Sunday, January 13, 2013

Changing Table Organization & Must-Haves!

Every January I get the bug. You know the one I'm talking about and no, not the flu bug (even though that's already made its way through our house late last month).

I'm talking about the Organization bug. There's just something about starting fresh in a new year that makes me want to organize all the things! I literally have an organization project on The List in just about every room in our house.

There's the pantry to tackle, the boys' reading books in the playroom, our seasonal clothes in the master bedroom closet, the black-hole that we call the guest room closet which has become the catch-all for just about anything and everything and so much more. 

This month I thought I would start small and begin with a project that I knew I could accomplish in one day without making too much of a mess. The nursery changing table. 

I've had these awesome collapsible orange storage crates from Land of Nod sitting on our changing table for months without any idea as to how to use them. I obviously knew I would fill one with diapers and another with wipes and whatnot but I wasn't quite sure what to do with the rest of them. 

After gathering all of our "most-used-daily" baby supplies, I set to finding them each their own happy place on the table. Since the boys and I do the majority of our daily living on the first floor of the house, so much of these must-haves were scattered throughout. I'm so happy to have them all in one place and within reach when I'm upstairs with Mac. This is especially useful for after naps, early wake ups and after baths. 

We have another changing table that we keep on the main floor of our house and it is also stocked with very similar items! So, what's in those crates? 

Diapers: Dailies and overnites. If you haven't already heard about the secret of diapering your littles in Huggies Overnite diapers (one size up) you're missing out. 

Toiletries: Hand sanitizer, Body moisturizing lotion, Diaper cream, Boogie Wipes and Dapple toy wipes. Not pictured: the bulb snot sucker, baby brush and comb.

Socks: Self-explanatory. What you can't see, is that inside of Mac's laundry hamper I keep a small lingerie bag. When the socks come off at the end of the day, they go right into the lingerie bag which helps decrease the saga of The Lost Baby Sock. 

Blankets and Swaddles: Receiving blankets, muslin swaddles, sleep sacks, etc. 

Burpies and White Onesies: I like to keep a little stash of plain white onesies in the changing table in case of diaper blowout emergency. Plain white onesies are also great for layering under other clothes in the colder months. Having them on-hand at the changing table eliminates having to grab something from the closet or drawer when you're in a pickle! I also keep a few burp clothes here as well!

Last but not least, if your little is a wiggler and roller like mine, it's great to keep a toy secured to the rail of the changing table. This gives them something to occupy their attention while you're trying to wrestle them into and out of their diapers! 

Chances are you already have most of these changing table must-haves already in your possession. Now all you'll need to do is find a few fitting baskets and you're on your way to having a perfectly stocked and neatly organized changing table. 

Whew, I already feel less overwhelmed and excited to change the next diaper! 

Okay, kidding about that last part.  So, what's on your list to tackle and organize this new year? I hope you’ll come back tomorrow and join in the organizing fun as we kick off our linky parties!

If you link up on just one of our nine blogs, your project will be seen on ALL nine sites. Pretty awesome, huh? So get to those projects and be sure to link up!

Be sure to share a picture of your project on my Facebook page, even if you don't have a blog! I will be sharing some of my favorites both there and on Twitter throughout the course of the week! 

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am the same way about organizing! I am so ready to get this house organized!
    I have a similar changing table set up. Only the baskets are pink. ;) I am also lucky enough to have one drawer where I keep the medicines & lotions & such (the next changing table will be all drawers..or doors b/c little hands like to empty all the baskets). The baskets house diapers, changing pad covers and blankets.

  2. This is great! It just inspired me to clean up & organize Alex's changing table before bed :)

  3. We totally have the same orange storage crates from land of Nod! Love them. These are such great tips, especially for new moms. Love this!

  4. I am a Mom of a 15 month old boy & was curious about the Huggies overnights? He is 25 pounds & is wearing Huggies size 5 during the day. We have had issues with his diaper leaking at night, mostly on the sides of his stomach. So you said you go up a size & use overnights each night?
    Thank you :)

  5. Those orange storage crates are SUPER CUTE! Love your organization system! XO, Aimee

  6. SOCKS! Damn baby socks!! I really need to keep better track of Noah's! LOL

    I really need to get his room organized... or you are so good at it, you could do it for me?? :D

    If I say pretty please? Hahaha

  7. I am the same way right now. I want to organize ALL THE THINGS!

    We use similar storage cubes in our changing table on the top shelf. We keep all our blankets and sheets folded on the bottom shelf. (Though they could probably use some better organization!)

  8. I love the bright color of the bins. We have brown ones and it doesn't give the nice pop of color yours does!

  9. Stealing your sock idea when the little gets here. Genius.

  10. I would never have come up with the sock/lingerie bag idea on my own but our good friends do the same thing and it is GENIUS! Check you out lady, smart and organized :)

  11. So glad you posted this! With our first we just did the changing pad on the dresser and had a basket and there wasn't much I could fit in there. Now with twins coming we have more of a changing table and I was like what the heck do I store here haha!!

  12. I love the idea of keeping a small bag JUST for socks in the laundry basket!! Brilliant.

    Love the orange coloured baskets. Ours are brown, green, tan :)

  13. Adore the stuffed sheepie; where is it from?!

  14. Adore the stuffed sheepie, where is it from?!


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