Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sheepie Talk.

Sheepie, what?

Sheepie talk. In the M household, Hubs and I have sheepie-fied certain words or phrases based on the behaviors of our knucklehead of a pup. Furthermore, we use them in adult coversations with each other. This is why we don't have children yet...

The following are just a few of our favorite Sheepie-isms:

Sleepy Sheepie: Pink-eyed and absolutely exhausted. [When Sullivan is overtired, whiny and cranky, the normally light pink skin around his eyes turns hot pink. When this happens you just know that it's time for somebody's bedtime]. Ex: Are you being a Sleepy Sheepie?

Sheepie-saster: A hot mess. (As in "You're a disaster.") [When Sullivan came home from the groomer with the world's worst haircut]. [When Sullivan ate too much rawhide and projectile vomited all over the family room carpet]. Ex: Get your act together and stop being a Sheepie-saster.

Crap Your Sheepie Pants: This just makes me laugh out loud everytime my husband says it. We use it solely when talking to the Sheepdog when he really, really needs to go outside. Ex: When Sully needs to go outside and there's no time to waste, he starts barking incessantly. At the top of his lungs. Right in your face. My husband always says to him, "Or what? Are you going to crap your sheepie pants?" I'm totally laughing out loud while I'm typing this.

Just a little chuckle for your Saturday morning. Happy Weekend!

We're not turning into those crazy dog people, are we?
You know exactly the ones I'm talking about...


  1. thanks for the great tips! i think she's starting to feel better thank goodness. the most horrifying part is there was blood! i was so scared. my hub thinks she may have chewed burrs out of her fur on our hiking trip and may have passed them.

    love the sheepy terms! sleepy sheepy is definitely a phrase we use alot, haha.

  2. I think you are... =) But welcome to the club!!!!

  3. you "might" be turning into those crazy dog people, but, its possible I'm totally there with you, too. We have Mac'isms also. So odd!

  4. HAHAHHAHAAH! This is def. something my boyfriend and I would do! To cute!

  5. "Or what? Are you going to crap your sheepie pants?"

    I laughed out loud when I read this!


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