Friday, January 25, 2013

It's High/Low Time!

Last week I shared a little something on Facebook and I'm sure most of you've heard of it or practiced it around the dinner table one time or another. It's where you come together and share your highs and lows whether they be of the day or that week. 

Over 70 of you shared your week's high/low and I both laughed and cried along with you, although I mostly laughed into my champagne. 

Your lows also had me feeling much, much better about myself! I kid. Well, sort of. So? Long story short it's back again. Click the above graphic and head over to the ILYMTC Facebook page and chime in. Don't have Facebook? Go ahead and share them below in the comments section!

Have a great weekend!


  1. High- We went "home" for a visit. (We just moved 6mos ago)
    Low- We had to return from 60 and sunny to 20 and snow! S#!t!!!
    Low- Both boys forgot field trip forms, and $$$
    High- After saving the day, I have been getting "Love you Mom" every morning on their way out the door!
    High- Looking out my big bay window to beautiful snowy golf course.
    Low- The frickin "storm started 2hrs early, I need to get to the store (that will surely be packed) and I'm OUT OF WINE!!!

  2. I SERIOUSLY love this. I think it should be a weekly thing. Such a good way to remember that there's always good with the bad :)

  3. I commented on FB last week... definitely a way to put things into perspective (highs/lows) and helped me laugh!

    High - short work week - only Thursday
    Low - having to leave work today because of CRAMPS. EFF YOU Aunt FLO!

  4. High - Eating a crunchy crab sushi roll for dinner last night.

    Low - Having Emie will be ill. We're going on almost a month of just not being 100% and it stinks. Poor girl.

    I love this. You should do this on instagram too and have people link back to you... Could be fun.

  5. High - spending 3 days with hubs in NYC on a weekend getaway

    Low - coming back to Chicago by myself (hubs stayed for work in NYC) and coming back to 0-degree weather

    High - eats lots of soups this week to combat the cold

    Low - Poor doggy has yet more eye infections

    High - This makes him pretty lethargic but also super snuggly!



    HIGH: Getting picked to pick the pizza's up for the co-workers Birthday Lunch and getting an extra twenty minutes to catch up on blogs while waiting in the baked bread aroma filled pizza parlor

    LOW: Realizing once you get to the counter to pay that you left your wallet behind in your cube because you just had to buy something online this morning during work hours because it could NOT wait!

  7. High: A beautiful baby girl who rolled over for the first few times this week.

    Low: My husband is out of town {for the first of four nights} on business -- came home to a torn up tutu {that I slaved over during nap times}, mud all over the white rocker in the nursery {I should have known better} and tutu puke in the hallway from my loving, but large dogs.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.

    AHHHH....yes that does make me feel so much better! Thanks for doing this!



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