Friday, September 25, 2009

Virgin Pictures.

No, I am not posting pictures of virgins. This is not that kind of blog, people!

I am, however, posting the first pictures taken with my brandy new camera, the Canon Rebel T1i. It's so fabulous that I've been searching for photography classes in the area to better help me understand just how fabulous this little dandy is!

Stay tuned for pictures from our weekend (to be filled with pretty fall colors and lot's o' apple and pumpkin picking!)


Sully Monster

ok, so i went a little picture-crazy.
(my car)

OPI's Russian Navy polish

thinking about making my wish.

hoping it comes true!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday!


  1. I love your headband, it's so cute!

  2. I secretly want a Rebel for Christmas...let's hope Santa is feeling generous!

  3. Ohhhh WOW I am so dull & boring when it comes to nail polish - I ONLY wear Bubble Bath. Always, & on everything. I just about dropped my coffee when I saw your Russian Navy toes - Do you think the pedicure place is open at 5 after 9 am? :) LOVE it!

  4. I had a Rebel- but it got stolen in Africa. However, I got a book with it that is called "Digital Field Guide: Rebel XTi/400D." It is a really good book and teaches you how to take great pics with the Rebel. Have fun!

  5. Ahh! Love the photos with your new, fabulous camera!! :) I have a birthday coming up in November, and I'm dropping hints like crazy! Truth be told, I'll probably get tired of waiting and break down and buy one for myself! :)

  6. your headband is adorable an I'm currently adoring all the dark fall nail colors. That Russian Navy looks fantastic :)

  7. The pictures look fantastic--so clear!
    I love your headband!
    I really want navy nail polish!

  8. haha---when sicko's google 'virgin pictures' and come to your blog I'm gonna laugh ;)

    cute headband!

  9. cute pictures.
    the puppies are too cute
    i also love your headband

    happy friday

  10. ooooh... the canon rebel... I want one too!!!! awesome pics...hope your wish(es) come true!!

  11. 1) Your pups are crazy cute 2) I love that you name your car... love it 3) OPI is my obsession... and that color is fabulous and 4) Your headband is adorable. You look like a million bucks... no joke.

  12. Your dogs are adorable and you are a doll - Love the pics.


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