Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have a Sheep Problem.

No, I did not mis-type the title of this post, although I do have a sleep problem (as in, I can't get my Sheepdog to stop waking me up at 4am every.single.morning). But rather, I do infact have a sheep problem.

I have a sheepdog. They are bred to herd sheep. If there are no sheep in the house, they herd their owners. No lie.

Since I own a sheepdog, he obviously needs some sheep. And by some, I mean a lot.

Every time I see a dog toy that even remotely resembles a sheep, I must buy it. Do you even know how many dog toys are out there resembling sheep? Tons. Take it from me, there is a veritable sheep/lamb dog toy market out there. And I'm sure they've made millions of dollars, mostly off of me and my gullability.

I once even bought Sullivan an almost lifesize stuffed sheep animal. It took him approximately three hours to dismantle the sheep, limb by limb.

But I haven't learned my lesson. Case in point? I brought him home another sheep today- and the tag claims indestructability.

Did I mention my gullability? I can't help it that he's a sheepdog and needs his sheep.


  1. My lab mix is such a chewer. He's gone through more "indestructible" toys than I can count.

    And yet, I keep falling for it.

    Hope springs eternal.

  2. I go through tons of toys at my house too, I have a beagle and a black and tan coonhound mix - they destroy so much! Even all of the "indestructible" ones - false advertising + my gullibility!

    I love that you keep buying sheep!!! Good luck with the 4am wake ups - that is no good!

  3. how funny!!! Thunder loves to try and eat my stuffed lamby, but not the old ratty one the brand new one that J bought for me... aww doggies... xxxooo

  4. My dog Moose has a sheep toy that I got at Bath and Body Works actually... It's his favorite but he has destroyed it. I'm waiting for them to come out with them again and I'll buy in bulk this time!!! :)

  5. aww! Gracie has never destroyed a toy (yet) but I feel bad for dog owners who have that problem. Gracie just sits around licking her toys... I think she likes the way they taste... hehe!

  6. I love this... and I love that he tries to herd you!!

  7. haha. too funny. indestructiable is a MYTH in dogtoys!

  8. to my i'm-sure-we'd-be-friends-"irl" friend - girl, i know! but aren't sheep (real or squeak toy) so cute? i'd love to have a farm full of sheep for my 2 sheep dogs to live up to their full herding potential.

    ps- the real housewives? SO cool! do you know any of them?


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