Monday, January 21, 2013

UpCycled Mail Carrier Turned Magazine Holder

I stumbled across this wrought iron catch all in a local Goodwill a little over a year ago. I scored this puppy for $3 and was pretty stoked about it considering I had seen similar pieces in HomeGoods, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for anywhere from $25 to $45. 

Initially I needed somewhere to stash the mail that constantly cluttered up our kitchen counter tops. I hung this catch-all in the kitchen and it served as a great place to toss important pieces of mail that needed tending to. 

Pretty soon, however, it became the catch-all for anything and everything that didn't belong on the kitchen counter tops. Flashcards, baby toys, even a missing sock found its way in there. 

Most recently, however, I wanted something that I could use in our {very small) main level powder room to stash a few magazines that were kind of an eye-sore sitting on the back tank of the toilet. I immediately remembered I had this mail catcher thing and decided I would use it in there. 

It fit perfectly on the inner wall and I love how it doesn't take up any additional floor space because that powder room has none to spare! I thought about spray painting it white but I actually love the iron contrast since everything in that bathroom is so light to begin with! 

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  1. love love love this idea for a magazine holder. I never find anything fun at goodwill or thrift shopping.

  2. I seriously love this idea!! I need to do this in our bathrooms so my husband doesn't notice how many Southern Living magazines I'm currently hoarding in a drawer in the living room! :)

  3. This is such a good idea! We always have magazines all over the bathroom and it looks so cluttery! I recently started reading your blog and love it. I stay home with twin girls and can relate to a lot of your stories :)


  4. Awesome find! Wish I had luck finding stuff like this.

  5. Love this idea! Thanks for hosting the linky party!!

  6. Love it. I'm obsessed with swirls. I will have to start hitting up goodwill more often that's a great find!


  7. Love this! We also have the "mail basket" that has turned into the catch all...

  8. What a good idea. I love organizers that take up little space!

  9. What a good idea! I would never think to use a mail holder like that!

  10. Such a good idea! i would never think to use a mail sorter in the b/r.

  11. What a fabulous idea! It definitely looks a lot better than the mags sitting on the back of the toilet!


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