Monday, October 1, 2012

Success In Small Failures :: 31 Days Of Motherhood

It's the first day of a brand new month. It's such a renewing, refreshing feeling, is it not? I like to pretend on those days that I get to start fresh. That I can create new goals for myself, for my family, heck, for this blog this month. 

I can even create a new(er), slightly different me. In this case, hopefully a skinnier me. 

But no matter what new month it is, I always tell myself at the very beginning, "I can be a better mom this month." 

I'm going to listen more. Engage more. Slow down more. Sing more. I'm going to be better

Today? I took more pictures of the Littlest One because I suddenly feared that at just three short months old, I didn't have enough pictures of him. So? I staved off nap time for a few minutes longer (Mom Fail #1)...

And squeezed Maclane into the Bumbo seat for the very first time (Mom Fail #2). I mean, who in their right mind thinks this looks like a comfortable seat? He certainly doesn't. 

But? I delayed nap time all the while snapping a few extra pictures and paid for it soon after with an incredibly cranky baby who wanted nothing more than to be snuggled while Big Brother napped. 

Somehow, despite those two Fails, that's still a Win in my book. 

Day one down. Success. 


  1. Aw! Yes! I'd say it was a win for that sweet little chunk! That bumbo was so awkward, especially for our fat babes! He's a cutie! Happy Oct 1!

  2. the outfit, the facial expression...LOVE it so much..well worth it momma!

  3. Those chins are to die for! Love it!

  4. Definitely a win. Just the facial expressions alone make it all worth the delayed nap.

  5. ok if i thought the instagram pictures were going to make me declare "baby making day" i was so wrong! i cannot handle him. that first picture made me almost spit out my water.. in a good way!!

    its @lovelovemelissa by the way.. from instagram :)

  6. I am head over heels for that little man of yours. He gets cuter by the minute.

  7. I love his facial expressions - are they that way only bc of the camera in his face or does he just naturally constantly look surprised??

  8. Seeing your sweet baby Mac just makes me smile. Cute cute!!!


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