Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Faves and Heading Over to the Dark Side.

i know, i know. one more post about Fall
and you're going to gouge your eyes
out with a coffee stirrer.

just hear me out on this one...

With the Fall comes many things...
- the changing of the leaves
- pumpkin spice lattes
- activities like pumpkin hunts and apple picking
- cashmere cardi's and denim duds

but most importantly...

- dark hair and dark nailpolish!
As summer draws to a close, I can't help but get into the Fall spirit early by making a few lifestyle changes. Enhacements, if you will. And I'm not talking about changing out my closets or packing away the beach towels for another ten months. Because I've already done that. I'm talking about the yearly switch from my Spring and Summer 'do to something a little more cool-weather appropro.

Ashley Paige before:

Ashley Paige after:

i'm trying to get deeper in touch with my Sicilian roots by
switching over to a dark mahogany. i think i'm in love!

and my [other] new favorite Fall accent?

OPI's Black Cherry Chutney

I love it SO much that it's even taken the place of my usual fave, Linkin Park After Dark!

What are some of your Fall faves?


  1. Hair looks great. I LOVE the color of that nail polish, I think I will have to go pick myself up a bottle. :)

  2. You love it more than lincoln park?? I'm going to have to give it a try!

  3. I loooove that color of OPI. Other things I like about fall: apple cider and my glitter pumpkins I pull out of storage.

  4. Oh that color is super cute. I love wearing dark nailpolishes, and I love busting out my peacoats. yay for fall and winter!!

  5. Oooh loving the dark hair! I am obsessed with eggplant for my nails right now, but that color is purty.

    I wish everyone would stop making me jealous with this fall crap. Its 90 degrees and humid in Orlando right now.

  6. Love the dark hair - I do the same thing every fall - I go from light to dark. It feels so good :)

  7. Caramel apple cider.... uggs... spanx colored tights... snuggling... xxxooo

  8. Love the hair! I have naturally daaaark hair so of course I love yours! ;)

    Love the nail polish too! I've always been scared to do anything other than a french manicure! I think I'm going to step out of the box this fall! lol

  9. I've already made the switch to dark fingernail polish, especially the plum color. I love it!

  10. Your adoreable and I'm loving that color!!! I want, I want! now I get go

  11. The lady at the nail salon yesterday tried to talk me into going dark even though I tried to explain to her I am getting married in a month and have too many pretty showers to go to... After Nov 1 I will be dark once again though.

  12. Love the darker hair! I've been thinking about doing some lowlights for fall myself :)

    I also just picked up a couple of darker purple OPI polishes...I didn't see that one, I might have to go back!

  13. I freaking love your hair darker! You are so lucky that you look fabulous as a brunette or a blonde! Isn't it so fun to switch up looks based on the season?! I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for that polish!

  14. ashley paige STILL looks as gorgeous as ever ;)

  15. i never get tired of hearing about fall! your hair looks great, it really compliments your skin tone. i used to play the light/dark game every spring and fall but haven't gone dark for about 3 years. i keep getting the urge to go dark but get scared and chicken out. my husband has never known me as a brunette. i love love that nail polish, will have to pick up some.

    ps- i smiled at your comment yesterday, you and sully (and your shoe stringless hubby too!) are always welcome in texas!

  16. i love the dark hair! I do the same thing- the colder the weather the darker i make my hair!

    I just really look forward to picking pumpkins and apple cider!

  17. HAHA! That is soo meee...I have to show my routine hair change from summer highlights to the fall color! I can't wait for dark nailpolish too! I have to try that one bc linkin park after dark was always a fav! Have a super weekend!

  18. Your hair looks great dark! I just had my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday... loves!

  19. I just came across your blog. That nail polish is so pretty! I'm loving fall as well...

  20. I love dark nail polish! I'm def going to have to try that new one.

  21. i love dark for fall!! thats a pretty color

  22. Ooh, that is quite a statement about that nail polish - I will def. have to try it! Fall is my favorite season - you name something about it, I guarantee I love it!


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