my. Glad everyone is ok. Worry is my middle name no matter how hard I try. :)

  11. Thank God no one was hurt! So so thankful.

    My hubs always says I worry too much, and my response is that he doesn't worry enough; I have to worry for the both of us! But then something will prove me right and I won't let myself turn the worry off. I do think that some "worry" is really mother's intuition, and that will never go away.


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