Thursday, June 23, 2011


I will try not to lose my patience. 

I will say "no" less.

I will rock a little longer...

I will squeeze a little tighter. 

I may bend the rules....

To extend bedtimes. 

I will breathe deeper....

Counting to 10 before raising my voice. 

I will try to be less controlling. 

I might stay outside a little longer. 

The dishes will be dirty. 

The carpets un-vacuumed. 

The laundry unfolded. 

We may even skip a bath or two.


He will have enjoyed every "will" and "may" or "might."

And that makes it all worthwhile.

Yesterday was one of those days when I knew I wasn't being the best Mom I could be for Carter. It happens. I'm human and being a parent is frustrating. It is a constant give-give-give and selfless "job" that I am blessed to have but sometimes it gets away from me. I found myself saying "no" about ten too many times yesterday. Shouting at Carter when all he was doing was being an inquisitive albeit slightly stubborn almost-11-month-old. 
I needed to remind myself today. 
What are you doing today?

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  1. Love this! Some things I need to say to myself too.

  2. Absolutely what I needed to read this morning! Thank you!! And way to go Carter!! :)

  3. This is great! Sometimes we need to remember just to take a minute and enjoy it.

  4. Aw I like this. A good reminder :)

  5. This is a great reminder. I need to do all of this myself!

  6. What a great way to start off the day! Thanks for sharing...and sounds like Carter has a fun day ahead of him :)

  7. After being awakened at 5:30 following a particularly shitastic night, I needed this. Thanks.

  8. I'm a new follower. I found your blog randomly blog hopping this morning and after seeing this post I knew I wanted to read more. I had a very similar day yesterday that I mentioned on my blog. I hate those bad days. I'm just so thankful to wake up to a fresh start after a day like that.
    I look forward to reading more.

  9. Don't beat yourself up. It happens. You're a GREAT mom. But...your 'to do' list is a great start to an even BETTER mom!


  10. Nice mantra...sounds like something I need to do as I have a long, exhausting weekend with in-laws ahead of me.

  11. Between myself and my very bossy 5 year old daughter, I think my son thinks his name is No Hayden. haha!

    Love this post :)

  12. love this. this is what i'll be doing today as well as i felt the exact same conviction last night. have fun today :)

  13. Great post! Enjoy your day. :)

  14. Thanks for putting this out there. As a Type A individual, I know I need to take more time to smell the roses and just ENJOY the moment. I feel like Tommy's helped me get better at that, but I have so much room for improvement! Seeing how much Tommy was enjoying himself last week when we were out past his bedtime with him (so confused with it being light so late right now!), I just let it go rather than stress about being "off schedule." It felt good. Trying to do that more often - go with the flow and enjoy the moment, so thanks for the reminder!

  15. I love this! It is hard to remember that life will go on whether or not everything gets done, but they won't be little for long!

  16. I needed this today. Thanks for posting it!

  17. Oh so true! And I understand completely! They definitely grow so fast; cheers to celebrating all these tiny moments we'll one day miss!

  18. Ha! Having the exact opposite day! Zoe was teething and I did pretty well handling the incessant whine up until about 5pm. Thankfully, Brad came home moments after I thought I couldn't handle it anymore.

  19. Thank you for writing this! This is such a great reminder!

  20. We've all been there. This is a great reminder to take things day by day & enjoy our fabulous little guys while they're still little.


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