Friday, October 5, 2012

And Then I Almost Died From The Cute :: Peek-a-whoo Boutqiue

What do you get when you mix two hilarious moms, a bit of genius, adorable baby clothes, blankets, bibs, etc. and the ability to customize and monogram them out the wahoo?

That's easy. You get Peek-a-whoo Boutique. Now, before I go any further and while I have your attention, I need to say two things about Peek-a-whoo. 

OK. Now, don't go anywhere because I need to tell you how awesome they are and show you some more ridiculously adorable pictures of my kids. Unless you're headed to their website to shop. Then? Shop away, my friends. 

You see, I knew I was going to love these women as soon as I read how Kelley would describe their business. She wrote me the following:

"We sell boutique baby clothes and gifts that can be personalized with embroidery. 
Our stuff is ridiculously cute. And well-priced. 
We also have a blog that people other than my mom seem to like."

Basically, "she had me at hello," and after checking out her boutique, it was love at first sight. 

Backpacks, bloomers, gowns, burpies, towels, onesies, bubbles, sunhats and even adorable gifts for moms, this boutique really has something for everyone. If nothing else, you have to checkout their monogrammed diaper covers as well as their holiday designs bloomers. It almost makes me wonder if I can get away with putting a pair of frilly bloomers on Maclane, they are just that damn cute.

The fine ladies at Peek-a-whoo sent some amazing goodies our way and even apologized for getting a bit "carried away." If you ask me, when it comes to monogrammed baby clothes? There is no carried away. The more the merrier is my motto! 

I mean, could they be any cuter?

Oh and Mac there? Is wearing monogrammed Zutano. Like, one of my most favorite baby clothes brands EVER. Monogrammed. Which makes me love both that and Peek-a-whoo to the nth degree and then some.

So long story short? Please visit their website and check out their really awesome gift ideas and if you have an extra minute, be sure to stop by their blog and read about how Kelley's son, "#3," went to a Star Wars-themed costume birthday party dressed as the elusive Star Wars Shark. 

See? I told you you would love them. 

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