Sunday, October 7, 2012

Documenting The Moments :: 31 Days Of Motherhood

It's no secret that I'm always behind the camera. 

With a passion for documenting life's little joys not only does this penchant for recording leak out into the every day family moments, but I've also created a business supported by it, a business built on the foundation of my love of taking life's little moments and capturing them forever. 

As the Mom and unofficial "memory keeper" of our family, the camera is always in my hands. This means that I am hardly ever in the photos I take of my family. I am present for those moments, soaking them in and immortalizing them in my memory the best I can, but according to the camera? I am never physically there. 

Even though I can be a bit bossy when handing my camera over to others, this needs to change. I need to let go. I need to not care so much about the angle, the back drop, whether or not I'm sucking it in, whether or not The Toddler is smiling. I just need to get over it, give up control and say, "Cheeeeeeese." 

And during our first family outing as a family of four to the pumpkin patch? I did just that. 


  1. Carter looks so cute in ALL of those photos- so does M. BEAUTIFUL family AP!

  2. These are adorable!!

    I'm the same way with a camera! We actually just carved pumpkins tonight per the bittles request and I asked David to snap some pictures of me because I'm always behind the camera and then I bitched about the pictures he took. *sigh*

  3. You look great!! Beautiful family photos. I love Carter's outfit--so cute! Of course Mac's hat is to die for. Such a perfect family outing.

  4. I've been trying to do the same thing. I'm always the one taking pictures and I'm never in them. I've been making more of an effort to make my husband take some too.

    Very cute pics!

  5. you guys look great! (and like you're surviving the 2 children versus 2 adults war). I am with you - I'm never in front of the camera and then when someone offers to take a picture, I struggle letting go (and d a quick glance in the mirror because if it's not a weekday when I'm at work, there really is no need to put on make up or do my hair.

  6. I love these pictures.

    Do you like the ErgoBaby carrier? I got one for a baby shower and was unsure how I felt about it. It's cute... and maybe I will love it when I am no longer pregnant and have a baby in it... but I wanted to know your thoughts.

  7. Same dilemma to teach hubby how to use the camera! :)

  8. What great pictures! Love that you're in them too - that's very important! My mother-in-law always asks to grab my camera from me because she knows she has very few of herself when she had young kids. I'm very grateful for that!


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