Monday, August 31, 2009

Shocked and Appalled.

There's an Acme minutes away from our house. Although it's not always our grocer of choice, it foots the bill when we need to run out for small items such as bread and ice cream, which was exactly what I needed while on my way home from running errands earlier today. Now granted, we live in a college town, but when I walked into Acme and was immediately greeted by the following display, I'll admit, I was a little shocked and appalled.

Imagine walking into your grocer and immediately upon entering being faced with a folding table, piled high with ping pong balls and red Solo cups. We're talking tubs overflowing with ping pong balls and Solo cups stacked so high you could barely see over them. Stacked against the folding table were additional folding tables for sale.

Hung from the front of the table was a handwritten sign that read,
"This year, run the tables!
And buy all of your supplies here!"
As in, "Shop at Acme, For all of your beer pong needs."

What kind of grocery store condones this activity? Let alone promotes it with making sure college kids have access to every supply they would need as soon as they entered the store?!

Maybe I'm just getting too old for this...


  1. Thats funny!! well its summer, and I guess they have to capitalize some way... did you get any??! xxxooo

  2. Yikes! I'm surprised someone hasn't run a complaint about it.

  3. Having a sister that is about to go to college, that ticks me off! Especially since I just had the "you have to be careful about how much you drink at college" speech last night.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is horrible! I can't believe they had the balls and lack of sense to do that! I agree with Practically Perfect... I can't believe someone hasn't complained yet!

  5. oh my goodness!! yikes is right!! I feel the same way...getting too old for this. our neighbors invited us over the other night and we turned them down (went to dinner and movie intead)...and later that night I heard all this commotion, looked out the window, and sure enough, a huge beer pong table set up, and flip cup games going husband is like "uh..last time I checked we arent in college anymore'.

    weird. some people never grow out of it. apparently we all have! (but i was never really all that into it in the first place.

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I too have a Sheepie! Her name is Stella. Sully and Stella should be friends! Don't you just loooove them, I tell my husband all of the time that I could seriously have 50 sheep dogs all under one roof and be the happiest person ever. We also have another sheep dog - a Shetland Sheep Dog named Sophie.

    PS- I concur that beer pong supplies at the grocery is ridiculous!

  7. I can't stand beer pong!!

    Always disliked beer games. Maybe bc I not a beer drinker?

    There's not a Sauvignon Blanc pong game is there? LOL!


  8. I have never even played beer pong!

    I can't blame the store for trying to capitalize on the popularity of a drinking game! But I do agree that it is ridiculous!

  9. That is unreal! I have never heard of such a thing!

  10. oh. my. goodness. thank you SO much for sharing your pictures of sullivan! i agree that everyone should own a sheepie, they're the perfect dog! laid back, like to be the protector of the home, total knuckleheads like you had said, and of course - adorable! i called my husband into the room and squealed the whole time i looked at your pics - twice! i love his sheepie haircut! stella kinda has the puppy cut because it's been so darn hot here in texas. but i love it when their hair is floppy and covers their eyes. glad i know about your blog now and will definitely be following along!!!

  11. You have got to be kidding me! They're totally taking advantage of the fact that the location of that Acme is in a college town. Not cool.


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