Monday, October 8, 2012

Mothering Boys :: 31 Days of Motherhood

I am the Mom of Two Small Boys. Logistically speaking this makes me a "true" Boy Mom. 

Early on I earned my street cred as I mastered the art of taming the teeny peenie. Things every Boy Mom must know like which way to point them so they don't pee themselves out of every single diaper or not to let too much cool air get all down in there save for getting a little pee-bath.  

Between you and me? Let's just say that's more of a, well, trial and error process and thank god those things are bendy.

I've stepped on mega blocks and Matchbox cars in the middle of the night. My purse and pockets are full of sticks, rocks, egg shells and other "treasures" that we've stumbled upon during our daily nature walks. Just the other day when I went to pay for my purchases at Target, I pulled a Thomas the Tank Engine from my wallet as I dug for a couple of quarters. 

Lately, I've quickly learned more about diggers, excavators and backhoes in the last three months than I've ever really cared to know of in all my twenty-nine years. I've even been known to pull off to the side of the road to get a better look at the "ca-struct-shun."

I've choked back a little vomit to pick up a driveway slug and let it slime my toddler's hands. I've thrown caution to the wind and bought stock in Color Safe Bleach as I let him run rampant through the muddy backyard literally encouraging him to find more mud. 

If I didn't know any better, I should start brushing up on my boy-speak, practicing phrases like "that's so rad!" and "cool dude!" and "way to go, tiger!"

I know with each day that passes, my boys and I are growing more and more different. Soon we'll be separated by different languages, different interests and different emotions. I know that there will be a day that comes when they'll ask me about transmissions, transistor radios, soccer penalties and Major League Lacrosse teams and sadly, I will be none the wiser. 

I know there will come a day when they won't want to run errands or go for a "quickity-quick buh-bye ride in the car with Mama." When they won't eagerly divulge the events of their little days away from me.  

All too soon there will be a day when I'm no longer the love of their lives, the one they run to with made-up stories or the hand they reach for while outside for a walk.

But for right now? I'll savor the moments that I am their first love, the mender of broken hearts and skinned knees, the one who tucks them in at night, kisses their tiny foreheads and tucks herself into bed with Major League Lacrosse for Beginners on her Kindle. 




  1. I love this post so much.

    I love having a little boy far more than I ever thought I would. I love dancing around with him in my arms and imagining us dancing together at his wedding.

  2. those last 2 paragraphs kinda made my stomach hurt. why can't we be #1 forever!?!?!?! Isn't being a boy mom great!?!?!?!

    We went to Disney on Ice Friday night...and let me tell you, I saw far too many melt downs from Cinderella and Tinkerbell in the ladies bathroom than I care to remember. I came out telling Lance, 'I'll take Buzz and Woody over that mess any day of the week!' HA!



  3. AP, I beg you to stop this “31 Days” series. I’ve cried off all my mascara AGAIN and I cannot afford to be wasting such a precious indulgence. Spare my mama heart – and my mascara budget, mmmmkay?

    Love you, love this post.

  4. My heart melts when my four year old randomly reaches for my hand to hold, as if it's habit. I'm not anxious for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th love their lives to come around any time soon.

    However, lacrosse? We sure live in different parts of the country. LOL!

  5. You are such a good Momma and it shows with these posts girly girl! I guess I am a "girl mom" ;)

  6. yes, boy mom right here. To two sweet and wild boys who light up my life and challenge me in ways I never knew existed. My blog tagline is "Walking the red carpet of motherhood, with dirt on my dress."

    All because of those two dirty boys I have :)

  7. Wait, you don't already say, "Way to go, tiger!" ?

    I'm not taking you for a TRUE boy mom until that day. And I want a vlog.


    I LOL'd at the "bendy" comment. And I love that the Thomas in your wallet...didn't phase me. I wouldn't trade being a boy mom for anything.

  8. Amen to this whole post---from another all boy mama...

  9. Love this. Tonight as I was walking out of jacks room he said " mama come here". I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted to give me kisses. Why do these sweet boys have to grow up so fast?

    I'm starting a collection of things found in his pockets with stories about each to give him when he's grown. Being a boy mom is the best!

  10. You'll always be their first love :) and if it makes you feel any better Jon is still RIDICULOUSLY close with his mother...not like inappropriately close, lol, but VERY close and loves her to pieces. It's very sweet.

  11. This post simultaneously broke my heart and made my heart happy at the same time. WEIRD. My emotions are crazy. I particularly liked the 'choked back vomit' part about the slug ;) Your boys will always love their momma.

  12. As a mother of 2 and almost 3 boys, I have to say this is so true. My oldest is 9 and although he is still very lovey he is getting to be more and more of Daddy's boy every day. Last year I read the best book called Wild Things. It is fabulous and goes through every "stage"of a boys life. It is sad that they grow up so fast!

  13. "and thank God those things are bendy" - I'm dying and shouting Amen all at once! Great post - I LOVE being a boy mom! :)

  14. You are such a good boy mama :)

  15. Stop making me cry, Woman!!!

    My boys are my WORLD! I would not have it any other way. They are amazing little beings. I turn to mush when Trey tells me, "Momma, I love you with all my heart." Cue tears...many tears! When I'm sitting on the couch and he says, "Momma, I want to be with you." Meaning he just wants to sit next to me or on my lap and...just sit. :') It gets so much better once they become more vocal. Jackson doesn't talk that much, but when he snuggles w/ me in bed and his little hand rubs up and down my arm (his comfort), that's when I think that I would have 5 more boys just for moments like these!

    Keep writing forever! :D xx

  16. Love the "bendy" comment - you have to have a huge sense of humor to be a boy mom! Love every crazy, dirty, loud minute of it!


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