Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What A Real Bagel Looks Like...

This is what a real bagel looks like.

Take note, it does not fit in your standard size toaster. All of those bagels you've had before? Sorry, but they're not the real deal. You must've been gnoshing on what I like to call the "imitation bagel." Or the "wanna-be bagel."

I come from North Jersey where we take both our bagels and our pizza very seriously.
I'll admit it. I. am. a. bagel. snob.
Few bagels actually live up to my bagel standards. Bagel Factory? Nice try. Bagel Bin? Nope, not even close. Don't even get me started on chains such as Einstein's and Manhattan Bagels. It's a nice attempt, but doesn't come close to the bagels driven in daily, fresh from New York City at Sam's Bagels in Hometown, New Jersey.

How seriously do I take my love of bagels?
I take my love of bagels so seriously, I will often refuse to eat said bagel unless I am home in New Jersey. Those little hockey pucks that Pennsylvania likes to call bagels? Do nothing but tarnish my beloved bagel's name.

The next time you go to toast your bagel, notice how it falls limp into your toaster. Notice how it does not overflow that little toaster slot with doughy goodness. Notice how you do not need to cram your bagel slice into the toaster just to achieve the perfect "toast."

See what I'm talking about here?
Hubs and I came home with two dozen bagels this weekend.
And I couldn't be more excited.
Bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Definitely.


  1. This post makes me depressed. I really am craving NY bagels and pizza...

  2. LOL! this made me laugh!
    I like Einsteins... :(

    Although that bagel you have there does look yummy!! :)

  3. I laughed when I read this because I knew you had to be from New York or New Jersey. Being from Long Island I feel the same way. I'm a total bagel snob and proud of it!

  4. Oh my gosh this cracks me up! I just go a paper published on food and I talk about my Jersey bagel obsessed roommate! Here's a link (wait for it to download if you have time and read the one on grits!)

  5. Alright, now I am seriously craving some bread products! That bagel looks so yummy!

  6. I could not agree more. I am a North Jersey native (same hometown as Pam) currently living in Washington state and yeah lets just say that the west coast doesn't know anything when it comes to bagels or pizza. Heck they don't even really have places (that aren't chains) that sell either! I was home in NJ last week with my fiance' and we had taylor ham, egg & cheese's on a bagel (salt, pepper, ketchup standard of course) EVERYDAY care of our local bagel nosh. Taylor ham is also a only in NJ thing. God bless it.

  7. I am from CT and when I moved south ... to TN and GA to be exact... I discovered quickly that NO ONE KNEW WHAT A REAL BAGEL IS LIKE! Then I found Goldbergs... a little place where the owners are obviously knowledgeable about bagels ... and my life was complete.

  8. That sounds so good. I need to try a real NY bagel!! Panera is all I have for now.

  9. Now I feel as I've been living a deprived life without real bagels for 28 years. Is that sucker in the picture cut in half?? It's HUGE!

  10. I'm so happy when I get to eat an Einsten Bros bagel! haha! We don't have them in my state and I get so excited when I am travelling and see one. Apparently, you need to ship me a real bagel so that I will know the difference! C'mon!

  11. You think you're a bagel snob!?! I'm a HUGE bagel snob. Nothing will ever beat the bagels from my hometown. Nothing. They are so good, the store refuses toasting them. Yep. You eat them warm, straight off the rack. Delicious. And H&H bagels are a joke.

  12. yum-o, i guess i've never had a real bagel! i feel gypped! my hub is like that for these things called pizza rolls, they're only available in west virginia where his fam is from. he goes nuts for them when he's visiting.

  13. I, too, am a huge bagel snob! In fact, whenever I visit NYC, I must get a bagel at least once a day! (My favorite is Murray's Bagels..they have this tofu dill cream cheese that's absolutely TO DIE FOR!)

    You think Pennsylvania is bad about impostor bagels? You try living in the south and seeing what they serve up as "bagels"! Yuck!

  14. I totally understand!!! I feel the same way!


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