Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September, How do I love thee?

Oh September. How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...

1. My birthday. Less than two weeks and counting... Need gift ideas? I'll be more than happy to oblige!

2. School supply shopping. Sure, I am not in school any longer, nor do I need to partake in the supply-shopping aspect of it all, however, I do love walking through rows and rows of crisp looseleaf paper and perfectly binded composition notebooks, seeing box upon box of unsharpened pencils. Just waiting for unmelded little minds, yearning to learn, to scoop them up! Some days, I truly do miss being in school. However, school is most definitely a thing of my past!

3. Apple picking. Warm Apple Cider. Fresh homemade donuts. Heavenly.

4. Leggings. (To be paired with boots and sweater dresses, of course!)

Am I getting ahead of myself? Perhaps. Although I did spend a large chunk of my day yesterday exchanging out my two closets. You know how it goes.. Begin to move some of the Fall/Winter clothes from the guest bedroom back into the closet of the Master bedroom. As you slowly (and albeit sadly) decide which summer items you will no longer be wearing and stealthily whisk them over to the guest bedroom closet. Such is the natural progression of things! Not to mention, I am definitely ready to bust out my favorite pairs of jeans!

5. Speaking of jeans... My Citizens, my J Brands, my Sevens, my Chip and Peppers. My Paige's. They've been packed away for far too long and I'm just beside myself with excitement to begin lining them back up in my closet!

6. Crisp, clean mornings. Stepping outside to walk the dog and taking in a deep breath, the kind that's so cold it almost burns your lungs, but you've been dying for that breath of fresh air all summer. It's deeply satisfying in a soul-awakening sort of way.

7. No more humidity. Okay, fine. My hair is really looking forward to this one.

8. Labor Day Weekend. As in, summer's final hurrah. A Four day weekend, perfect for rallying your family and friends, sitting out on a deck somewhere, reminiscing about those wonderful summer moments that will soon be a distant memory.

9. Snuggling. Throwing open all of the windows, airing out the house and watching movies on the couch wrapped together in a blanket. Perfection.

Sorry Summer, but it's time for you to skidaddle.


  1. I am so ready for Fall. I have a few pairs of Sevens and they are amazing. My other fav's are Hudson Jeans.

  2. HURRAH for September birthdays! My AC is officially off and my windows are OPEN. I'm now eagerly waiting for turtleneck sweaters to be necessary...

  3. Oh, girl! I am right there with you! I cannot tell you how nice it has been to finally feel a gentle breeze in the air! I think fall is my favorite season!

  4. I love summer...I am sad to be leaving it behind. But this list made me a little bit excited to see September on the calendar today :)

  5. yay!! Its my birthday month too... I love Sept birthday people :) xxxoo

  6. I am ready for jeans and boots and sweaters! I can't wait!

  7. I am ready for turtlenecks and scarves. It's going to be a while though here in Tennessee.

  8. Yay for Fall! I have to admit that I will miss those summer days, but you have to love the crisp Fall weather!!


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