Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Woobie!

my little brother is 18 today.
did you hear me? i said, "little!"
sometimes i wish he would stay that way...

happy birthday, woobs. may it be one of the best, ever!

Rehearsal Dinner, October 2007

Family wedding, September 2007
my two blue-eyed boys

typical sibling love.

December 2007
A New York City Christmas

Bahamas 2009
Obviously behaving ourselves..

October 2007
Our wedding, 007 style.

I'll admit, I may have wanted a sister back when i found out Mom was pregnant with you, 18 years and 10 months ago, but after all these years? I wouldn't trade you for the world.


  1. I wanted a sister too! Only now do I appreciate the glory of brothers born on Sept. 3!

  2. Happy birthday to your brother!

  3. Happy birthday to your 'little' brother!

  4. So cute! Happy Birthday to your brother!

  5. He is a hottie :) Ok sorry!! haha... happy birthday little bro! xxxoo

  6. sweet pics.

    happy birthday!

  7. aw, happy birthday to your little brother. my baby bro turned 18 in july and i still can't believe he's all grown up. ps- i was checking out previous posts and wanted to let you know that my hub, like yours, no longer has shoe strings in his boat shoes thanks to a sheepie. i think they must be cut from the same cloth

  8. awww, he is such a cutie! Little brothers are the best!

  9. so sweet...i always wanted a brother

  10. honestly--little brothers grow up so fast! Mine is 19 and I love him to pieces, still call him by his nickname "Stevie" or "Peanutman"...and WOW--it almost makes me cry because he's SO BIG NOW. happy bday to your "little not so little" brother.

  11. Little brothers are the best! Mine is my favorite!


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