Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Little Ashley Paige.

i'm the little baldy in the multi-colored romper.

picking out my first puppy.

channeling Sally Jesse Raphael with those glasses.


  1. Girrrlll if only my mom would upload some pictures of me as a kid - I had some sweet rims too (since I was in 2nd grade!). Love your hair in that picture though hehe.

  2. I love your curls in the last picture!

  3. These are too freaking cute! LOVE the glasses! When I was younger, I always begged my mom to buy me a pair of glasses, but unfortunately, I didn't need them! :( I did, however, sport a large curly afro, and I didn't have any front teeth for over a year! If only the pictures were in Nashville, I'd show you just how awkward I was!! :)

  4. Omg these are so cute!! LOVE the SJR glasses!!! :)

  5. You were too cute! I always wished I wore glasses when I was younger. I totally wanted to rock the pink plastic frames!

  6. these pictures are hilarious!


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