Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Magnetic Closure Babywear :: Greatest Invention Ever And A Giveaway!

Moms, say goodbye to those frustrating middle of the night diaper-changings, struggling with   misaligned snaps and stuck zippers. Magnificent Baby seamlessly eliminates all of that with their incredible magnetic closure footies and sleep gowns. 

Let me introduce you to Magnificent Baby by way of the fabulous online Mommy/Baby boutique Bloom MaternityThis is undoubtedly one of those "why didn't I think of that" products. 
"Simply open the footie, insert baby and the outfit practically dresses itself."

As a mom or simply anyone who has struggled with changing a wiggly, fussy, crying baby, we know how difficult it can be to get the baby dressed with minimal tears and frustration. Throw in a 2am feeding, little to no sleep, a darker than dark bedroom and a diaper that needs changing and the task of changing said diaper becomes all the more anxiety-producing.

First there is the task of stuffing the baby into the footie. Then you must line up the snaps and begin snapping them together, all the while shushing the unhappy baby in hand. Midway through, you suddenly realize that you've either missed a snap or snapped a chest snap to a knee snap and your poor little baby is now even more upset. You must go through the motions again, with an even fussier baby, trying to redress them again and again. 

With it's lead safe, phlalate safe and baby safe magnetic closure strips, these footies and sleep gowns by Magnificent Baby make those middle of the night diaper changes easier than catching a greased piglet in a bowl full of butter. 

You simply dress baby as your normally would, inserting their arms into the sleeves and their legs into the.. leg parts? and without having to align any snaps, you simply bring together the two sides of the garment, attracting the magnets and voila! Instant footie and you're both ready to head back to bed.

Here is Maclane looking dapper in his Magnificent Baby footie in the Morocco print. Doesn't he look pleased as pie? That's because his Mommy didn't keep him awake any longer by having to fumble with those ridiculous snaps in the middle of the night. 

You can shop Bloom Maternity's entire selection of Magnificent Babywear by clicking here. You can even use code "carrots" for 10% off of your order

Today, Bloom Maternity has offered ONE lucky Loyal the chance to win their very own Magnificent Baby footie with a coupon code valued at $32.95. Be sure to enter using the handy Rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. is it bad that i want these for myself?!

  2. This really is genius. Those snap jammies are the devil. I'm so glad mine is now big enough for two piece jammies.

  3. Cool giveaway! I have never heard of magnetic pjs. Love the patterns too!!!

    Mac needs to stop promoting all these cool baby products.....makes me want another baby to buy them for. I am hoping to win this & get Alex to wear them quick before she gets too big!

  4. That is pretty awesome. Out of curiosity though, does it end up sticking to the inside of the washing machine drum?


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