Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Valentines Day Pin(terest)-Wins!

If you haven't taken a minute to scroll through and visit some of the incredible Pinterest projects that were linked up during this week's Dog Days {of Winter} Are Over Project Challenge, you must do so right now. 

Okay, not right now but right after you finish reading this post. I am in awe of the blogging community's creativity! Not only did you all find some great pins to share but you've inspired me to try and recreate a few crafts, recipes and I may even try to paint up a rug! Craziness, I tell you! 

I wanted to take some time today to feature a few great projects that would undoubtedly sweeten your Valentine's Day! First up we have this adorable heart map by Life In Eight

Gaby writes, "First I did a print-screen of the city in Google maps but hubby thought it would look better with a map that would look more like the real paper ones so we found this Michelin website with maps we both liked. I used Photoshop for creating the canvas in the size of the frame, cropping the heart shape and adding the two little red hearts but Photoshop is not strictly necessary, you could also print out the map and then cut the shape you want." I just love this and think that it might make for a cute addition to our brand new Rustic Shelves! 

Next up is this adorable ombre cake from Ethne and Women On A Mission that, although initially baked for a baby shower, would make for a cute little love day dessert! Ethne writes, "So, as I observed on the Pintester’s site the other day, while most of Pinterest appears to be pins geared to make us feel worthless at painting our nails, baking, cooking, throwing parties, getting married, affording clothes and decorating our homes, there are a few things here or there that we can do!  And look, I’ve picked an ombre that actually can be done -- and doesn’t just look like your hair-color grow-out is too long and your roots just really need to be touched up!!"

This next Pin-Win is something that I've wanted to tackle for the longest time but just haven't mustered up the courage to do so! I'm just so afraid it will a) take forever and b) not look anything like the original but Worth Pinning shares this beautiful Valentine's Day Coffee Filter Wreath that is just to die for. I mean look at it! However she does admit that it is quite a bit time-consuming. 

She writes, "I like how this wreath turned out for Valentine's Day, but I can't say I'd make another coffee filter wreath any time soon." I will say that it was absolutely worth the burnt fingers and possible four-letter words! Love it! 

Kate from The Cutting Back Kitchen shared an easy DIY for this adorable felt heart wreath and I just love the pop of pink that it adds to her mantle!

Last but not least, Mary from Building Simple Blog shares her tutorial for a simliar felt wreath but also incorporates it into an adorable mantle display that's just perfect for February! 

Mary writes, "I have seen a similar method done on other blogs to make a heart-shaped wreath.  While hearts really aren't my thing, I loved that the wreath had a ton of texture and it looked easy enough.  It really was easy!"

So, do you think I have time to squeeze each of these projects in before Valentine's Day? That cake would taste just divine with a side of bubbles and if you've been reading long enough you know I have a serious obsession with wreaths! Throw in that adorable Heart Map for our brand new shelves and I think that maybe, just maybe, the M household would be ready for Love Day! Thanks so much for sharing such fantastic Pin-Wins, ladies! 

Don't forget to visit each of my co-hosts blogs over the course of the next few days as they will be sharing their favorites from the Make It challenge! 

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  1. those are so cool! i especially love the map one and plan to do something similar with the location of where we met, got engaged, and got married!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favs! Now I am gonna be browsing all day (productive work day, say what). I especially love the felt and coffee filter wreaths. I think there is a project in my filter.

  3. I'm glad you liked my coffee filter wreath- I really do enjoy looking at it every day.

  4. Thanks for including my felt heart wreath in the mix! I love all the ideas...I'm for sure going to be making the map one!!

  5. Ohh Gosh! Only now I've noticed that you featured my Heart ;o) Thank you ever so much!


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