Friday, September 18, 2009

If You Give a Dog a Sock...

Another Sullivan video.

And you all thought he was cute before?

Hubs and I are headed to Hometown, NJ this weekend for a New York wedding. Hubs' fraternity "little" is tying the knot with a wonderful West Coast lady, who is also in school to be a nurse! (Have I mentioned that I sometimes feel a strange kinship to anyone and everyone thinking of going to nursing school? Currently attending nursing school? New nurse? Old nurse? Etc.?)

"This isn't so much a wedding, as is it a reunion with open bar and a mandatory church service."

That was the email that circulated amongst all of the fraternity brothers who will be in attendance this weekend. This sure is shaping up to be quite the debacle! Unfortunately, I don't forsee much picture-taking occuring this weekend, as my camera sensor died rendering said camera useless. So sad!

Hopefully I'll be able to snag a photo or two, because afterall, I'm wearing the most fab MaxandCleo dress I've ever seen!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Haha, this made me laugh-- "This isn't so much a wedding, as is it a reunion with open bar and a mandatory church service."

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great description of HOW to get the frat to go :)- Open bar and much needed church....ha!!!
    Snap a pic with your cell phone lady...we WANT to see the dress.

  3. have a great time at the wedding

    My pup doesn't do that with socks... but she will do that with underwear.. haha!

  4. Isn't that really how you could describe most weddings?? I think I'm the only sap around who actually enjoys the ceremony. The bride walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss, the obligitory reading of Corinitheans 13....ah, weddings. :)

    Have a great weekend!! Need a doggy sitter for Sully?? I'd take him in a heartbeat!

  5. That is a perffecctt description for all those boys that are like... ughh a wedding!??! HAVE FUN!

  6. Love that quote! Hope you have a great time :)

  7. I love your doggie!!

    You have to get at least one pic of your dress so we can see it and tell you how cute it is!

  8. When in doubt, steal pictures from Facebook. :)

  9. Sounds like it's going to be a great time!!

  10. I love that quote!!!! hahahah hilarious!

  11. the focus! the determination! go sully, go! haha, i love it.

    have fun at the wedding, sounds like it'll be a fun one!

    thanks for the comments yesterday! and i'm all for you getting a jacket to match your fab new wellies!

    ps- my mom just went back to school and is pursuing a nursing degree :)

  12. Cute blog! Sullivan is adorable and I'll definitely be back!

  13. Those are the BEST kinds of weddings. :-)

  14. Ah yes, the fraternity wedding. I have been to about 49 of those bad boys.

  15. What an awesome doggie!!! Does he shed a lot.. I'm wanting to get a pup soon and he is adorable!!


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