Thursday, October 4, 2012

That Time I Fell Hair Over Heels For a Blow Dryer.

It's no secret that I'm a mom. It's also no secret that I'm busy. I guess that makes me one busy mom who doesn't have endless hours of free time on her hands to do her hair. Shock of all shocks, I'm sure. 

I never really paid much attention to the "tools" with which I styled my hair. I owned the obligatory straightening iron as well as two different sized curling irons and no, I'm not fancy or skilled enough to own that curling wand thinga-ma-bob, old school does me just fine. 

As for the piece of hair styling equipment that gets the most use from beneath my bathroom sink? That's without a doubt my hair dryer. Until this month, I never really paid much attention to my hair dryer, either. I typically picked one haphazardly from the shelves at Walmart or CVS and tried to pick the prettiest one with the most watts. 

Time management here, people! I just wanted whatever would dry my hair and dry my hair the fastest without breaking the bank. And so I set about to owning several different hair dryers over the years. As one fizzled out, I quickly replaced it with another drugstore lookalike. 

But then the fine folks at Misikko contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a hair dryer. At first I thought to myself, "do I really need a new one? I mean, the one I have right now works just fine..." Or so I thought. But I shrugged my shoulders, directed my browser to and whooo-weee! Am I glad I did. 

You see, I am in love with my new hair dryer. In fact, I would even venture to say that it is the best hair dryer ever in the whole wide world. The proof is in the pudding, no?

What once took me over 35 minutes to blow dry, this baby does in 10 minutes flat. No joke.

This hair dryer is amazing! Salon quality to boot! Not only is this hair dryer heavy duty (and I mean, it really is heavy weight) but it's also super quiet too! 

Don't let the quiet fool you, though! It's one powerful hair dryer! 

The Hana Salon Hana Air also boasts an ultra long power cord which wouldn't typically be a selling point for me but since I'm now constantly poking my head out from the powder room to check on my two kidlets, I can easily walk into the hallway to make sure Carter isn't dragging Mac across the floor by his toes. 

I would absolutely recommend this hair dryer to anyone in the market looking for an incredible "drugstore upgrade." After all, this is a salon-grade hair dryer and it comes with a price tag to match. 

That said, if you're looking to knock nearly half the hair-drying time off of your usual routine? This hair dryer is for you!

So many thanks to the folks at Misikko for hookin' this Mama up! My hair thanks you, too!

**Although I received the above mentioned product in compensation for this review, the thoughts and opinions provided above are honest and solely my own.


  1. I just reviewed a Hana flat iron, also amazing! I decided I need this hair dryer m

  2. 10 minutes, crazy! I have thick, semi curly/ wavy hair. I must get this dryer.

  3. I freakin' love your new, dark hair girlfriend! You look great!

  4. Just curious if you use any products in your hair before you blow dry? Your hair looks extremely straight and was wondering if that was the power of the hair dryer alone.

  5. I'm in a real need for a new one but I just can't get myself to buy one when mine still works.


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