Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Requisite Post-Halloween "Come Ooh and Aww Over My Kid In A Costume" Post. With Some Sass Thrown In. Obviously.

I cannot tell a lie. In all of my Mom-Fail glory, C almost, almost breezed through his second Halloween without a costume. You see, I had all these grand ideas. He would  be the Cowardly Lion and I, Dorothy and The Husband, The Scarecrow. And we would go traipsing through the neighborhood as the Cutest Family That Ever Trick-or-Treated. 

And then we each came down with The Plague. Rather, Husband came down with it first. And then he infected Carter. Who then lovingly coughed into my mouth. Repeatedly.

Thus rendering Carter's second Halloween fate to be Charlie Brown. Again.  

But then I quickly realized that Plan B involved craftiness. And purchasing items necessary for craftiness. And craftiness does not jive with The Plague. So? I chalked it up to "he's not going to remember this holiday any way and I bet my Loyals won't even notice that I don't post the "Requisite Come Ooh and Aww Over My Kid In A Costume" post. 

In other words, a big fat Mom-fail.

Until my mother, a true Mother Of The Year, stepped in and took control. Within seconds of us being in Hometown, New Jersey she had pulled hoards of my brother's old Halloween costumes from storage. Preserved perfectly and knowing that I would be kicking myself in the rear come November 1st if Carter didn't get to dress up for Halloween. 

Enter: Carter The Pumpkin.

Pretend like I edited out all that drippy snot you see there, OK? Thanks. I wasn't kidding when I said we each have The Plague. 

With a last minute trip to Walmart to scoop up a black turtleneck, black sweats and the token pumpkin head treat caddy, C was ready to hit the neighborhood. And hit the neighborhood he did. 

He had an absolute blast running up and down the sidewalks and chasing the big kids in their costumes. He wasn't phased by the masks, the wigs, the hanging skeletons or even the pyrotechnics and fog machines. Loyals, this slice of suburbia doesn't mess around. 

Our friends and neighbors couldn't say enough about how cute he looked and how fearless he is. Both the truest of true statements.

Oh and let's not forget to mention the evil troll of a woman, dressed in an ill-fitting wedding gown, might I add, who denied C Halloween candy because he's "only a toddler." Yes, you read that right. My eager 15 month old finally mustered up the guff to actually make it all. the. way. up to a front door and as he stood excitedly in front of this Miserable Witch, babbling and gabbing away, she basically brushed him aside and continued to dole out candy to the elementary school kids who were quickly lining up behind him. 

Oh, the gall. Loyals, needless to say both The Husband and I were seeing red. You know, once we actually got over the initial shock of "did that really just happen?"

All in all I would say it was a successful Second Halloween. You see, even Sheepie shared his spooky spirit. And by spooky I clearly mean "he donned sissy bunny ears."

Happy Tuesday, Loyals! Hopefully you've shaken your sugar coma and are finally coming down off the high that is miniature Snickers and Paydays. My favorites!


  1. i forgot to mention this on twitter yesterday... but i just realized.. you totally know where she lives.

    just sayin'

    he is the cutest pumpkin of all though :)

  2. Well he is one stinkin cute pumpkin thats for sure.

    Hope you guys will feel back to your normal selves soon.

  3. C looks so cute!!

    Why do people do that? I had a woman who happened to also be dressed in an ill fitting dress, give H's buddy candy and then when H said trick or treat she shut the door on him! I was shocked...and then the mom I was with said it was b/c he didn't have his bag w/him...um I was holding it for him! but she is a whole other issue!

  4. Stop it, he is so cute! I actually think the snot in the picture makes it even cuter. I had a bunch of people that brought baby babies, and they got extra candy!

    The little ones are the best, especially when you get down to their height and let them pick their own candy. They are better than big kids. So that lady is a biznatch in my book.

    Hope you all start feeling better soon.

  5. Little guys with the plague in their costumes are the cutest!

  6. I am still bitter about that mean woman - I even told Alex all about it and he was angry for you too.

    But, Carter is the cutest vintage pumpkin I have ever seen!

  7. 1. C looks adorable.
    2. He is so stylin' in a vintage costume...sounds like something celebs would do.
    3. I still can't believe that a person denied your child candy. That's what the flipping day is about! So rude! I just don't understand people.

  8. I can't decide who's cuter, C or Sheepie...ok, we'll go with C. Thank God for moms right? Pumpkin circa early 1990s is totally adorable. And seriously that lady who wouldn't give C candy is looney tunes! I didn't know people actually did that!

    Hope the plague goes away soon!

  9. Carter looks delicious!! I just love those cheeks :) Sorry you guys had the crud.

  10. I cannot believe she denied your precious pumpkin! How dare she? And I'm with Mrs. Mama on this one...sounds like she needs a trick or two played on her? Hope you guys feel better soon.

  11. By far the cutest pumpkin ever!!! And for the biatch- I told you- I'd slap a bitch if need be ;) and the no candy? WTF? All the cute tots got more candy than the goof ball middle/Hugh school kids that put some face paint on and carried a pillow case! I looovvee cute costumes- and candy to all kids- that's what Halloween is all about! And C totally rocked it even with the sickies- we have it here too- no fun! Feel better M's! Xo

  12. He is the cutest little pumpkin, so precious! And I still can't believe that (B)Witch did that to him. I probably would have cut her ;)

  13. I cannot believe someone turned down giving him candy! That's ridiculous! He does look absolutely adorable.

  14. So I want to be your mom. I'm saving halloween costumes for my grand kids now.

  15. give me her address. that calls for a shankin'.

  16. I still can't believe that she denied him candy. When I saw that on twitter, I about blew a gasket!

  17. What an evil woman! Who denies candy to a gorgeous pumpkin? I had teenagers in no costume show up on my porch and I still coughed up the snickers bars. People like that suck.

  18. Evil witch aside, that's the cutest pumpkin I've ever seen!

  19. Still CANNOT get over that evil woman!!!! How can you deny that cute pumpkin candy???????????

  20. Oh my what a cute pumpkin!!!!!! He is adorable!

    I miss seeing you at my linky party! I'd love to see you again this week! We are linking up cuties in costumes. :) http://happilymotherafter.blogspot.com/2011/11/oh-snapshots-of-week-5-halloween.html

  21. I can't believe that miserable wench denied him candy.

    I would have given him the whole bowl for being that cute, snot and all.


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