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Holiday Ornament Wreath :: Hey, That's Pintastic!

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With "Frankenstorm" Sandy on our heels here in New Jersey, I wasn't able to make it to the craft store this weekend and the DIY Christmas ribbon wreath which was supposed to be this week's "Hey, That's Pin-tastic" post is still sitting slightly unfinished on the dining room table back home in Maryland. So? Today you're getting a post pulled from the ILYMTC archives. It may be an oldie but I promise you it's a goodie, too. 

Today I'm sharing the jolly and super adorable DIY Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath that I whipped up last year and can't wait to hang on our new front door this year. You can find the inspiration for this wreath by checking out this pin here

What You'll Need:

1 Floral Foam Wreath Form
1 Hot Glue Gun
1 Brand New Bag of 100 Glue Sticks (appropriate to glue gun size)
Ribbon, color and thickness of your choosing
50-70 Shatter Resistant Ornaments in various sizes

What You'll Do:

Grab a coffee. Preferably an Egg Nog Latte. 
Spread out your wares and make a mess of your crafting space. 
Craft with a friend, in this case, my sister-in-love

Start by arranging your largest ornaments in desired pattern along the outside of your wreath. You'll have to hold and press your ornament against the wreath for a few seconds each time for maximum stick-age.

Follow suit along the inside of your wreath with the same size ornament in desired pattern.

Once completed, begin by filling in the spaces on the wreath with the next size ornament. Continue with a desired pattern or begin haphazardly gluing them down in whatever places they would fit, like yours truly. 

Once you've exhausted the medium size ornaments, it's time to begin filling in the little nooks and crannies with your smaller and smallest size ornaments. 

You'll soon note that you are no longer gluing ornament to wreath but rather gluing ornament to ornament. Don't fret, this just means you're doing it the right way. 

As for hanging your ribbon, no one cares to explain how to do this. I found it easiest to thread the ribbon through the ornaments and around the wreath form when finished. Thread two separate strands of ribbon and tie together in a knot at the top. 

Then? Enlist a friend to make you a beautiful bow. In this case, I'm still stuck on that last step. 

Tend to your burnt fingertips all the while 
rushing to the front door to hang and admire your handiwork. 

Happy Wreathing and be sure to link up your "Hey, That's Pin-tastic" posts below! 


  1. It looks so great! If I hadn't just spent so much money on my ornament trees I'd totally be making one of these!! I love how you talk about the burns because seriously ... ouch!

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. This looks so good. I have been wanting to make one for the last couple years and just haven't. I need to! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  4. NOW! I told you I'd make you a bow! All you have to do is say the words friend! I can have it done in a jiffy!

  5. looks so great! wish i wasnt too lazy to make one!

  6. I really love this wreath...thanks for sharing! Now I need to quit being lazy and try it!

  7. I love your wreath! I particularly like the varying sizes of the bulbs - adds so much!!

  8. This looks so great! I really want to make one now! Thanks. :)

  9. I'm still trying to decide if I'm brave enough to attempt this for our make it yourself Christmas exchange in Evan's family or if I'm going to stick to coloring his aunt a picture of Barney ....

  10. I've never seen an ornament wreath actually, this is adorable! I just hung my fall wreath a week ago [oops] but now I'm already inspired to replace it :) ps you make me laugh

  11. Didn't get to it this weekend, so on the agenda for next, for sure!

    Looks great!

  12. here's a post about how to make a big bow for your wreath! :)

  13. That's so cute!! I seriously suck at making these things!!

  14. That looks totally awesome! I have always wanted one of these but have been unsuccessful in making a good one

  15. That looks AH-MA-ZING Ashley! I love it!!! I'm totally stressing right now because the MIL wants me to make her a wreath for Christmas and I've been all over pinterest looking for ideas. I have no clue what gave her the idea that I could make her a wreath. Ha!

  16. I'm not normally a crafter, but I'm dyyyying to try this! It is quite possibly Heather-proof, minus some inevitable hot glue gun burns. And I just bought my first glue gun yesterday. Perfect timing ;-)

  17. When I made an ornament wreath in 2010, it cost me $100. I bought almost ALL small teeny tiny ornaments. It was such a PITA! And it weighs eleventy billion pounds.

    Your way of doing it is much simpler. Ha.

  18. I am waiting for my Mom to come over and tackle this wreath! And I agree, the coffee/egg nog latte is a must :)

    It turned out gorgeous!

  19. Love this! I tried making this last year, but with a coat hanger- the one where you loop the hooks through a wire, but the balls kept flipping all over the place and wouldn't stay in place. Not sure why I never thought of a foam wreath, but I think I will try it this way! I still have all of the ornaments I bought!

  20. I love your ornament wreath! Will be adding this to the xmas decor DIY's!


  21. i saw so many of these ornament wreaths an they are awesome except i heard they take a long time! you have patience that i don't for this project

  22. I tried to make an ornament wreath last year, but it didn't turn out as hoped. Will try again this year for sure!

  23. Just seeing this - LOVE it! Also, I love all your other wreath projects that were in the "other posts I might like" on the bottom :)


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