Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Day I Served My Toddler "The College Hangover Breakfast"

Earlier this week I awoke with grand plans. After a successful pancake-making morning only a few days prior, I couldn't wait to get down to the kitchen, sip on some coffee and whip up some delicious pancakes for Carter and me. 

I began to gather all of my ingredients and lay them out on the counter top. It was then that I realized I didn't have any eggs. Crap, I thought. I quickly scoured the fridge for a substitute, after all, there wasn't much else in the house to eat for breakfast and with the rain falling steadily outside, there was no way I was piling the kids in the car for a "quick" trip to the market. 

We all know "quick" is not in a mom's vocabulary, especially before coffee, at 8am in the morning and with a toddler and six month old. 

So back to the scouring. I couldn't find any applesauce and I had already used all the mushy bananas in the house to make banana bread the weekend before. I was quickly running out of options but determined to make pancakes. 

And then I stumbled across some yogurt. I shrugged my shoulders, pulled out the small container of Chobani and set to making the batter. 

A little of this, a little of that.. a cup of yogurt. I mean, in my head it seemed like a great idea. 

The batter was a little thick so I added a touch more milk. It smelled like pancakes and looked like what pancake batter typically looks like so I went with it. 

As I heated the frying pan, I could almost taste the warm buttery with-just-a-hint-of-vanilla deliciousness I would soon enjoy with my toddler. Drippy with syrup it would be the perfect start to this dreary day. 

I carefully poured the first pancake into the pan. I waited for the telltale bubbles. And waited. And waited. As I was waiting, the "pancake" started smoking. 

There were no bubbles and there would be no pancakes that morning. While I was waiting and waiting for the bubbles to appear, the "pancake" was adhering itself to the frying pan in as a blackened, crispy pancake-chip mess.

Let the record show that yogurt is not a suitable substitute for eggs.  

Great, now what was I supposed to feed the toddler? And in one of my finest parenting moments yet, I reheated last night's dinner and rinsed a handful of blueberries to lessen the blow. 

Pizza. I served my toddler pizza for breakfast and while reheating it, I really did think to myself "pizza is always better served cold for breakfast usually after a hangover." 

At least there were blueberries...


  1. I've totally done this. Now Presley asks for Pizza for breakfast....cold. (No "wave"- she says)

  2. I am dying over here! I have to say I have given Mikayla chicken nuggets with apples for breakfast when she was around Carters age. Dude fruit makes it all better.

  3. Too funny. My friend feeds her daughter edamame and tofu for breakfast! While I LOVE both, yucko at 8AM. Hey pizza in the morning never hurt the college kid, I am sure Carter happy as a clam!

  4. I think if you get a toddler to eat something, then it is totally a success! No matter what it is! Haha. My aunt once let my cousin and I have chocolate cake and Coke for breakfast JUST so she would take her medicine. It was awesome!

  5. hahahaha aw man. I think pizza is totally suitable breakfast. Just make up for it by serving breakfast for dinner this week - totally works right

  6. HA HA HA!!!!!!! Love it! Glad to know that yogurt is not a subsitute for eggs...I always get in a bind with that situation!

    And I'm with least there was blueberries!

    And he ate!


  7. Personally, I LOVE pizza for breakfast. The only reason I *wouldn't* give it to my child would be to have more for myself!

    And a little mixture of baking powder, olive (or other) oil, and water works for egg-less pancakes (or muffins or cookies...NOT BROWNIES. Learned that the hard way!). I'm almost offended you didn't text me! :)

  8. Really, yogurt doesn't work?? I probably would have tried that too. But I couldn't have pulled off this trick - there is never any leftover pizza in this house!!

  9. In my house leftover pizza is an unknown, only because hubs eats it all. And seriously, your kid eats blueberries - go Mom! You fed him some carbs, dairy, and vegetable with the pizza. That is a well rounded meal :)

  10. I'm craving cold pizza

  11. That is awesome. Fresh fruit always makes it seem like a responsible parenting decision.


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