Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bedtime Buddy Bust.

Unlike my toddler, the baby insists on falling asleep to noise. Whether it be of the white variety or musical lullabies, something must always be playing while he's trying to soothe himself to sleep. 

Recently we welcomed Nuby's Bedlite Buddies the bee into our rotation. With a soft plush body and soft plastic BPA-free face, this little toy is perfect for cuddling. With a few different play settings, the Bedlite Buddy can be set to play music while glowing for only a few seconds in "demo mode", a short bit longer in "play mode" as well as a no-music option for a silent glow in "glow mode." 

Nuby recommends this toy for babies 6+ months and as you can see, Mac at 6 months old, loves nothing more than to gnaw all over him.  As I mentioned earlier, his soft plush body and soft plastic BPA-free face allow for safe chewing.

This toy does have an easily accessible Velcro closure on its back that houses the battery compartment. Although Maclane may not be able to access it now, I can guarantee without a doubt that tiny inquisitive toddler hands would have no problem getting that Velcro open and getting into the battery box. It is because of this reason that I don't think I would allow this toy to be used without adult supervision. 


In order to activate the music one must press or "hug" the Bedlite buddy's belly. Once pressed, the music and glow will only activate for a few seconds. At bed time this is particularly unnerving as it constantly needs to be pressed/hugged in order to play.

In contrast, most of our other bedtime noise and light-makers activate for at least 45 minutes. For bedtime-assisting toys, I know there's a fine line between being annoying and being helpful but although the music of the Bedlite Buddy isn't too loud or overpowering, I do wish it both played and glowed for a bit longer. 

In the above picture you'll notice the Bedlite Buddy's face is illuminated. When illuminated in a completely dark room it is bright enough to soothe but not too bright that you worry it will negatively affect bedtime. 


Although Mac loves his Bedlite Buddy, I don't think we'll be using it for bedtime any time soon. Adorably soft but with an important safety concern and both music and lights that could stay on just a bit longer, I think this is one toy we'll save for a rainy day and careful supervision. 

Disclaimer: I receive no financial compensation for this post. As an official member of the Nuby Mommy Blogger panel, I received this item in exchange for my honest review as expressed above.  


  1. Looks like that external flash is working out rather well. :)

  2. How cute is he?! We have the same issue with all of those bed time toys. We accidentally discovered very early on that the vacuum, of all things, calmed the girls. This led to us recording the vacuum while it was running and then playing it on repeat. Yes, you read that right. Now days, they sleep to rain that we found on the White Noise app. We just took one of our old iPhone's and plugged it into a dock. Works wonderfully!

  3. I love the little glow worm! I had a glow work when I was little that I LOVED! Someone gave it to "me" when I was under the billie lights and it was my tanning bed buddy. I don't know what ever happened to it, but it was cute in pictures!


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